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    Guiding Light CAST - Tammy Winslow - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Tammy Winslow Played by Stephanie Gatschet on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Stephanie Gatschet

    Birthday: 1983-03-16
    Birthplace: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Stephanie Gatschet


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    Ties That Bind

    Monday, December 11 2006

    After making the arrangements for the christening, Reva calls Lillian and asks to be included in her singles' group for cancer survivors. 'Let's get us some men,' she says. Meanwhile, Jonathan and Lizzie have taken the baby home to bed. Tammy waits outside the window of the cabin and watches them cozying up around the baby.

    Sarah Comes to Springfield

    Friday, December 08 2006

    Reva holds the baby and Jonathan asks if she's 'normal.' "Normal is boring,' says Reva. 'She's extraordinary.' For once, she'll be able to be with a child from the very beginning and all the way through her life. Josh welcomes Jonathan to parenthood before Alan interrupts to tell him that he can't keep the baby from it's mother's family. In response, Jonathan has Remy present Alan with a restraining order. 'I'm done being nice,' he announces before Alan grabs him by the throat. Remy pulls him off before Alan vows that Jonathan will be 'very sorry.' Lizzie says that they should go; they're trying to restrict the drama in the baby's life. She asks Josh, Cassie and Reva to come home with her, but Cassie says that she's going to stay with Tammy. Beth wants some time with Lizzie alone and, though she's reluctant, Jonathan says that it's fine: He'll take the baby home. Lizzie thanks him for everything and kisses him. 'Sarah's really brought everyone together.' Tammy sinks into the background watching them.

    Tammy and Cassie are eating. Cassie tells her it must not be easy when Jonathan still looks at her the way he does. Tammy says that it only gets worse and she can't understand why Lizzie doesn't look happy after she's gotten everything that she wanted. Tammy's too annoyed by Lizzie to sit still and moves closer so that she can eavesdrop. Beth and Lizzie are sitting and Lizzie starts to cry. Beth thinks that she just feels overwhelmed, but Lizzie insists that that's not it. 'Things aren't working out,' she explains. She had expected Jonathan to fall in love with her when the baby came, but he doesn't give her anything at all. 'He's my husband, but he's not really mine.' After awhile, she calms down and says that she'd better get home. Sarah is 'the best trick in the book,' she tells Beth who gives her a concerned look. Explaining herself, she continues 'I love Sarah and I love what Sarah can do for me too.' Sarah will get her Jonathan. Tammy is completely agog and can't believe what she just heard. Cassie walks up to her and Tammy repeats what Lizzie just said. Cassie thinks she must have misunderstood, but Tammy thinks she's made a big mistake. Lizzie doesn't love her baby the way a mother should. Maybe giving up Jonathan wasn't the right thing to do after all and that baby doesn't belong with Lizzie.

    Big Mistakes

    Monday, December 04 2006

    Tammy and Remy are sitting in his car. He's making his best offer to help her forget Jonathan, but she can't accept. He offers to track Jonathan down and drag him back so that he can prove that he is the better man.

    Josh is telling Reva that he finally understands what she did. It was her sacrifice that allowed him to build the veteran's hospital. She's happy to hear this and cries while she recalls watching him accept his medal; she felt like she was with him, where she belonged, that whole time. Cassie appears in the background but stays out of sight while they speak. Josh and Reva exchange apologies and she confesses that it would have been easy for her to fall into his arms when he gave her Cross Creek, but…Cassie interrupts and asks them why they left the hospital. Reva says that hospitals make her uncomfortable and then changes the subject: She's worried about Jonathan and Lizzie. Tammy appears and informs them that Jonathan called her to say goodbye: He's gone for good. She's broken up about it, but maybe it's for the best. Josh tells Reva that, if she needs help fighting Alan, she should call him. Reva walks away, still disturbed to see Josh, Cassie and Tammy bonding together.

    Josh and Cassie try to convince Tammy that Jonathan isn't her problem anymore. This is hard for her to admit. The thought of never seeing Jonathan again frightens her. Josh tells her that it takes a lot of time to get over your first love. Cassie glares at him and gives Tammy some hot chocolate to cheer her up. Tammy goes off and Cassie says that her daughter needs less drama in her life. Josh says that's what he's going for Reva; he's not angry at her anymore. Cassie tells him this is good because, if it hadn't been for Reva, they never would have fallen in love.

    Reva arrives at the court room and meets Mel to talk strategy. Mel wants to call Josh in for support but Reva refuses. Alan and Beth arrived and are dismayed to see Reva there. Doris tells him to let her do all the fighting. Meanwhile, Mel tells Reva that she doesn't have to fight alone. She turns around to see Josh followed by Tammy and Cassie (who shoots a worried look at Josh and Reva standing together). Tammy can't face this however; this is the same room she gave up Jonathan in. she leaves and calls Remy to help her track him down.

    Doing the Right Thing

    Friday, December 01 2006

    Beth and Alan are walking along when he receives a call informing him that Jonathan and Lizzie never arrived in Chicago or even made an appointment. Alan realizes that Jonathan's offer to move into the mansion was all part of a plan to escape with the baby. He spots Tammy sitting with Remy. 'I'm going to get some answers,' he vows before Beth tries to stop him, telling him that this is a bad idea. Jonathan and Lizzie hated each other until Alan gave them something to hate together: Him. But Alan isn't listening. He's determined to get Lizzie and the baby back and have Jonathan taken care of for good. When Alan confronts Tammy, she's shocked to hear that Jonathan has run away. Alan garbs her and Remy pushes him away, threatening to have him charged and tells him to stay away.

    Tammy checks her messages and finds one from Jonathan telling her that he's just trying to do the right thing. She can't believe that he's actually gone and believes that he won't come back. Remy tells her that, if Alan was after him and his baby, he'd run away too. Seeing that she's upset, he offers to take her home for the night before he goes back out. He's in his prime years and he can't spend any more of his time pining for someone who is pining for someone else. Tammy's not convinced that Remy is going to go out womanizing; he's too much of a geek. He reminds her that he's always been there when she needed him, but things are going to change.


    Thursday, November 30 2006

    Lizzie wakes up to find Jonathan has been watching her and the baby sleeping. She teases him for getting misty-eyed and tells him that 'everything was complicated before; now it feels like it's just the three of us.' She gets up to go into the bathroom and Jonathan holds the baby. While he looks down at her, Tammy comes in with a gift. He says that he can't believe anyone would be crazy enough to let him have a kid. The baby starts crying and Tammy offers to change her. When she takes it in her arms, Lizzie returns and thanks Tammy for all her help. Tammy gets uncomfortable and gives the baby back before excusing herself. Worried looks all around.

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