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    Guiding Light CAST - Tammy Winslow - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Tammy Winslow Played by Stephanie Gatschet on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Stephanie Gatschet

    Birthday: 1983-03-16
    Birthplace: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Stephanie Gatschet


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    Christmas in Springfield

    Tuesday, December 26 2006

    Buzz gathers the family together on the couch and reads them the story of the first Christmas. Meanwhile, Jeffrey quickly finds Ava in a bar, seemingly by accident and keeps his distance. Lizzie, left alone, plays with Sarah and Beth gives Rick gifts while Alan glares at them through bars. Jonathan finally arrives at the bar and Tammy leaps into his arms before they hurry off to bed.

    Second Chances

    Friday, December 22 2006

    Jonathan is on the phone with Tammy setting up a meeting. Lizzie peaks in through the window and sees him on the phone. She remembers what Alan told her about Jonathan and Tammy meeting in the barn and rushes in, grabbing the phone from Jonathan's hands and demanding to know who is on the other line. It turns out only to be a clerk at the bike shop. She apologizes and sits down embarrassed. Jonathan is surprised by her behavior and tells her that he was just trying to get her a jacket to match the pink motorcycle helmet he got her. He shows her the bow laden helmet and she is ecstatic. He tells her that he's going to have to rush off to get the jacket and she tells him to hurry back.

    Coop and Marina are at his bon voyage party anxiously awaiting Ava's delayed arrival. Tammy tells Coop that she has to run and wishes him well before she leaves. Marina asks Coop if Ava has people she has to say goodbye to, like her parents and Alan-Michael. He flies off on Alan-Michael and tells her about the job offer he made Ava and how he 'spared her' having to refuse it. His niece is less than impressed by this. When Ava arrives, her mind seems elsewhere and Coop tries to reassure her by telling her that she won't get home sick. Marina asks if Coop told her... he shoots his niece a dirty look and she makes something up and wishes them luck before rushing off.

    Tammy and Jonathan meet in the barn and fall into an embrace once he has taken his wedding ring off. After making love, they try to imagine what excuses they can make for his absence. As they reluctantly get up and dress, they hear a noise. Cassie walks in on them and Tammy tries to offer an explanation. Her mother doesn’t need one; she's been the other woman already. Cassie tells them that she isn't angry; she just wants a moment alone with her daughter. Once Jonathan leaves, Cassie says that she isn't going to lecture her, that would be hypocritical. Tammy starts to tell her their plan to let Lizzie down gently, but her mother knows that this won't work. Lizzie is unstable and Jonathan will always feel guilty so Tammy will come in second no matter what.

    Jeffrey goes to the bar and sits down, only then spotting Olivia sitting nearby. He tells her that he doesn't want to fight. 'There's nothing to fight over now', she says. 'Ava's gone.' Meanwhile, as Jonathan and Tammy walk through the square, he realizes that he left his ring in the barn. At that moment, Beth walks into the barn and discovers the ring there.

    The Dad, the Good Girl and the Other Woman

    Wednesday, December 20 2006

    Tammy begins to wonder if she really is the 'other woman.' She realizes that she's become a cliché. She even took a roll in the hay with married man. 'This will all work out as soon as he leaves his wife…Oh my God! I am the other woman,' she realizes. She sits down as Remy walks out of the shower for his obligatory topless scene. He starts to ramble about his Christmas shopping while she tries to count his abs and wonders why she isn't with him instead. She leaves the apartment to wander, first to Cassie's barn and then to the square. Watching all the happy couples, she tries to imagine herself with Jonathan a year from now. 'I'm not the other woman; I had him first,' she tells herself. Beth and Mel walk by arguing about Rick. Beth tells her that she knew him first, a statement whose irony isn't lost on Tammy. Mel walks away from Beth to chat for a second with Remy and Tammy. She apologizes to them for the scene, but Remy says that she doesn't have to; she isn't the home-wrecker. Tammy keeps trying to tell herself that she isn’t Beth and then spots Jonathan, Lizzie and Sarah in line to see Santa. Lizzie calls her over and asks her about her Christmas cards. She hasn't had time to send any. 'Yeah, some things just get pushed to the side,' Lizzie comments. Sarah starts crying and they decide to take her home. Jonathan casts a glance at Tammy but doesn't say anything. As they leave, Tammy finds it hard to believe that Lizzie, who is everything that she is not, gets Jonathan and a baby while she gets left out in the cold. A text message from Jonathan appears on her phone asking her to meet him.

