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    Guiding Light CAST - Tammy Winslow - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Tammy Winslow Played by Stephanie Gatschet on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Stephanie Gatschet

    Birthday: 1983-03-16
    Birthplace: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Stephanie Gatschet


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    Bad Luck

    Tuesday, January 16 2007

    In Tammy's room, Jonathan begins unpacking. The first thing he sets out is a picture of Sarah. He wishes that she was there with them. Tammy tells him that he's always been 'mushy', he was just afraid to be happy before. He just wants Sarah to be able to take him for granted, he says, recalling all the empty promises that Alfred had made to him. It was enough to make him give up hope, but he can give his daughter the best gift: Tammy in her life-- she's even better than a pink bicycle. He wants them to get a real place of their own: A home for Sarah.

    Beth comes downstairs and discovers that Lizzie is gone. Lizzie is in the car with Sarah. She puts on the goldilocks album and says that goldilocks is going to get what's coming to her, but right now, they're going to go and tell Jonathan a story. She drives off to the church. Getting out, she checks in the back to tell Sarah that she'll be back and then goes in to see Father Ray. Tearfully, she begins to tell him about her depression and begs for help. He tells her that she's very brave and asks where Sarah is now. Lizzie's confused and unsure. She just wants Father Ray to talk to Jonathan for her. Outside, a young man breaks into her car and drives off with Sarah still sleeping in the back. An altar boy sees this and runs in to tell them. Lizzie yells out that Sarah was in the car. They begin to search when Jonathan arrives and demands to know where his daughter is. Father Ray has to keep Jonathan back when he lunges at Lizzie. 'You wouldn't leave your dog alone in the car,' he says, suggesting that she's done all of this on purpose. 'You abandoned your family,' she tells him. 'You left Sarah in a car,' he counters barely able to control himself. Frank arrives to tell them that the car has been found. They rush out to it and Jonathan finds Sarah sleeping in the backseat. He tells Lizzie that she'll never be allowed to hurt his daughter again. Jonathan tells Frank he can let the car thief go; this is all Lizzie's fault. Lizzie asks Beth to help her, but her mother won't; she's thinking of what's best for Sarah. Lizzie starts accusing Tammy of turning everyone against her and plotting to take her daughter away. Jonathan shields Sarah from Lizzie and tells her that he is going to file for custody. He has more than enough and Sarah will stay with him until it's decided. He and Tammy walk away with the baby while Beth tries to hold her screaming daughter back.

    Breaking Lizzie's Heart

    Monday, January 15 2007

    Jonathan gets up from the floor with Tammy. He tries to convince her that nothing happened between him and Lizzie, but she doesn’t need convincing. While he starts packing, he admits that he's still worried about Lizzie. Tammy tells him that Lizzie has only been faking and explains about the video she found that Lizzie imitated and about her fight with Beth. She'll never give him up. Jonathan believes that he can be the father that Sarah needs now, since he'll finally be happy. Tammy wants to leave, but Jonathan thinks that he should stay and end things right now. She starts to worry that Lizzie might try and take Sarah away from him. Meanwhile, Lizzie watches from the window as he sees Tammy out the door. Lizzie still believes that she can fix things.

    Tammy finds Remy sitting alone downtown. He can tell that she's back with Jonathan. She tries to be sympathetic, but he assures her that she's leaving behind the better guy and he won't be there when she comes back. While Tammy is slightly taken aback, Remy tells her that he'll get over it; she's been holding him back and he can't be there for her anymore. Tammy walks home and Beth knocks at her door. She's not there for another fight; she's there with a warning. Beth has a bad felling, exactly like the one she had when Phillip ran away with the kids. Tammy better watch out.


    Friday, January 12 2007

    Tammy has called Cassie to meet with her in the church. She tells her mother that this will be her last chance to talk her out of doing something bad. Tammy thought that Jonathan and Lizzie slept together but then figured out that it was only another of Lizzie's games. Cassie's a bit uncomfortable and doesn't think that she's the person she should be talking to if she wants advice on breaking up a marriage. Tammy is absolutely convinced that she is the best thing for Jonathan, but things are going to get ugly soon. Cassie knows that nothing she can say will change her daughter's mind, so she tells her to be careful and do what makes her happy. Cassie leaves and Tammy sits in a pew with a bible just as Lizzie comes in with Sarah. Seeing the bible in Tammy's hands, she tells her she should see what it says about stealing husbands and committing incest. She then demands to know where her husband is, but Tammy says that he must have just run away from all of her manipulations. Lizzie points out how Tammy destroys the lives of everyone she gets involved with (Sandy, her mother etc.) and Tammy shoots back that the only reason Lizzie has anything with Jonathan is that he wanted 'meaningless sex with someone meaningless.' Jonathan is hers and Lizzie will just have to move on. Lizzie warns her that she is making a big mistake. Tammy strides away to Cross Creek. She walks in and Jonathan soon follows behind. She vows that they will be together no matter what.

