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    Guiding Light CAST - Olivia Spencer - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Olivia Spencer Played by Crystal Chappell on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Crystal Chappell

    Birthday: 1965-08-04
    Birthplace: Silver Spring, Maryland, USA
    Marital Status: Married Michael Sabatino January 6, 1997
    Real Name: Crystal Chappell
    Height: 5'7"
    Web site:


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    Not the Easiest People To Love.

    Monday, August 10 2009

    Remy storms into Company and arrests Cyrus. Buzz demands that he arrest him too but Remy refuses and takes Cyrus away. Buzz wants to bail him out again but his son angrily tells him he can't. Frank doesn't like that they are getting so close. Olivia speaks up for Buzz and says that she understands how much he wants to get close to Jenna again. Blake begins going through the notes and wonders if this was to be Coop's next book. She decides to get in touch with Ashlee to talk about it. When she approaches Buzz about it, he tells her that he's not interested in publishing the book. After he leaves, Blake keeps thinking about it and tells Christina she could make money out of this to help the family.

    Frank goes outside and finds Olivia sitting alone. She wonders why Nat left her. "If she's gone, does it really matter?" he asks. She's sure there is some reason why she left. He's sure there are all sorts of reasons, but... "Did you ever think it was you? Just you?" he asks.

    Phillip runs into Olivia in the park. He's sick of having bad days. She's getting used to it. Olivia wonders why no one loves her for her. "We're not the easiest people to love," Phillip says, wondering if they even deserved to be loved.

    I've Almost Got Him.

    Friday, July 31 2009

    Olivia is getting her checkup from Rick at Cedars. She claims she hasn't been drinking and is perfectly fine mentally. He leaves to get her blood work and she walks out, bumping into Ed in the hall. They catch up. She returns to the examining room. Rick comes back and tells her he knows how much she has been drinking lately. She tries to joke about it and insists that she isn't an alcoholic.

    Olivia is at Towers drinking. Once she's drunk, she stumbles upstairs. Josh catches her in the hallway and they flirt a bit.

    It Sucks, But It's Beautiful.

    Monday, July 27 2009

    Olivia sits with Ava. She thought there would be more time for her to get to know her father. "You still have me," Olivia tells her daughter.

    Olivia tells Phillip she feels alone. She joins her daughter and sits in the dugout of the ball field. Olivia says that Natalia saved her and stood by her. "She taught me how to love," she says, explaining that they fell in love. Ava says that's wonderful and she's happy for her. Olivia cries and tells her that Nat ran away.

    Olivia is at Gus' grave asking him to try and convince Nat to come back. Rafe arrives and she walks away.

    Jeffrey's Memorial.

    Friday, July 24 2009

    Josh and the family set up the chairs in the park for Jeffrey's memorial. Reva arrives. Her son and father hug her. She walks off alone as the other guests come. Josh greets Olivia and Ava. Shayne and his stepsister meet for the first time and then she walks over to hug Reva and tell her how happy she made Jeffrey. Ava is introduced to her little brother.

    Olivia takes Reva's hand and pays her respects. Reva asks her to take care of Ava. Phillip comes next. "Seems like we all need more time than what we get," he says.

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