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    Guiding Light CAST - Tammy Winslow - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Tammy Winslow Played by Stephanie Gatschet on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Stephanie Gatschet

    Birthday: 1983-03-16
    Birthplace: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Stephanie Gatschet


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    The Day After

    Monday, November 13 2006

    Remy and Tammy are trying to finish shopping for their apartment when they spot Cassie and Billy having, what appears to be, a serious conversation. Cassie is trying to reassure Billy by telling him that Reva just needs time. Billy's unconvinced; they both know exactly what is going to happen next. Tammy interrupts and Billy wanders off. Cassie assures her that there's nothing to worry about before excusing herself. Tammy and Remy decide to head over to Outskirts to pick up the rest of her stuff.

    Signs of Life

    Monday, November 06 2006

    Josh can't stop talking to Reva, telling her about all the people who will be coming to see her when, suddenly, a lot of noise erupts from the corridor. He rushes out to see what it is and finds most of the town and even Hawk and Rusty there waiting to visit Reva. He puts his arms around Cassie and thanks her for doing this, while apologizing for not having time for her. She tells him that it's all about Reva now. Tammy is the first to go in. She finds Lizzie's sonogram on the floor and places it back by Reva's head. Upset, she quickly kisses her aunt's cheek and walks out. The guests each come in, one by one, in a steady stream through the night. Dinah leaves her side and stands by Mallet, impressed that Josh and Reva's feelings didn't go away even though they're apart. They hold a lengthy glance in each other's eyes before he tells her that he'll see her in the morning.

    Tammy has gone down to the river to be alone. Remy soon follows and tells her not to cry over Jonathan anymore. She says that she's done crying. Letting go of Jonathan is nothing compared to what Reva did when she pushed Josh and Cassie together. She's just glad that she did the right thing.

    Everything's Changed

    Tuesday, October 31 2006

    Tammy calls Jonathan and he instantly asks her if Reva's gone. He's surprised to find out that she's 'survived' and hangs up before rushing over to the hospital. Jonathan arrives, already distraught, and annoyed that Josh and Cassie are there. Josh says that he understands why Jonathan has treated he and Cassie the way he has. Jonathan only tells them that they shouldn't be there; it wasn't supposed to be this way. Cassie tells him that she's glad that, at least, he was there for Reva. Josh says to a worried Cassie that they need to talk; he's the one who has to tell the kids and not her. After some time trying to track them down, he becomes frustrated. They are in some remote location that's difficult to contact. Then, Father Ray arrives and Josh gets even more agitated. Billy says that he called the father, but Josh insists that it's too soon. Billy tries to clam him down and lets Father Ray go in to sit with Reva. She asks him to say a prayer with her so that her family will find peace.

    Jonathan has gone down to the chapel and Tammy finds him there. She tells him that she can't stop thinking about him and the fact that he doesn't have anyone to look after him. He tells her that Lizzie's known for as long as he has. She asks if she should call Lizzie, but he says 'no' and starts crying in her arms. She tries to convince him that Reva could still get better, but he gave up hope for that a long time ago. She's just trying to sell happy endings where there aren't any. He's in the chapel because he's angry at God for taking his mother away and making him a father when he doesn't want to be. Tammy tries to tell him that he and Reva were meant to go through this together so that they could realize how much they mean to each other. He tells her that he can't believe in anything without her. 'I'm here now,' she says.

    Confronting the Truth

    Monday, October 30 2006

    Buzz tells Coop that he's finished trying to bring Ava and Olivia together. He's realized that they'll get together on their own terms. Coop says that he's crazy if he believes that. Buzz goes on to point out that he's made mistakes with his kids and things went all right. 'You didn't try to kill any of us though,' Coop says. Then, Tammy, Cassie and RJ walk in looking for ice cream and coffee. Cassie asks Tammy to come to Paris with her to see Marah and help her break the news about her and Josh. Tammy says 'no thanks.'

    Saying Goodbye

    Thursday, October 26 2006

    Lizzie is ordering food and Tammy invites her to sit down while it's being prepared. She says that she could tell that Tammy wanted to help Jonathan at the party but stopped herself. He's 'a big boy now…he doesn't need your help anymore: He has me.' Tammy is disgusted at this and begins biting on her lip. Lizzie continues, telling her that with the baby, Jonathan and she have chance at something really special. Tammy can't take it anymore and accuses Lizzie of planning to take Jonathan away from her the whole time. This offends Lizzie, who tells her that this is not what she wanted; she didn't plan any of it and it's not like she could tell Jonathan what to do. It was Tammy who forced him to want the baby. 'Don't you get it? We're married; we have a baby and a whole future ahead of us: We have to make it work.' She finishes by telling Tammy to 'grow up' and then walks out on her just as Remy and Marina walk into the room.

    Remy takes Tammy back to her room to help her finish packing. He says this means that she's ready to move on. She throws a picture of Jonathan in the trash and says that he belongs with Lizzie now. Remy asks her where she belongs and she kisses him. He pushes her off and tells her that he doesn't want her unless 'it's about me.' Right now, it's only about Jonathan. Tammy is put off and tells him she doesn't need his help. He helps her pack anyway.


    Wednesday, October 25 2006

    Next, Tammy arrives but doesn't want to talk about the split up. She asks Reva to take her along when she goes, so that she won't have to watch Jonathan and Lizzie grow closer. Reva says 'no, the car is only a two-seater.' Besides, her story with Jonathan isn't over yet. Tammy insists that it is, even if it is true that 'you only get one real love in your life.' Just then, Josh and Cassie enter. Reva rushes over to them and makes them promise to look out for Jonathan and Lizzie while she's gone. Josh says that's fine until she comes back. She says that she might not come back; she and Billy might find paradise together. Josh then tells her about the dream he had of her pressing car keys into his hands and asking him for help. He imagines this means that there is a part of her that isn't willing to leave. She becomes pale and faint as Billy moves in behind to support her. Josh and Cassie aren't sure what's wrong.

    Making Choices

    Friday, October 20 2006

    Tammy tells Jonathan that she can see things have changed between him and Lizzie. She thinks that he feels guilty for what he's doing to Lizzie and can't admit that things won't continue the way they have been. Jonathan doesn't want to hear any of this and finds it hard to accept that she's giving up on everything. She tries to explain herself, and tells him that he's proven to everyone that he can be the man she always thought he was capable of being. Yet, she realizes that the baby would never be the end of this whole mess; it would just be the beginning. He begins to blame her for everything, telling her that she pushed him to be with Lizzie and to want to be a father. She's a liar and is backing out of all the promises that she's made to him. Tammy can only answer by insisting that Lizzie will be a good mother and, at least, he has Reva. She, on the other hand, has no idea what her future has in store for her. Now, he finally realizes that he has no choice but to do what he doesn't want to do. He thinks Tammy will be fine without him, just as she was before him, but he doesn't know who he is anymore. They decide to leave the shack together and then part company when they reach town. He enters a building and watches her walk away through the window as he receives a phone call from the hospital.

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