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    Guiding Light CAST - Tammy Winslow - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Tammy Winslow Played by Stephanie Gatschet on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Stephanie Gatschet

    Birthday: 1983-03-16
    Birthplace: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Stephanie Gatschet


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    Hitting the Mark

    Friday, January 19 2007

    Lizzie returns to Alan and tells him that everything went just as he thought it would. He asks her what she wants. She begins to cry and lean into him. She wants Jonathan stopped, no matter what it takes: She deserves her revenge. ĎNow youíre talking like a Spaulding,í Alan proudly says. She makes another call to Jonathan. He tells her to talk to his lawyer. She asks him to meet her again, by the old mill, and promises to bring Sarah. When she hangs up, she tells Alan that itís all up to him now; he can do whatever it takes to make sure she keeps Sarah. Alan calls Gillespie (standing in the hall at the Beacon) and tells him that the job is on. As he gives him details, Gillespie repeats them and Tammy overhears him. As Gillespie walks off, she rushes into her room to warn Jonathan, but finds him gone. She tries calling him. His phone is off. She calls Remy and he refuses to help; Jonathan is all her problem now.

    Jonathan has gone out to the road by the old mill to wait. Becoming impatient, he realizes his phone has been turned off. He tries calling Lizzie and tells her to hurry. Meanwhile, Tammy is driving fast to find him. She keeps calling but gets no answer. Jonathan sees the lights of a car up ahead and begins to squint. Itís Gillespie speeding at him with a sneer.

    Tammy and Jonathan's Wedding

    Thursday, January 18 2007

    In the church, Jonathan stands with Father Ray waiting for the service to begin. Cassie comes in with Sarah, followed by Tammy in her wedding dress. The couple stands together glowing while Lizzie peeks from around a corner. Father Ray asks if they're ready. 'I've been ready all my life,' Tammy says and they begin with the Father asking if there are any objections. Cassie says that she only objects to them not getting married; she's so proud of them and so glad to see her daughter's faith being rewarded. Lizzie is already sick of listening to this and walks away as the ceremony continues. They begin to exchange vows that they've composed themselves. Tammy goes first. She talks about how, when they met, they were opposites and when they got together, they would explode. But they would always come back together, stronger than ever. She thanks her mother for making her the person that she is today and thanks Jonathan for making her the woman that she is. She will be his forever 'till death us do part' and promises to take care of him and Sarah. He's next. He tells her that everything that was wrong in his life is now gone. She has cleansed him with love and he now feels light and free. He would fight for her, but doesn't want to fight anymore; he just wants to be happy forever. Tammy makes being good sexy and she made him a man that is worth something. Father Ray pronounces them husband and wife and they kiss. He congratulates them and wishes them to go forth and do good things in the world. Tammy gives her mother the bouquet as thanks and she throws some rice at them as they laugh and walk out.

    Jonathan carries Tammy up their room. He's decorated it with flowers and candles. They climb into bed. Meanwhile, Cassie brings Sarah back to Cross Creek and discovers that Reva has left. In her stead, she finds Lizzie and a cop waiting. Lizzie demands that she hand the baby over. Cassie is reluctant and wants to wait for Reva to return. 'Your daughter may have stolen my husband, but she can't have my baby too,' Lizzie says as she sits down with Sarah, telling her that she loves her and will never let her go.

    Worth Waiting For

    Wednesday, January 17 2007

    Tammy wakes up in bed beside Jonathan and Sarah. 'It's nice when dreams come true,' she says as they bathe and dress Sarah in a little red outfit Reva gave her. They go out for breakfast and a woman comes up to them, telling them that they're a beautiful family; Tammy looks great for someone who just gave birth. She's rather miffed about this and tells Jonathan that she doesn't feel like they're a real family. She points out that he still has his wedding ring on. He hands it to her and asks her to throw it away, but she wants more--she wants Jonathan and Sarah to be legally hers. He thinks that they should just hop on a plane to New York and never come back. She reminds him that their disappearing days are over. Lizzie may have screwed up, but she didn't abandon Sarah forever. They have to realize that the Spauldings will be coming after them and it's not exactly even competition. Still, Tammy refuses to allow that anyone can break them up now. Looking across, Jonathan spots the judge from his trial with Alan and gets an idea.

