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    Guiding Light CAST - Tammy Winslow - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Tammy Winslow Played by Stephanie Gatschet on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Stephanie Gatschet

    Birthday: 1983-03-16
    Birthplace: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Stephanie Gatschet


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    Dylan Returns

    Friday, March 02 2007

    Cassie and Josh are still celebrating into the morning. She admits that she feels lighter now that she has a ring on. 'That's probably because it's made of plastic,' Josh jokes. They're both relieved that RJ gave them his blessing. Now the three of them can finally have some happiness. Josh realizes that he should probably tell Reva before anyone else does. He tries to call, but Cassie says he should tell her in person. When he leaves, Tammy appears to her mother for the final time. It's congratulations and goodbye. Cassie begs her daughter to stay a little longer, but Tammy says that she has a whole future to look ahead to. She's suffered enough and deserves some happiness in her life. She will always be in her heart. Now, her mother should get married in a brilliant white dress and be happy with Josh. Cassie starts to cry and there is a knock at the door. When she answers it, she finds Frank standing there. He's on official business, he needs her to come down to the station. She leaves a note for Josh and they leave.

    Tammy's Ghost

    Tuesday, February 06 2007

    Cassie arrives at the Spaulding mansion and walks around on the terrace, wondering what Alan is doing inside and how he can go on living like nothing happened. Tammy’s ghost appears and ask her what she’s doing. Cassie is angry that Alan took her away just as she was getting good in her life. Tammy tells her that she needs to let it go and return home to Josh and RJ. She’s afraid that is she lets it go, she will be letting her go as well.

    Blink of an Eye

    Wednesday, January 24 2007

    At her bedside, Jonathan tells Tammy that he will make Alan pay for what he’s done. He stops himself; he’s starting to sound like one of them. What he wants more than anything is for her to open her eyes. He holds her hand and nestles into her shoulder when her eyes start to open. Ar first, they wonder if they’re dreaming and then he starts to excitedly tell hrr how quickly she’ll get better so that he can bring her home with him. In the hall, Reva and Cassie hug and Reva tells her sister that everything will be okay as long as she keeps the faith. Jonathan pokes his head out to tell them that she’s awake. They rush in and Reva tells Jonathan it is all his doing. As Tammy begins to speak, she demands to know where Sarah is. He tries to tell her not to worry about that and concentrate on getting better, but she is adamant: Sarah needs to be there with her, not with Alan.

    At ths hospital, Cassie is trying to be optimistic that Tammy will get better. The doctor tells her that her daughter is very strong and the medications have done all they can do. She goes to her daughter’s bedside while Reva watches them. Tammy asks her mother to be there for Sarah and Jonathan when she’s gone. Cassie tells her not to think like that; she needs to get better. When she tells her about the house she bought for them, her daughter smiles. ‘There was so much that I couldn’t give you...’ Cassie mournfully says before Tammy answers that ‘you gave me everything that matters.’ Tammy doesn’t believe that this will have a happy ending and asks her mother again to look after Jonathan. She drops into unconsciousness and Cassie runs out to the doctor. Reva tries to tell her that she’s just resting.

    Jonathan arrives with Sarah and sits beside Tammy. She opens her eyes again and touches his face and Sarah’s. He tries telling her that there will be a lot of good days from now on, but she passes out again and he rushes to the hall, putting the baby in Reva’s arms and asking the doctor for help. He embraces Cassie and the doctor tells them that they’ve done everything they can. Jonathan goes out to scream at God when Father Ray arrives. The doctor called him. A distraught Jonathan wonders at the kind of racket he’s running where a God would marry them and then kill her practically the next day. Father Ray tries to tell him to have faith, but Jonathan exclaims that, if ‘God can’t save the one beautiful thing in this disgusting world than screw him!’ He runs back to Tammy’s side and continues begging her not to leave them when they just got started. She reaches out and touches him. She’s glad that he’s there, but she’ll be gone soon. Sarah is lucky and will need all of his love. He picks her up and begs her not to stop breathing. He tells her that he needs her because he’s selfish and greedy. He can’t be in this world without her; he’ll turn back into what he was. When he kisses her, she says ‘Sarah’ before silently mouthing ‘I love you.’ She flatlines. He begins to wail and climbs on top of her as Cassie collapses on the floor with Reva.

    Tammy's Accident

    Monday, January 22 2007

    Tammy pushes Jonathan away as Gillespie speeds at them. He manages to get out of the way, but Tammy isn’t so lucky. Jumping down from the traffic barrier, he tries to help Tammy up and finds that she’s covered in blood. He calls an ambulance and then tries to get her to open her eyes as she fades into unconsciousness.

    Remy and Gus arrive at the scene of the accident before the ambulance can. Remy is disturbed to see that it’s Tammy and freezes for a second before he fetches the first aid kit. He tells Jonathan that she’s gone into shock and tries to stop him from moving her. The ambulance finally arrives and takes her off.

    Lizzie rushes into the hospital, only to be confronted by a lot of grieving faces. Remy stops her before she can talk to Jonathan. At the other end of the hall, Jonathan is telling his mother that this should have been him. She asks him if it was a nice wedding. He promised to take care of her forever and it barely lasted a day. Josh is making the rounds offering people coffee. Remy tells him that Tammy called him asking for help, but he blew her off. Before Josh can ask, Remy, angry at himself, walks away. Cassie arrives and they tell her what happened. She can’t understand how you can hit someone and then drive away. Rick comes out to say that Tammy has extensive internal bleeding and brain swelling. No one can come in and see her. Jonathan and Josh try to talk a distraught Cassie down while Reva calls around for specialists. Rick says that none of that will do any good. The only thing that they can do is wait. Jonathan walks by him and sits with Tammy, slipping her wedding ring back on her finger and kissing her hand.

    Hitting the Mark

    Friday, January 19 2007

    Jonathan and Tammy are rolling around their bed. They can barely get up to order room service. He starts to wonder if something is wrong; he’s never been this happy before. Tammy’s love is a gift and, once they have Sarh with them, everything will be perfect. The phone rings and Tammy answers it as Mrs. Jonathan Randall. It’s Mel, telling them that they’ve been granted temporary custody pending Lizzie’s psychiatric evaluation. He begins jovially dancing around the room giggling. He can’t wait to have the baby with them. It’s not safe for Sarah to be with Lizzie right now, but he doesn’t want to separate them forever.

    After Jonathan kisses Tammy goodbye. On Main Street, he finds Lizzie waiting and talking to herself in front of the movie theater. She keeps telling herself that Tammy is just a bad habit, like cigarettes. He interrupts her mantra, upset that Sarah isn’t with her and informs her that he’s been granted custody. She refuses to hear this, but he reminds her that pretending isn’t good for anyone. He does feel sorry for her, but he has the courts on his side. She refuses to get Sarh for him; she’s where she belongs and Jonathan and Tammy can go to hell. She storms away and goes into the church, crying to God, asking why everyone abandons her. She can’t lose Sarh now...she’s all she has left. Remy walks in and asks her what’s wrong. She smirks when she sees him and muses, ‘the two losers at the scene of the crime.’ He doesn’t follow, so she explains that Tammy and Jonathan are married now. He’s crushed. She walks out. A few minutes later, Tammy walks in, finding a bag of her stuff sitting on a pew. Remy left it there for her. She picks it up and turns around, he’s still there. Seeing that he’s upset, she apologizes for not telling him about the marriage; she didn’t mean to hurt him. He wishes her luck; she’ll need it. He sees guys like Jonathan ruin women’s lives everyday. He can’t be happy for her.

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