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    Guiding Light CAST - Tammy Winslow - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Tammy Winslow Played by Stephanie Gatschet on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Stephanie Gatschet

    Birthday: 1983-03-16
    Birthplace: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Stephanie Gatschet


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    That Weird Feeling

    Monday, December 18 2006

    Tammy has discovered Jonathan on the porch. He tells her that they can't be there together; this is unfair. She tells him that the only thing that he has with Lizzie is 'a baby and some space.' He begs her to stop torturing him and leave him alone before they begin kissing and make their way to the barn. After they make love, he tells her that it's the first time in months that he's felt like he could breathe. Together, it feels like the whole world has disappeared. Tammy wishes that they could stay like this forever, but Jonathan is lost in thoughts of Sarah. He's worried what will happen to her when she has a dad like him. Being with Tammy is going to ruin everything. Tammy tells him that she loves him now more than ever and that he doesn't have to change or become someone he's not.

    Outside, Lizzie approaches the barn when Alan finds her. Tammy and Jonathan can hear them arguing and get dressed before he runs out the back. Alan follows Lizzie back to Cassie's house so that he can talk about Sarah. Josh and Cassie intervene and tell Alan to leave. He tells Lizzie that raising a child in an unstable home isn't a good thing, but she's not alone. Jonathan returns and puts his arm around Lizzie while telling Alan that he's right, she isn't alone; he's with her. Lizzie asks Alan to leave again so that they can 'have a life' and he finally does. Tammy appears in the doorway of the house and Cassie asks her where she came from before shooting a suspicious look at Jonathan. Lizzie calls Lillian to say they are returning while Tammy tells Jonathan that what just happened was amazing and he tells her that they waited 'too long.' Lizzie interrupts to take him home. Before leaving, she says that it's nice that the three of them can be together without things being 'weird'. When they walk away, Tammy stands there with a fixated glare. Meanwhile, Alan has returned to the barn and goes inside to find the remnants of Jonathan and Tammy's reunion.

    Breaking the Rules

    Friday, December 15 2006

    Tammy is alone getting drunk at Towers when Beth sits down beside her. Beth begins telling her that she admires her for giving up Jonathan so that he could be with his daughter. Tammy is insulted; she doesn't need babysitting or compliments from Beth of all people. She couldn't find the high road with a roadmap.

    Jonathan and Lizzie arrive at the party, not as a mom and dad, but just as 'me and you,' he says. She pulls him into a dance and nestles herself in his chest. She tells him that she's worried about him. She knows what he's given up; he's a guy and he has needs. He begins to laugh as he falls into a chair and she sits on his lap. She wants a chance to make him happy and be a real wife to him. As she leans in to kiss his cheek, she spots Tammy standing in the doorway. Lizzie tells him that she's chilly and asks him to go upstairs and get her a sweater. He goes while Reva closely watches. Cassie sees Tammy standing there and asks her if she's been drinking, which she obviously has been. Her mother tells her that she'll have a good time as long as she forgets that Jonathan and Lizzie are there. Tammy asks her if that's what Reva is doing? Cassie's not impressed, but Tammy insists that she's only there to have fun.

    Lizzie approaches Tammy and lets her know that the only reason that Jonathan is there is that he thought that she wouldn't be. Tammy claims that Jonathan is 'stuck'; she used to think that she was doing the right thing, now she knows that she was wrong. Lizzie counters that, just because Tammy changes her mind, doesn't mean she has the right to ruin everybody else's life. She is just being selfish. Jonathan wants this marriage to work and Tammy is only making it more difficult for him. Lizzie walks away as Tammy continues drinking. Marina comes to her and asks if she's okay. She looks like she will be sick. She goes outside for some air and finds Jonathan standing there. He tells her that they can't be there together, but she says that she has to be where he is; she's made a mistake. He angry; this is unfair. He needs her to stay away so that he can try and make his marriage work. All that he has with Lizzie is 'a baby and some space,' Tammy says, and from now on, it will only get worse. He begs her to stop torturing him and leave him alone before they begin kissing.

