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    Guiding Light CAST - A.C. Mallet - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on A.C. Mallet Played by Robert Bogue on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Robert Bogue

    Birthday: 1964-08-27
    Birthplace: Minden, Nebraska
    Marital Status: Engaged to Mandy Bruno
    Real Name: Robert Bogue
    Height: 6'1"


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    Not Today.

    Friday, June 26 2009

    At the station, Frank and Mallet are going over tips they've got on Jeffrey. They guess he must be working some plot in Bosnia. Frank wonders about how weird it is that Springfield can have so many connections to Bosnia. Marina drops by and then Ashlee comes in to tell them that Dinah has gone missing. "This isn't good Frank," Mallet says. A fax comes in. It's a picture of Jeffrey and Dinah in Bosnia.

    Mallet runs into Ashlee at Cedars and questions her about Dinah. They talk about the blood drive. When she hands him the donator's list, he notices Shayne's name and blood type.

    As Shayne sits with Henry in the park, Marina runs up and tears the child from his arms. She accuses him of trying to use the baby to lure Edmund out. She lets it slip that Dinah is in Bosnia with Jeffrey. He explains that Dinah lied to him and they aren't using Henry as bait. Marina starts to worry that Edmund will find out and come after the baby. He refuses to let Edmund take him away from them. She begs him not to go to Bosnia looking for Dinah. "I need you to help protect our son," she says. Mallet walks over as they argue.

    This Is Out Of The Question.

    Tuesday, June 23 2009

    Mallet calls Josh and asks him to meet for breakfast. When they meet up at Company, Mallet explains that the charges against Reva have been dropped and Jeffrey is now the prime suspect. Josh is relieved. Mallet wants to arrest all three of them for lying to him from the start but it's not his call. Jeffrey calls and Josh covers, claiming he is talking to Wanda. He fills him in and Jeffrey tells him again to keep his hands off of his wife. Billy arrives and orders his usual eggs and pie. Mallet warns them that this case won't be closed until he gets the truth.

    Mallet calls Josh in to the station and rants at him. He's sick of everyone lying to him. Josh walks away.

    Marina goes to the station to see Mallet and tell him that Reva isn't going anywhere. She worries about Reva and how she doesn't know who to trust. "Join the club," he says.

    I Don't Celebrate It.

    Friday, June 19 2009

    Marina goes to visit Mallet. He admits that he has no idea where Jeffrey is but he's sure that they will find him. Shayne comes in and begins taunting Mallet. The cop orders him out and threatens to arrest him for getting in the way.

    Mallet goes out to check on his men and finds them playing video games instead of looking for Jeffrey. He begins ranting at them and tells them that he'll be filing a report against them.

    Frank arrives at the station. He and Mallet work on a strategy for how to get to Jeffrey.

    Shayne goes to Marina's to complain about Mallet. She thinks he's really there to see Henry. She shoves the baby into his arms and then tells him to give him back. "I can't worry about this Shayne," she says, asking him to tell her that he will stop showing up like this and interfering in her life. Mallet walks in and asks for some answers. Marina covers and the men bicker. Frank walks in to grab a beer but there isn't any so he leaves. Shayne and Mallet continue arguing. Marina thinks everyone is acting crazy and they need to calm down. Shayne says it's too late to step back and walks out.

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