    Getting Out of the Loop

    Monday, January 08 2007

    Jonathan, drugged with sleeping pills, drifts out of consciousness as Lizzie undresses him and climbs on top. Spotting Tammy glaring through the window, she gets up to shut the drapes before returning to him. He’s fast asleep and she tries to wake him without success. Tammy starts to bang on the door and Lizzie opens it to tell her that Jonathan is busy. They got drunk and one thing led to another. Tammy won’t believe it; Lizzie’s a fake and her whole post-partum depression act was stolen from a DVD. Lizzie ignores this and starts talking about how good Jonathan is in bed before Tammy vows that Lizzie will never have him and storms off. When Lizzie goes back inside, she finds Jonathan wandering around the cabin and pushes him back down on the couch. As she nestles beside him, he starts calling her Tammy. He wakes up and she starts telling him how amazing he was. He pushes her away and is sure that nothing happened; no matter how drunk or drugged he is, it would never happen. Coldly, he tells her that this isn’t working; it’s just making everyone miserable and Sarah needs happy parents. As he goes to the door, she stops him by exclaiming that ‘it’s too late. Tammy is already gone.’ He grabs her and starts shaking her, demanding to know what she’s talking about. She asks him how he thinks it makes her feel to know that he is cheating on her. He tells her that a family isn’t something you can just string together because there are children involved. He only stayed with her this long out of pity. She begs him not to leave and says that she can’t be left alone so he calls Reva to come look after her. She follows him to the door and begs him to take a leap of faith for her. He tells her that she deserves someone who will love her and pushes her face away. He walks out and she collapses on the floor in tears.

    Cassie catches up with Tammy on the street. Her daughter instantly launches into an attack on Lizzie; on what a fake she is; on how she uses Sarah; and on how she caught her sleeping with Jonathan. While she tries to talk her daughter down, it becomes evident that she can’t and Tammy runs off. As Cassie turns around, she spots Alan and starts demanding that he tell her what he did to Reva. He didn’t do anything and, besides, Josh was there to pick up the pieces as usual. When Alan leaves, Jonathan runs by, momentarily stopping to ask an unhelpful Cassie where Tammy is. Josh appears next and tells her that her sister is fine, although she was holding Alan at gunpoint. When he found her, he felt like he was being pulled back into a loop, but he managed to escape and leave her behind.

    Desperate Ploy

    Friday, January 05 2007

    Lizzie overhears Jonathan telling Tammy that he is going to have to end the marriage. As she rushes to the door, Beth stops her and wants to help. The only thing that will help Lizzie is Jonathan and she’s about to lose him to Tammy. Beth tells her that, if that’s true, she’ll have to do whatever it takes to keep him. She needs to play the ‘home advantage’ and show him everything that he will lose if he leaves her. ‘You’re right. I know how to get what I want. I always do,’ Lizzie says before she springs into action, interrupting Jonathan and Tammy with claims that she can’t breathe properly and needs his help. She drags him away to the balcony despite the frigid temperature. When he tries to talk to her, she tells him that she’s not feeling well because she took pills on an empty stomach. Grudgingly, he goes back in to get some food. The maitre de brings out some water and, while no one is around, Lizzie dilutes some of her sleeping pills in the water.

    Tammy goes to Cross Creek to look for Jonathan. Finding no one there, she searches around, leafing though Lizzie’s diary and discovering the post-partum DVD behind the photo on the mantle. After watching a few minutes of it, it becomes clear that Lizzie has been reciting dialogue from the movie. Amazed by how easy this is, she gets ready to rush out and find Jonathan when Beth walks in to asks her what she’s doing in Jonathan and Lizzie’s house. She tells Tammy that Lizzie is scared that she’s out to destroy her family and she needs to move on; she won’t let her hurt her daughter. ‘You can’t stop me,’ Tammy proclaims as she stomps out of the house, pushing past an exasperated Beth. She pursues Tammy all the way back to Main Street where Tammy finally flashes the DVD and says that she has proof that Lizzie is lying and everyone will see it. Beth tells her that she only wants to believe that Lizzie is faking because she feels guilty for destroying a family. Tammy’s getting tired of this and Beth grabs her as she begins issuing threats. They wrestle around before Tammy punches Beth in the face and grabs her purse. As she runs away, she promises that ‘her little psychopath is toast.’

    They arrive back at Cross Creek and he is almost passing out from all of the sleeping pills. She tries to keep him awake as she sets up the room to look romantic. After undressing him, she climbs on top of him as Tammy passes by the window and looks in, appalled.

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