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    Guiding Light CAST - A.C. Mallet - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on A.C. Mallet Played by Robert Bogue on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Robert Bogue

    Birthday: 1964-08-27
    Birthplace: Minden, Nebraska
    Marital Status: Engaged to Mandy Bruno
    Real Name: Robert Bogue
    Height: 6'1"


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    So Can I.

    Thursday, July 09 2009

    Mallet and Marina pace around their kitchen. She worries that Edmund is still on the loose and wishes he was dead. As she sits with Henry, she suggests they get a security system for the house and tell her family that Henry is related to Edmund. Mallet worries that if everyone knows the truth, it would change things. He wants to get to work, even though she insists that this case is a waste of time and he should let it go.

    Reva shows up at the station. She and Mallet argue and she refuses to help him with anything. She even accuses him of trying to kill Edmund. Before she leaves, he wishes her good luck searching for Jeffrey.

    Marina gets home as Mallet returns. He starts looking for Henry's inheritance from Edmund. She explains that she burned it. He's shocked that she destroyed evidence. "I would do anything to make Edmund go away!" she shouts. After she flounces off, he notices that a piece of the child's stroller is missing. He realizes that it could have been used to kill Edmund.

    He Never Made It.

    Wednesday, July 08 2009

    Frank tells Josh and Shayne that Jeffrey and Dinah are probably dead. Reva gets angry when she's walking by and hears this. She refuses to accept it. Mallet says the Feds are still searching for evidence of what happened.

    Mallet drives Shayne home. When they get out of the car, Mallet blames Shayne for whatever has happened to Dinah. Shayne throws it back at him and blames him, reminding the cop of when she got shot for him and risked everything to give him his son. "Dinah's not yours anymore Mallet. Why don't you go home and protect your own family?" Shayne taunts. Mallet lunges at him but Shayne pushes him off, refusing to fight.

    Mallet goes to Company and tells Marina what happened with Jeffrey and Dinah. "Oh God!" she gasps. He wonders if Edmund caused the crash and vows not to let him hurt her or Henry. Dinah and Shayne walk in. They embrace her and Mallet asks her what happened with Jeffrey. She thinks he's somewhere in the Caribbean right now.

    Josh returns to Cross Creek and Lillian tries to get him to leave. Reva orders them both to go away. Before they can leave, Mallet, Shayne and Dinah arrive. They call Reva out. She runs to Dinah who hugs her and tells her everything she knows. Frank soon arrives to say that the FAA should know something soon. "He's coming home!" Reva insists, but no one else seems convinced.

    I Feel Very Blessed.

    Friday, July 03 2009

    At home, Mallet and Marina are getting ready for the barbecue. She tries to reassure him that he is a great dad even if he isn't a biological dad.

    At the beer table, Mallet tells Shayne that he knows he is Henry's father, but he still loves the boy and feels blessed to be his dad. He just doesn't want things to get weird between them. Shayne's cold to him. He walks away and Remy approaches him. He confesses that he helped Dinah get the DNA for the paternity test. Shayne insists that everyone is where they are supposed to be and claims this isn't hard for him.

    That Answer Sucks!

    Monday, June 29 2009

    In the park, Mallet questions Marina and Shayne and orders him and his family not to leave town. They argue and the cop tells him that his family is playing a dangerous game. They argue some more. Shayne has no idea what's going on with Dinah and Jeffrey and why she lied to him. "Because she's Dinah," Mallet glosses. He gets a call and then informs them that there were shots fired at Dinah and Jeffrey. When he pushes Shayne some more, Shayne starts to blow up. Marina stops him and tells him he needs to walk away. "You are very lucky that I'm a friend," Shayne says, walking off. Mallet asks what that was supposed to mean and then asks her what she meant when she said 'our son' to Shayne earlier. She babbles through an excuse. He finally tells her to stop. "I know Henry is Shayne's son," he says. She tries to deny it but he tells her to stop lying. "I'm sorry!" she cries. He can't believe that he didn't figure this out sooner. As she shakes, she tells him that Shayne doesn't want to be Henry's dad and Lara's dead so she didn't see the point in telling him the truth. After she thanks him for being so understanding, he hugs her.

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