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    Guiding Light CAST - Olivia Spencer - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Olivia Spencer Played by Crystal Chappell on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Crystal Chappell

    Birthday: 1965-08-04
    Birthplace: Silver Spring, Maryland, USA
    Marital Status: Married Michael Sabatino January 6, 1997
    Real Name: Crystal Chappell
    Height: 5'7"
    Web site:


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    Tuesday, July 21 2009

    Olivia goes to the station and tries to get Remy to go searching for Natalia. He agrees to check her records for old addresses.

    Olivia calls Christiana and tells her that she needs to pick up Emma so they can go to Chicago.

    The Son I Was Meant To Have.

    Monday, July 20 2009

    Olivia sits on the porch and drinks. She toasts to Jeffrey and then stumbles off to pick up Emma from Christina at camp. Since she's tipsy, she lets Christina take Emma for ice cream. Olivia rants that the world is unfair. Jeffrey died and Ava lost her father. The only person who could make her feel better right now is gone.

    "I'm glad to see I'm not the only one drinking in the middle of the day," Olivia says as she sits with Josh at the bar. He suggests the universe has put them together to cheer each other up. He offers to play pool with her so they can forget their problems. After a game, she tells him how strong her daughters are and how they are handling things better than she is. She brings up Reva and he insists that she needs her space right now. Olivia wishes she knew how to step back. "I'm just a mess, but everything goes wrong when the person you love is gone," she says.

    We're The Lucky Ones.

    Friday, July 17 2009

    Olivia is packing up Emma's things. She snaps when the little girl tells her that she needs a lunch. Olivia apologizes but her daughter understands that she misses Natalia. After the little girl leaves for camp, Olivia cradles a picture of Natalia and cries. When her phone rings, she assumes it's Natalia but it's Josh. He informs her that Jeffrey is gone. She cries and agrees to call Ava.

    Olivia runs into Dinah by the water. They talk about Jeffrey. Olivia is still trying to find the courage to talk to Ava. "It's hard to deal with things that are bad when you're alone," Olivia says. Shayne approaches and asks her to come with them to toast to Jeffrey. She's glad he found real love with Reva.

    Olivia calls her daughter. "I have some bad news about your dad," she says.

    Bill And Lizzie Get Married.

    Monday, July 13 2009

    "You already had the groom, maybe this time you can get the bride," Rafe snipes at Olivia as he walks past her.

    Olivia is eager to go but Emma convinces her to stay a little longer. Phillip sits down with her and she asks him to bring Emma home.

    So Can I.

    Thursday, July 09 2009

    Olivia is waiting in the parking lot for Doris so they can go searching for Natalia. Doris shows up with an armload of stuff and lets Olivia load the car. They look over the map. Doris talks about Oakdale and Olivia worries about what to say to Nat. Olivia just wants to be with her. Doris has never had a relationship like theirs. She suggests that Nat feels the same way about her religion as they do about their daughters. She may not be able to have both in her life. "God can be very powerful," Doris warns. "So can I," Olivia says.

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