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    Guiding Light CAST - Olivia Spencer - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Olivia Spencer Played by Crystal Chappell on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Crystal Chappell

    Birthday: 1965-08-04
    Birthplace: Silver Spring, Maryland, USA
    Marital Status: Married Michael Sabatino January 6, 1997
    Real Name: Crystal Chappell
    Height: 5'7"
    Web site:


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    I Only Believe In Ice Cream.

    Monday, August 31 2009

    Josh runs into Olivia in the park and leers at her as she does her stretches. They talk about doing things for their friends and trying to only be friends when you love someone. He knows what she means after dealing with Reva. After they leave, Matt arrives and asks Josh to get drunk with him. Josh agrees. "I get to get drunk twice. Celebrate with Billy, lament with you," he says.

    Olivia runs into Lillian at the minimart. They talk about Vanessa and Billy getting married. "Everyone should be happy," Lillian says.

    Olivia goes home and stresses out about what to wear on her shopping trip with Nat. She tells herself that she can't do this so she calls Matt and asks him out for dinner. He agrees. Once she gets dressed, Nat comes to the door. Olivia tells her that she has dinner plans. She admits that she can't hang out and act like they're friends.

    Matt and Olivia go to Towers. They chat until Nat interrupts. "You and I need to talk," she tells Olivia. He leaves. Olivia repeats that she can't do this. "We need to be together," Nat says. She knows it will take hard work, but she's willing to do it.

    Pink Lemonade.

    Friday, August 28 2009

    Olivia runs into Josh in the hallway and apologizes for trying to have sex with him. He tells her that was the highlight of his day. After that, he had to deal with Reva's theatrics. Between the two of them, he may be ready to swear off women, he jokes. He tells her about Vanessa and Billy and asks her if he can get a pass key so that he can get the engagement ring.

    After they get the ring, they bring it down to the gazebo and drop it into Vanessa's glass. They hide. Billy and Vanessa come out and toast to courting. When she raises her glass, she spots the ring and tells him it's a 'yes'. "What's the question?" he asks. She fishes the ring out. He's confused and she tells him to put it on her finger. They giggle and he slips it on.

    When Olivia goes home, she finds Nat sitting on her doorstep. She tells her what Rafe did and how scared she is. "I need you. I feel alone and helpless and I need you to hold me and lie to me and tell me I've been a good mom," she says. Olivia would like to help her, but she can't do any of those things for her. She can't be any more to her than a friend.

    Olivia runs into Josh outside. He tells her that everything went well with Vanessa and Billy.

    Mallet Says Goodbye.

    Wednesday, August 26 2009

    When Olivia gets to her office, she finds a note asking her to meet on the roof. When she goes up there, Natalia is waiting with a table prepared. Olivia tells her to stop doing this. They can't go back to the way things were. Nat says it will just take time and she can wait. She apologizes for the fact that they've already waited so long but she's sure they can work it out.

    Olivia runs into Frank as he loads up on beer at the minimart. She teases him. He's angry and tells her that Marina and Mallet are breaking up. He sits in the corner with his beer and a muffin. Blake stops by. He tells her the news. They both think this sucks but she says this happens.

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