    Meanwhile, Cassie worries what drunken Tammy is up to. She asks Josh what happened with Reva and he tells her that they still have 'a ways to go.' Marina asks Lizzie what she said to Tammy. Lizzie only told her the truth. Now she's worried that Jonathan seems to have disappeared. He and Tammy have already snuck into the barn.

    A New Man

    Thursday, December 14 2006

    At Cassie's, Josh is meandering around the doorway when Cassie appears in a little red dress. He can barely keep his hands off of her. Meanwhile, Tammy is sleeping on the couch having a nightmare about Lizzie using Sarah to manipulate Jonathan into paying more attention to her. She's upset when she wakes up and Cassie sits down to talk with her as Josh goes out on errands. Tammy wishes she could go back on decisions that she's made, but she doesn't want to be a home-wrecker. Yet, she can't help but think that Jonathan is unhappy. Cassie tries to calm her down by making tea but Tammy is all ready to go out. Her mother warns her to learn from her mistakes. Tammy asks her if Josh was a mistake. No, she explains, but they didn't rush into things; you have to trust yourself and believe that things happen for a reason.

    On the street, Jonathan accidentally drops a stuffed animal. Tammy picks it up. He tells her that he and Lizzie are just trying to take care of stuff while Reva is out. She insists that she wasn't looking for him, so maybe they ran into each other for a reason. 'There's something you need to know…' she begins. He says that he already knows. He's in a trance when it comes to the baby and isn't giving Lizzie any attention. He can feel her neediness, but he wants to be a good dad and a good husband so…Tammy is the one to be thanked for all of this; she made him the man he is and made him want to be a father. She takes his face in her hands and tells him that he'll never be a good dad to Sarah as long as he's with Lizzie. He has to leave her and the three of them will run away and be a family. 'I've been waiting to hear you say that,' he says before kissing her, but this is all in her mind. She's imagined this conversation. In fact, Jonathan is standing there talking all about Sarah. He barely notices the look on Tammy's face and walks off. She then runs into Ashlee who tells her that she must be jealous of Lizzie and she should quit while she's ahead. After this, she walks past a Santa Claus who asks her if she's been naughty or nice. 'Way way too nice,' she says, gritting her teeth.

    Ties That Bind

    Monday, December 11 2006

    Tammy is listening to Lizzie telling Beth that baby Sarah is 'the best trick in the book.' Explaining herself, she continues 'I love Sarah and I love what Sarah can do for me too.' While Jonathan becomes more attached to the baby, he will also become more attached to her. Tammy is disgusted by what she just heard and tells Cassie what Lizzie just said. Cassie thinks she must have misunderstood, but Tammy already believes that she's made a big mistake. Maybe giving up Jonathan wasn't the right thing to do and that baby doesn't belong with Lizzie. Cassie doesn't like where this is going and reminds Tammy that Jonathan and Lizzie are married now. 'Josh are Reva were married and that didn't stop you,' Tammy shoots back. 'Yes it did,' says Cassie, trying to calm her down now that Tammy is obviously planning something. After making her daughter promise not to do anything, Cassie leaves Tammy to pace.

    Lizzie returns to Towers get her cell phone and Tammy is still there. Tammy throws everything she heard Lizzie say into her face, but Lizzie insists that she's misunderstood. She reminds Tammy that she is not a mother, she couldn't possibly understand and Lizzie is not about to explain anymore than that. Tammy feels stupid for giving everything up and working so hard to give the baby the kind of life she thought it deserved, but that life has turned out to be a lie. She believes that Lizzie has returned to her old manipulative ways and starts threatening to tell Jonathan everything. Lizzie tells her that, if she did that, Jonathan would not run back to her. Things have changed. Tammy is no longer the center of his world, Sarah is, and this gives her and Jonathan a bond Tammy could never match. If Tammy goes after Jonathan now, she wouldn't be making things right, she would just be a home-wrecker. 'Some homes deserve to be wrecked,' Tammy threatens. They turn around to see Reva and Jonathan getting out of the elevator. Reva goes off with the manager and Jonathan tells Lizzie the plans. Tammy tells the married couple that they look like 'a Christmas card'. Lizzie is eager to get away from Tammy and to get the baby home. 'She's a lucky girl,' Tammy says in a forced manner as Jonathan and Lizzie leave. She starts taking deep breaths and tries to control herself.

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