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    Guiding Light CAST - Olivia Spencer - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Olivia Spencer Played by Crystal Chappell on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Crystal Chappell

    Birthday: 1965-08-04
    Birthplace: Silver Spring, Maryland, USA
    Marital Status: Married Michael Sabatino January 6, 1997
    Real Name: Crystal Chappell
    Height: 5'7"
    Web site:


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    Alan-Michael Has a Surprise for Ava

    Tuesday, September 12 2006

    Ava discovers Coop reading an article about Emma's poisoning. Information for the article, it turns out, was provided by Olivia. Coop wishes Buzz could control Olivia better and assures Ava that he knows what happened to Emma was just an accident. He walks her out and embraces her before she goes off to work, only to look down and discover his father's wallet on the ground. Coop tracks Buzz down at the hospital and apologizes for going off on Olivia like he has been but insists on defending Ava. Buzz tells him to stop apologizing so 'gratuitously' but shows concern for Ava's decision to work for Alan-Michael. Coop insists that 'Ava is playing Alan-Michael and not the other way around' but Buzz seems less convinced.

    Jonathan Catches Beth in an Uncompromising Position

    Thursday, August 31 2006

    Ava and Coop pack up lunch for a customer while she worries about Emma and how she's doing.

    Olivia watches Emma sleep feeling guilty for leaving her with Ava. Buzz tells her she doesn't mean it and it was an accident. Olivia refuses to believe it was an accident and thinks Ava really poisoned Emma on purpose. Buzz talks with Olivia and comforts her and replies that Frank is going to stop by. At the moment, in walks Coop and Olivia asks if Ava is with him. He assures her that Ava is not around at all. But Olivia asks him to call her because she has some apologizing to do.

    Coop calls Ava and tells her she won't believe who wants to talk to her. She agrees to come by the hospital. Coop thanks Buzz for whatever he did to calm Olivia down. In walks Ava and hugs Buzz thanking him for convincing Olivia it was an accident.

    Moments later, Olivia walks in with Frank and tells him to arrest her! Stunned, Ava and Buzz look on in confusion. Frank asks her what he's supposed to arrest her for? Ava tells them it was a mistake. Olivia attacks Ava screaming that she's lying. Buzz and Frank get in between them while Buzz drags Olivia off. Frank asks Ava to leave and stay away from Olivia until she calms down. Out in the hall, Alan-Michael approaches a crying Ava and asks her what happened? She explains the entire thing and is devastated at the fact that this happened to Emma under her watch. He tells Ava that she's welcome to lean on him anytime she needs to.

    Buzz asks Frank to talk and asks him to leave them alone so he can talk with Olivia. Buzz kisses Olivia and tells her she can't use his family like that and won't be doing it again. He heads over to check how Emma is doing.

    Alan Serves Lizzie With Court Papers For Custody

    Monday, August 28 2006

    Olivia rushes an unconscious Emma into ER. The doctor asks a flood of questions and Olivia looks to Ava for answers screaming how she doesn't know when Emma could have taken her perfume.

    In walks Coop to comfort an hysterical Ava. Olivia yells at Ava telling her this must be payback for leaving her in the fire and wants her to admit that she hurt Emma purposely. Buzz gets in between them to calm Olivia down. Ava talks with Coop telling him she'd never intentionally hurt Emma ever. Coop soothes her stating that Olivia is just afraid and is taking her anger out on her. Buzz brings Ava some water assuring her that Emma is going to be fine. Coop and Ava talk and pray for Emma. Ava suggests they head to the chapel. Olivia plays the pity party saying this is a punishment for what she did to her mother, that she loses everyone she loves and it's not going to be okay. Buzz encourages Olivia to remain strong for Emma because she needs that from her mother. Rick approaches them saying its okay to see Emma now.

    Later, Olivia approaches Ava telling her she'll pay dearly if something happens to Emma.

