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    Guiding Light CAST - Tammy Winslow - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Tammy Winslow Played by Stephanie Gatschet on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Stephanie Gatschet

    Birthday: 1983-03-16
    Birthplace: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Stephanie Gatschet


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    Thursday, November 30 2006

    Tammy returns home and, finding that she is alone, puts her and Jonathan's song on and starts crying on the couch. Marina comes to visit and finds her crying. Tammy feels better now and Marina encourages her again to move on. Soon, Remy arrives and asks Tammy if she saw the baby. Marina changes the subject and suggests that they all go out. When they get to the square, Marina announces that she's leaving them alone. Remy offers to get her some coffee and she sits down to wait. Jonathan walks by and won't even look at her.

    Lizzie's Labor

    Tuesday, November 28 2006

    Lizzie is going into labor and Jonathan is telling her that he'll deliver the baby himself if he has to. Tammy's there to help; they can be a team just like they were before. 'I won't let anything go wrong. Trust me,' he promises. While Lizzie goes further into labor, Jonathan tries to convince her not to push and just to pant like her dog Roxie. He starts panting and she threatens to punch him in the face before she starts pushing again. Quickly, she pushes the baby out into Jonathan's arms. He wraps it up and holds it close, noticing that her breathing is erratic. Lizzie passes out and he starts to worry just as the ambulance pulls up to take them off.

    Tammy goes down to see Jonathan and the baby. He seems to blame himself for all of this. She tries to comfort him when Reva arrives to check in. Mel is still checking out the baby and they shut the drapes to work. Tammy wanders back to her mother who tells her that she should be proud of helping out. While Josh paces beside them, Billy laughs and reminds him that he's not HB and he shouldn't have been out cutting down trees. Alan begins an argument again but everyone stops when Jonathan returns. They stare at him for a moment until Mel brings the baby in, all cleaned up and doing great. Alan says that the baby looks exactly like Lizzie did. Lillian appears to say that Lizzie is doing excellent. Alan and Beth want to see her, but Rick says the baby needs to see her first. Tammy tells Jonathan that she knows he'll be a good dad. He takes the baby and goes in to see Lizzie. She sits up and he lays her in her arms while a look of ecstasy dawns on their faces. Tammy stands back alone. Remy arrives with food for everyone and Josh starts to make a speech. Thanksgiving isn't over yet, so this will be theirs, after all, they're all family now and they have a lot to be thankful for. He reads them a prayer and they all join arms (except for Rick, of course, who's left staring at Mel).

    Facing the Truth

    Monday, November 27 2006

    Cassie and Josh are in the kitchen putting the finishing touches on the turkey. They are starting to wonder if anyone else will make it. Cassie almost hopes they won't. Josh is still trying to be optimistic. In the other room, RJ asks Tammy for help in saying grace, but Marah doesn't think there's much to be thankful for. Tammy reminds her that her mother is still alive. Marah mopes by the kitchen, suggesting aloud that Reva must not want to spend her holidays with her husband and another woman. She continues trying to call Reva before Josh takes her aside and asks her not to try and ruin things for everyone. She starts to remember all their past Thanksgivings and wonders why they aren't at Cross Creek this year. Soon, she begins to berate Josh and Cassie for how 'messed up' this whole situation is. Tammy cuts in and tells her to 'give it up.' Things have changed while she was away; she should just happy Reva's okay. Everyone starts arguing and RJ just wants to eat.

    After things calm down a bit, Tammy tries to tell her mother that this dinner was just too soon. Remy arrives to take her away; she's going on a ride-along so he won't have to spend the holiday alone. Cassie doesn't want to be abandoned, but Tammy insists that she 'can't do this.' They walk out the door as Billy walks in. He almost runs away when he sees them leaving, but Cassie drags him in. Meanwhile, Josh is telling Marah that she 'isn't helping', but she insists that she's the only one acting like an adult in this situation. No one is really thinking about what's going on. Her mother is still recovering. She reminds Josh that, if Reva got sick again and he wasn't there to help, he'd never be able to forgive himself. He tells her that the family that they had, no longer exists, but the family they have now, might work out. Billy interrupts and begins defending Marah until RJ starts yelling that the turkey is burning. Through the black smoke, the turkey appears black as coal. Marah puts on her coat to leave. She apologizes to Cassie and Billy offers to give her a lift. Josh is upset that they're leaving, but Billy knows this has been a mistake. Josh gives Marah a tight hug before letting her go. Seeing that he's upset, Cassie embraces him before he takes the food out to the trash. The night's proven that the new family is 'a car wreck.' Billy was right, he can't pull a family together the way HB could. Dejected, he goes out the shovel the driveway alone.

    Tammy and Remy sit in his patrol car eating chips. She tells him that she's glad he got her out of the dinner. He says that she deserves a peaceful holiday. To make up for what she's put him through, she offers to cook him a real Thanksgiving meal later. They get a call and drive over to find Jonathan in a panic while Lizzie's contractions are speeding up. He tries to tell her that she's doing great and she says that their baby is already being rebellious. Then Tammy appears to ask her how she is and Lizzie starts screaming. Jonathan is worried and steps away for a moment. Tammy tries to reassure him that he won't let the baby down; he's already proven his devotion. He returns to Lizzie and promises that, if the ambulance doesn't make it, he'll deliver the baby right there.


    Monday, November 20 2006

    Tammy is walking down the street before she is set upon by a rabble of reporters asking her if Jeffrey was violent when he lived with her and Cassie. Jonathan interrupts and warns them off before talking her way with him. They walk into the bar just as Beth and Lizzie leave. They talk about the life they shared there and Jonathan asks her to have a drink with him to toast to that life. He says that he'll love her forever, but she reminds him that he'll be sleeping beside Lizzie every night from now on and, quickly, things will change. She needs to go, but as she heads to the door, he kisses her. She pulls back and tells him to go home to his wife. Once he turns around, he finds Beth sitting at the bar watching him. He asks her what she's going to do. She admits that she wishes Lizzie wasn't with him, but, to his surprise, she wants him to commit to her daughter and the baby. 'There are worse things in this world than a wife at home who loves you,' she tells him. He goes home to Lizzie and shows her presents her got for the baby. Meanwhile, Tammy runs into Remy who is ready to comfort her on yet another of her Jonathan related jags.

    Drawing a Line

    Thursday, November 16 2006

    Tammy goes looking for Remy because he forgot something at the apartment. She finds him running out of the shower. He blushes, surprised to see her. She starts to tease him before tossing him some clothes and smiling coyly to herself.

    Jonathan is assembling a stroller and puts a doll in it for a test drive. The doll quickly spins out as there's a knock at the door. He picks it up off the floor, embarrassed, before answering the door. It's Tammy; she's there to see Reva. Jonathan asks her in anyway. She sits down uncomfortably and they try to make small talk but this doesn't go well. She asks him if he's excited about the baby and he admits that he's having nightmares about it. He tries to sit next to her but she moves away before she leaves, tired of the awkward spaces between them. She glares in the window from outside while he stares at the baby's stroller.

    Remy and Marina are waiting for Tammy in the newly renovated Towers. Tammy goes out to the balcony and Remy follows her, sensing that she's upset. She asks him to help her gather up all the things that meant something to her and Jonathan so that she can get rid of them. He tells her that she'll have to do that by herself.

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