    When he goes in, he's shocked to have Lizzie walk in a moment later followed by Tammy. They all realize that they each received messages from someone asking them to meet there. Lizzie's message actually told her to arrive later. They realize that they were set up by Alan who wanted Lizzie to catch Jonathan and Tammy together. Lizzie apologizes to them and leaves, telling them that she has something 'to do'. Jonathan only looks at Tammy but won't say anything before he walks away. Lizzie goes to Alan's room at Towers and tries to remind herself that she's a good girl now. When Alan opens the door, she slaps him hard. She knows that he set them up and tells him to get a life and leave her and Jonathan alone. While it takes Alan a moment to believe that Lizzie just slapped him so hard, he finally points out that, even if he did send the messages, Jonathan didn't go to the barn to meet him, he went because he thought that he was meeting Tammy. Lizzie realizes what this means and falls into her grandfather's arms. She returns home to find Lillian looking after Sarah. Taking Sarah in her arms, she promises to fight for Jonathan, after all, 'good girls don't forget where they came from.'

    Jonathan returns home and tells Sarah the story of his life and how his relationship with Tammy made him want to be a better man even if they are 'icky cousins.' Telling her this story helps him realize what he has to do. Meanwhile, Tammy is wishing upon the star atop the Christmas tree for Jonathan to come back to her. There's a knock at the door and she answers it, discovering only a man delivering a parcel. Deflated, she goes back in before Jonathan appears on the porch. They instantly kiss. He tells her that last night wasn't goodbye; he can't leave her, it wouldn't be fair on Sarah not to have Tammy in her life. As things are now, it isn't even fair for Lizzie so, as soon as he works out a way to have Lizzie and Sarah set for life, he'll be able to leave. Then, he and Tammy will have their whole lives together and this won't have to change his relationship with Sarah.

    Getting Ready for Christmas

    Tuesday, December 19 2006

    Tammy has retuned to the barn to pick up the pieces of clothes she left behind from her encounter with Jonathan. All the while, Alan watches from behind the haystack. She hooks up with Marina who brings her by Harley's to visit the baby. As she holds the baby in her arms, she can only think about Sarah and Jonathan. She gets upset and leaves with Marina following. They go out for a drink and Tammy explains what happened with Jonathan. She feels guilty now and Marina tells her that she's gone out of her mind. She reminds Tammy that Jonathan has a wife and kid now; if Tammy sticks around, she is a 'sucker.' Tammy admits that she doesn't even know what she wants. Marina gets called away on duty, leaving Tammy alone. She rushes downtown, but it's been a false alarm. She watches Dinah and Mallet kissing from a distance. She smirks and they go home and enjoy the rest of their evening together.

    Jonathan and Lizzie have returned home. Lillian has passed out with the baby in Lizzie's bed. Jonathan offers her his bed; he will sleep on the couch. Lizzie doesn't want the night to end. 'It was fun to go out as a married couple… why end it with you in one room and me in another?' she asks. He's afraid that they'll wake Sarah and besides, it's late. Lizzie wants to be more than just a mom; she's tired of pretending and Sarah needs a real family. She anxiously gets herself ready for bed while Jonathan showers. When he comes out, she asks him to think of this as their honeymoon. He says that she deserves something better and sits down. She sits with him and explains that she loves him the way that Tammy loves him, but she doesn't expect him to love her. She doesn't expect him to stop loving Tammy, but hopes that, with Sarah, he can grow to love her a little and let her love him. He's still resistant, but insists that Lizzie isn't hard to love. She asks him to show her that, but he won't. He has to be honest: He can't be with her just because they have a marriage license; they have to let it happen naturally. He offers her something better than sex-- a motorcycle ride. They get on the bike and she holds on to him tightly. They stop off at a bar and find Tammy sitting there. After an awkward glance, Lizzie leaves for a moment while Tammy tells Jonathan that they have to talk about what tonight meant. Lizzie returns and Tammy says that she didn't know Lizzie liked riding. Lizzie says she didn't know she liked lots of things until Jonathan taught her how. They leave Tammy and return home, getting into bed with Sarah and kissing each other goodnight. She says that she feels closer to him now than she ever has.

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