    Alan-Michael Ends Up Being the Latest Web Scandle

    Friday, August 25 2006

    Ava makes plans with Coop after her and Alan-Michael finish working for the day. Alan-Michael tells Coop he was trying to convince Ava to have dinner with him. Coop asks him if it’s for business or pleasure, and Alan-Michael replies a bit of both. Coop ignores him suggesting a movie to Ava and she jumps up telling him it’s perfect as they head out the door.

    Olivia talks with Buzz about the latest webpage. He tells her she just has to let it roll off her back. She says it’s not that simple and is worried about all the other skeletons in her closet. She wonders who is behind this website and why they’re doing this! Buzz tells her she needs a bigger distraction and asks her to stay. Buzz asks Ava and Coop to babysit Olivia’s little girl. Buzz and Olivia talk about the movie they took in and share ice cream. Buzz takes a taste from her lips and tells her he loves that flavor.

    Back at Olivia’s place, Ava reads her little girl a story and tells her it’s time for bed. She wants to play so Ava plays a bit more and squirts some perfume on her arms. After she’s in bed Ava tells Coop he has to go and she’ll call him later. They start to kiss and Olivia’s daughter sneaks the perfume out of Ava’s purse.

    Olivia arrives back at home and checks on Emma. She screams at Ava asking what she did to her baby?!

    Olivia Tells Buzz How She Killed Her Mother

    Monday, August 21 2006

    Buzz comforts Olivia and asks her what that webpage is all about?! She insists she had nothing to do with the webpage. He tells her they'll get past this as he turns to the computer trying to turn it off. He turns around and finds Olivia gone. Buzz chases her into the restaurant and asks her what's going on? Olivia tells him she has to tell him something. Buzz said whatever it is, he'll forgive her. He explains that he ran out 20 years ago on his family, on his pregnant wife. Who could ever do worse?! Olivia replies that she could, she thinks she killed her own mother!

    Buzz asks her what happened. She recalls back in time how her mother and her were arguing back and forth! Her mother chiding her, basically calling her a tramp. Olivia responds back telling her she never wants to be like her mother. Her mother collapses in the chair with her head in her hands. Olivia keeps screaming at her until her mother stops responding. Looking at Buzz, she tells him it was a stroke and the last words she said to her mom is that she hated her and it's something she could never take back.

    Buzz tries to explain that none of that was her fault. Her mother had a stroke and could have happened at anytime. Olivia replies telling him that she's tried for years to convince herself of that but she knows different. Buzz tells her he loves all of her and sometimes he sees a shadow in her eyes. Now he understands why it's there and he's done running. Olivia tells him that he'll change his mind and he'll fade away out of her life. Buzz laughs telling her how wrong she is!

    Lizzie Shoots Someone!

    Friday, August 18 2006

    Cassie and Josh go out for supper. In walks Olivia asking them to join them at the Beacon for supper and he tells her Cassie will be his date because they're seeing each other. Shocked, Olivia snaps that she thought the last she heard he was still married. Josh tells her Reva has chosen to be out of the picture for quite awhile and he made his choice. Olivia asks them how long it's been going on and they say it's very recent. She still asks them to join her at the party. Cassie runs after Olivia telling her to ...let them have it.... Olivia says she just has one question, how did Reva take it? Cassie tells her they haven't had a chance to with her being gone.

    Josh and Cassie decide to head to Olivia's party. He asks Cassie what her and Olivia spoke about. Josh says that it's no fault of their own they haven't had a chance to talk with Reva. She doesn't feel right about going public to everyone about this until Reva knows. On their way, they run into Jonathan and Tammy. Tammy excited and happy, tells them that her and Jonathan are engaged! Josh and Cassie congratulate them asking them to join them at the Beacon for the party. But before they go in, they turn back to them and tell Tammy & Jonathan that Josh and her are seeing each other. Jonathan looks at them shocked at what he just heard.

    He's furious telling them they have no right to screw around on Reva. Asking them what the hell is wrong with them. Jonathan tells them they can't do this because....

