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    Guiding Light CAST - Olivia Spencer - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Olivia Spencer Played by Crystal Chappell on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Crystal Chappell

    Birthday: 1965-08-04
    Birthplace: Silver Spring, Maryland, USA
    Marital Status: Married Michael Sabatino January 6, 1997
    Real Name: Crystal Chappell
    Height: 5'7"
    Web site:


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    Take Your Cookies And Go Home.

    Friday, August 21 2009

    When Olivia returns to her office, Nat is waiting. "Chocolate chip cookies won't make me trust you again," Olivia tells her. Nat says she'll have to figure out what will and things will work out for them.

    You're Going To Have To Save Yourself.

    Wednesday, August 19 2009

    Olivia shows up at Josh's and demands sex. She's a little over-enthusiastic and blurts out that she is doing this because she's in love with Natalia. That spoils the mood. She explains that they've been fighting it since Gus and were finally ready to move forward but Nat ran off. When she tries making out with him again, he tells her that this isn't what she wants. "One crazed woman in my life is one too many," he says. She needs a friend, not a lover and he can do that for her.

    Marina calls to tell Frank that Buzz is back. Frank can't talk. "She told you, didn't she?" Olivia says as she approaches him. Neither of them knows what to do now. Olivia tells him he's a good guy and the baby needs a father. Nat already came to her but she rejected her. She demands to know if Frank loves Natalia. He still does. "Then fight for her," she says. "You will not fail because I won't let you," she insists. "You really love her," he observes. She tells him that Nat will marry him and be his problem now.

    Rafe finds Olivia on the bridge. He tells her that she is 'done' and his mom will be with Frank. "You're going to be alone," he says. They argue. She tells him that Nat wants her and she's the one who said no.

    Me. You. Sex. Now.

    Tuesday, August 18 2009

    On the playground, Natalia tells Olivia that she's pregnant. She wasn't ready to face her with that so she ran. She apologizes. "You left me!" Olivia blurts out. She walks across the street and Nat follows. Natalia says that she is actually very excited to have Frank's baby. While she was away, she realized what she really wants. "I want to be with you," she says. Emma runs over and interrupts. Olivia ushers her daughter away.

    Olivia and Emma eat ice cream at Company. She leaves her daughter with Daisy and a pizza. After she walks off, Reva wheels Colin in and asks Daisy to watch him.

    Natalia watches the swans in the park. Matt stops by and notices she's pregnant. She tells him it's Frank's but he doesn't know yet. After he leaves, Olivia calls to say she's on the way. When she arrives, she keeps her distance and asks her how she can break her heart and then just walk back in? She also points out that she did the same to Emma. She was a mother to the little girl and then dropped her. "She seemed happy to see me," Nat says. Olivia admits that she had to send Emma away because she was falling apart. Just as she's started rebuilding her life, Nat's shown up again. Olivia refuses to let her swan her way back in. "I came back because I want everything to be about us. I want to be with you for the rest of my life," Nat says. She explains that at first she couldn't believe she was pregnant and was sure that God must have been punishing her. Then she realized that a baby is a gift and she wants to raise it with Olivia. Frank can be a father, but she wants the baby to live with them. Olivia says this is completely different from what they had with Emma. Nat just abandoned her when she hit a problem. "You broke my heart and I can't let that happen again. I don't trust you," Olivia cries.

    Olivia bursts into Josh's room. "You. Me. Sex. Now," she says, kissing him and pushing him into bed.

    Disaster Written All Over It.

    Monday, August 17 2009

    Josh sits with Olivia at Company. She thanks him for making her feel better and tells him her daughter is coming back today. Reva calls and tells him she's locked herself out of her car and needs his help. Olivia packs up his breakfast for him. "Thank you my friend Olivia," he tells her. After he leaves, Blake comes over and Olivia apologizes to her for being rude before. Blake knows that she had a broken heart.

    Olivia runs into Father Ray at the minimart. When he brings up Nat, she stops him. She may never be over Nat but she couldn't let that take control of her life. "I took a deep breath and I'm moving on," she says. After he leaves, she rolls her eyes and notices Reva.

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