    Jonathan goes to see Lizzie and asks her for an annulment. Their marriage was never consummated, regardless of how much she tried. He's already talked to a judge and set up a meeting. He wants to get this over with as quick and painlessly as possible. She only wants to know about Sarah. He reminds her that she left her alone in a car, by choice, not by accident and then asks her to come to the meeting. The judge meets Jonathan and Tammy at Cross Creek. They wait for Lizzie to arrive but the judge gets tired of waiting. As he's about to leave, he finds Lizzie on the doorstep. At first, Lizzie refuses to say much as the judge and Jonathan speak. Finally, she breaks down and says that the only thing that Jonathan cares about is his cousin; he's sick and is doing something which is illegal in some states. Their marriage failed because he is obsessed with his cousin. Jonathan doesn't argue and admits that he was a bad person. He used to be a drug dealer; Lizzie knows, she was one of his clients. He came to town just to seek revenge and destroy lives, but Tammy saw something in him that was worth saving and that changed him. Lizzie starts rolling her eyes and Jonathan goes on about his life with Alfred and how he eventually united with Tammy. Lizzie points out all of the times that Tammy and Jonathan have broken up as well as the fires they caused. Jonathan argues that the only reason they broke up was because they thought it was best for Sarah; now they realize it's not. Lizzie claps sarcastically and tells Jonathan to take some responsibility. The judge has heard enough; he has to go away and consider things.

    Jonathan and Tammy go to the church to pray and then meet Lizzie at Towers. She runs to Sarah and talks to her until the judge arrives. He was dismayed to hear of Lizzie's incident with the baby and is disappointed she didn't tell him about it herself. He was impressed by Jonathan's honesty about himself and will grant the annulment. Custody is trickier and may take some time, but, until then, Jonathan will maintain custody. He asks Lizzie to hand Sarah back to Jonathan. She begins crying.

    The next morning, Tammy wakes up beside Jonathan and Sarah. They bathe and dress her and play with her all morning. She says that she could spend the whole day like this. They go out to CO2 and a messenger delivers the annulment papers top Jonathan. Tammy's happy that he told the truth instead of playing dirty. Now they can have a new beginning. They go to Gus and Harley's to baby-sit and put Sarah down with Sydney. Tammy wonders if they'll be friends when they grow up. It would be nice to have a friend since birth. He tells her that she has that with her mother. At least Cassie doesn't hate him anymore. 'That's because you've domesticated me,' he says. Tammy isnít sure that's a good thing. She hated him when they met, but she couldn't stop herself from falling in love with him. He takes the opportunity to propose; first standing, then on one knee, then with her in his arms. She says yes finally and they laugh.

    Tammy is rushing around town when she runs into her mother. Unable to contain her excitement, she announces that she's getting married. Cassie is surprised the annulment was so fast, but Tammy doesn't have time to explain. She shows off the little dress she bought for the ceremony; she doesn't have time for anything fancy. Cassie doesn't understand why she's in a rush, but her daughter just asks her to come. Cassie just wants 'the most wonderful girl in the world to have the most wonderful wedding.' Tammy just wants her to bring a cake for the party, like the ones she always made for her birthday.

    Jonathan meets with Billy at Towers and asks him if he can look after the bar for a few days while he gets married. Billy's happy for him and glad he got an annulment first, but can't understand the rush. He should be thinking of Tammy's needs and she needs to have a day that's magical. Jonathan gets an idea and calls Tammy who is excited when he tells her. They meet up at the church and she now has her wedding dress on. While she goes off to finish preparing, Jonathan nervously waits with Father Ray who reminds him to breathe. As Tammy begins coming down the aisle, we can see Lizzie lurking around the corner.

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