    Josh asks him what it is? Why should he give a damn about what Reva is feeling, what is it? But Jonathan just glares at him - furious.

    Buzz prepares a fancy meal for Olivia. Ava and Coop walk in to join them but Buzz didn't realize Olivia invited them. Ava is willing to forgive Olivia for causing Ava's injuries and Buzz is thrilled about that.

    Frank looks on the internet web trying to determine who's behind the webpage set up. He realizes later it's Olivia after finding her purse that was left behind. A while later, Frank joins them all for dinner and Buzz shows him the new layout of the hotel. Frank asks to talk with Buzz out in the hallway. He starts to tell him what he found at the station but Olivia interrupts them and they all enter the Beacon.

    Back inside, Olivia apologizes for being difficult back at the station. She tells him how she loves Frank and would never do anything to jeopardize her future with him. Frank looks at her with suspicion telling her that so... and Buzz walks up asking them what's going on. Frank spills out that it's Olivia behind the webpage on the net. He hands her some photos from the website she found in her purse. Olivia tells them it wasn't her. Buzz tells Frank that it's quite enough and Olivia tells Frank to get out of her hotel! She turns to Buzz and tells him she can only think of ONE PERSON who could have put those pictures in her bag... and ...I'm looking at her... as she glares towards Ava. Ava confronts her telling her that's just like "Olivia" to blame everything on everyone else! But Olivia runs to the computer trying to find something to connect Ava to the website. As she looks at the site with her face on fire, she faints!

    Food FIGHT!

    Wednesday, August 16 2006

    Olivia makes Buzz put on a chef hat for the competition, wishing him good luck. In walks a world renowned chef Petrovsky to take on the challenge. Buzz, shocked, looks on wondering what to do. No time to think, he heads to the stage. TV host announces 30 seconds to air as Olivia whispers to keep his eye on the prize! Buzz feeling like he's going to throw up telling her this Petrovsky is a member of the French culinary institute.

    TV host announces the chefs in the competition, making fun of Buzz against the undefeated chef Petrovsky! Olivia tells him she believes in him and has the support of the whole town.

    The competition starts with hilarious antics by both sides. Buzz tries desperately to keep up to Petrovsky. Bell rings and the TV host tells them that time is up and to put everything down. Everyone listens to what each chef created.

    Suddenly everyone looses it, in walks Ava, Coop and Frank asking what's going on having a world chef like this guy here as they glare at Olivia?! Frank and Buzz start to argue, everyone is screaming at each other when Buzz picks up his ...creation... of Sheppard's pie and tries to smush it into Franks face but gets Olivia instead. Buzz yells at Frank some more all the while the TV is still rolling and refuses to apologize for being with the woman he loves as he grabs Olivia tight!

    The TV host cannot believe what is happening and wants them to stop all of this arguing but instead everyone jumps in for the food fight of a lifetime. Harley shows up blowing the whistle, telling them all to stop it! Harley asks who the tall dude is and he replies ...I'm the famous Petrovsky... and asks Buzz for his Sheppard's pie recipe.

    Harley corals all of them down to the jail. Sitting in jail, Buzz makes fun of Frank all dressed up asking him what's going on? He tells Coop and Buzz that that the girls set him up with a blind date. Buzz chuckles and asks how that's going?! Frank says how do you think, she's down the hall in jail?!! Coop asks what he's going to do on the next date and they all break out with gut wrenching laughter!

    Meanwhile, the women are trying to clean up in their jail washroom. Teresa tries to talk with Ava but Ava snaps why should she talk to her, she's just a reporter sucking Ava for information. Teresa tries to tell them that's not her intention and she actually really likes Frank and would like to date him again. Ava warms up to her a bit.

    Harley returns to release all the jailbirds. Buzz kisses Olivia and they head out but Olivia forgets her purse. Frank tells Teresa he's so sorry about this but she kisses him and says she thinks she's made out pretty good on the deal and walks out.

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