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    Guiding Light CAST - Reva Shayne - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Reva Shayne Played by Kim Zimmer on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Kim Zimmer

    Birthday: 1955-02-02
    Birthplace: Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA
    Marital Status: Married Director A.C. Weary
    Real Name: Kim Zimmer
    Web site:


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    The End.

    Friday, September 18 2009

    Jonathan and Sarah are playing with Reva at his new place. Josh calls and asks her to meet him at Cross Creek.

    Reva drives to Cross Creek to meet Josh. He tells her that he isn't going to Venezuela anymore. He's going to go and oversee the new wing of the HB Lewis hospital in Oklahoma instead. He'd also planned to kidnap her and marry her... "I love you, I always have, always will," he tells her. She gets upset, but she loves him too... still, she's not ready. He admits that he's not ready either and that's why he's leaving so that he can get ready. Then they can be together, always. He promises to come back and meet her in one year at the lighthouse at noon. After Josh drives off, Billy arrives and asks her what she's going to do. "I don't know," she says.

    Olivia and Reva chat. She tells her about Josh leaving. Reva's not sure she will meet him again.

    Reva and Colin go to the lighthouse to meet Josh. She tells Josh that she had to find herself again. He's found himself too and he wants to be with her, the woman he has loved his entire life. "If you still want to be together, then I'm in," she says, in tears. They kiss and load up his truck. "You ready?" he asks. "Always," she says. They drive off in HB's old truck.

    I'm Going To Miss Him.

    Thursday, September 17 2009

    At Cross Creek, Reva catches Jonathan drinking out of the milk carton. She asks him to stay there with Sarah. "Are you stoned?" he asks, saying he's too old to be living with his mother.

    Josh arrives at Cross Creek and finds Marina, Shayne, Henry and Jonathan with Reva. She runs up to him and tells him that she is taking his advice and saving herself. She drags him over to eat with the family. Jonathan slips off to take a call from Jeffrey. Jeff tells him that he's tracking Edmund and may be able to take a shot at him today.

    Reva talks to Cassie on the phone and then tells Jonathan she's found him somewhere to live. She takes him by the hand and walks him to the house that Cassie bought Tammy. She explains that Cassie wants him to live there and hands him the keys. He asks Tammy if it's okay for him to stay there. "You would have loved to live here," he says, crying. His mother catches him and he says he's moving in. "Welcome home," she cries.

    You Saved All Of Us.

    Wednesday, September 16 2009

    Jonathan agrees to let Bill and Lizzie take Sarah home so he can pick her up later. Bill assures him that Sarah will be protected. Bill and Lizzie take Sarah to their place and talk about what games to play. They play tag. As they run around the lawn, Phillip arrives. Lizzie tells him that her little girl is the greatest thing. He asks her to take a walk with him. When they reach the end of the lawn, he tells her and they embrace.

    Jonathan and Reva go home. He paces and complains that there is nothing to eat. She thinks he's just afraid to be away from his daughter and hugs him. As they play cards, he gets a call informing him that Alan died and asking him to pick Sarah up. After he leaves, she sits down. "It's too much loss," she says to herself. She takes all of the photos off the mantle.

    Billy and Josh drive up to meet Reva at Lizzie's. Jonathan and Sarah come out and they play skip rope. Lizzie and Bill return. She takes her daughter and daintily steps over the rope.

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