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    Guiding Light CAST - Tammy Winslow - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Tammy Winslow Played by Stephanie Gatschet on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Stephanie Gatschet

    Birthday: 1983-03-16
    Birthplace: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Stephanie Gatschet


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    A New Threat

    Thursday, January 04 2007

    At Outskirts, Jonathan is preparing for the baby shower and talking to Sarah about how much he hopes the shower will make her mother feel better. Tammy arrives so that they can have a few minutes alone before the guests come. After a kiss, he tells her that he’s optimistic that Lizzie’s treatment is working. They leave a sleeping Sarah alone as they go in the back to bring wine out. Lizzie arrives, still rehearing to herself and, seeing Sarah alone, starts to giddily talk to her. Little does she know that Tammy has already returned to see her looking very undepressed.

    The guests arrive and Cassie asks her agitated daughter what’s going on. Tammy says that Lizzie is not being herself and she’s not sure that she’s actually sick. Cassie is reluctant to believe this. Meanwhile, a droopy eyed Lizzie is just wishing to Beth that everyone would go away. Beth asks her if Jonathan has done something wrong. Lizzie tells her that she knows that he’s back with Tammy, but she’s handling it and he will soon realize where he belongs.

    Alexandra arrives and Lillian tells her that she’s missed nothing but forced smiles. Lizzie is relived that she’s made it through all of the boxes and tries to cling to Jonathan before Alexandra gives her a gift. Lizzie momentarily breaks out of her act and can’t conceal her excitement at the gift. A watching Tammy catches her slip up. Reva asks Lizzie if she’s depressed and she begins reciting all of the dialogue from the DVD she was watching. She hugs Jonathan and smirks at Tammy who, shocked, runs over to her mother to ask her if she’s seen what Lizzie’s been doing. Cassie is still reluctant to believe her.

    As the shower winds down, Lillian leaves with Sarah, saying goodbye to depressed Lizzie. While putting on their coats, Cassie tells Reva that they should get together and talk everything through. Reva agrees and Cassie goes to get Josh so that they can all meet up at Cross Creek. On the other side of the room, Jonathan has taken Tammy aside to tell her that he had a realization. Watching Lizzie with Beth and Alexandra made him realize that they are the only people who really know her. He can’t walk her through her depression; she needs to be with people that will be honest with her and that’s not him. Lizzie is witnessing this entire exchange and becomes terrified.

    Reva's Helping Hand

    Tuesday, January 02 2007

    On the Spaulding island, Jonathan walks outside to the deck where Tammy surprises him. She won’t let him have a honeymoon without her and begins puling his shirt off. Inside, Lizzie can see them through the window and can’t believe that ‘they’re having sex in the sand on my beach.’ She begins smashing all of the furniture in the room. When they’re finished, Tammy gets up and tells him that he should go back in with Lizzie and the baby and then sneak out later. He can’t stand doing this anymore; he wants to tell her everything right now. He believes that Lizzie has proven that she can handle herself; she even got Alan put away. But inside, Lizzie is lying on the couch crying when she starts to hear Jonathan returning. She begins cleaning up, but then has second thoughts. Before he walks in, he tells himself again that he needs to end it, but his resolve evaporates when he sees Lizzie on the floor amid shards of glass. Everything has gotten to be ‘too much’ for her. She cries as she picks up the smashed picture of Jonathan and Sarah. Worried, he sits down beside her and asks her what ‘too much’ means. She explains that she feels overwhelmed, but she has it under control. It’s obvious that she doesn’t, so he asks her what just happened. She tells him that when he leaves her alone and the baby starts to cry, she begins having horrible thoughts.

    Jonathan has sent Tammy a text message that reads “Major problem. Don’t.’ But Tammy doesn’t know how to interpret this. She walks into the cottage and finds broken glass all over the floor. Realizing that something is wrong, she heads back to town and tracks them down in the hospital. Keeping her distance, she sees Rick telling Jonathan that Lizzie needs to see a psychiatrist; she’s very fragile and has history of mental illness in her family. However much time he’s been spending with her, he has to double it now; Lizzie can’t be alone. Tammy can’t believe what she’s just heard and, as she moves closer to speak to Jonathan, Lizzie pokes her head around the corner.

    Three is a Crowd

    Thursday, December 28 2006

    Jonathan is looking over all the gifts that Sarah got for Christmas when Lizzie comes down. He tells her that she should go out and have some fun. She had a life before Sarah and shouldn’t give that up. He gets her coat and practically pushes her out the door. As she trudges through the snow, he calls Tammy and tells her to meet up with him later. He thinks that Lizzie will be okay on her own soon and they’ll be able to stop sneaking around.

    Cassie and Tammy meet up and she tells her mother that she spent most of her Christmas waiting for Jonathan in a bar. Her mother is rather appalled that she would do that to herself but tammy insists that it was worth it because Jonathan is leaving Lizzie; they just need to make sure that she’ll be okay first. Cassie points out that ending a marriage is a big deal and Tammy reminds her that she ought to know since she’s done it recently. Cassie protests that with Josh and Reva it was different because they were getting divorced and Reva can look after herself. Tammy leaves and hurries over to the Beacon to set out whipcream and chocolate and lay on the bed in a negligee while she waits for Jonathan.

    When Lizzie and Jonathan arrive at the island house, she wants to stay in and he wants to go out. She reminds him that there are two people in the marriage and she needs him. Looking for excuses, he tells her that she shouldn’t have to try this hard and then promises to spend the rest of the day with her after he takes care of something. He goes outside to make a call when he finds Tammy standing there. She says that he can’t have a honeymoon without her and they start pulling each other’s clothes off as Lizzie walks out and sees them.

    Christmas in Springfield

    Tuesday, December 26 2006

    At Outskirts, the bartender ask Tammy what her excuse is for not being with loved ones. ‘I will be soon,’ she says. Turning around, she’s confronted by Beth who tells her that Lizzie had Alan committed. He was so worried that Tammy and Jonathan were still together that it was making him crazy. Beth plays up how difficult it is to believe that Tammy, a former foster child, would actually destroy a family; she must know how important it is to have a stable family. Beth leaves and Tammy gets a worried look on her face. Sitting back at the bar, the only other person there begins to talk to her. She’s an ‘other woman’ too and tells Tammy that she can look forward to spending most of her life waiting around in bars for her man to arrive.

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