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    Guiding Light CAST - Tammy Winslow - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Tammy Winslow Played by Stephanie Gatschet on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Stephanie Gatschet

    Birthday: 1983-03-16
    Birthplace: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Stephanie Gatschet


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    Now What?

    Thursday, February 28 2008

    Jeffrey goes to the institution to check on Will. The guard starts delaying the visit and Will peers out, spotting a taser sitting on the desk. Meanwhile, Josh goes to see Reva to talk about how things are going wrong. At the same time, Cassie goes off alone and starts talking to Tammy's spirit again.

    This Insanity Has to Stop!

    Thursday, February 14 2008

    Cassie drifts along the street and then slumps on a bench as Tammy appears. She tells her that she can't trust everyone as much as she'd hoped. What makes things even worse is that Josh always seems to take Reva's side over hers. She doesn't know how to fight them. Back at the church, Josh returns to speak to the Reverend Ruthledge. He can't offer Josh much help. Keeping a lie like this doesn't bode well and the church board won't look at it happily. Josh's future in the ministry doesn't look good.

    The Innocent One Among Us

    Tuesday, February 12 2008

    Back in town, Will and Cassie return home. He tells her he's glad she took him out of the school. She sends him upstairs to get ready for bed and then sits down on the couch. Ghost Tammy comes out of nowhere to comfort her mother. Cassie knows she shouldn't need this hallucination around all the time: Josh thinks it's bad, but he doesn't always know what's best. She rests on her daughter's lap and looks for some advice from her.

    Guess Who is Coming Home for Dinner?

    Friday, February 08 2008

    Jonathan jumps Remy when he walks out of his room. Remy throws him against the wall. "You're not an angel," he says before asking what happened. Jonathan quickly explains and they bond on Tammy. Jonathan asks for an unregistered gun. "Alan?" Remy asks. "Alan," Jonathan confirms. Remy says it's not a good idea. He's never liked him, but Tammy loved him, so, for her, he'll try to get the gun. Jonathan goes to see the ghost of Tammy. He tells her that he has waited too long. It's time for Alan to die.

    Sometimes Ships Return to Port

    Tuesday, January 29 2008

    At the Beacon, Jonathan searches around for Sarah's doll when Tammy's ghost stops him. She wonders why he's running away again and asks him why he keeps coming back to the room they spent their wedding night in. "You know what you have to do," she prompts him. She tells him to let Lizzie have her baby. He needs to move on, for everybody's sake. He can't do that. He and the baby go to the train station and buy a ticket.


    Friday, January 25 2008

    Alone in the church, Reva and Jonathan talk. He tells her to take the baby away for awhile. He sits alone in the church and cries as Tammy's ghost appears to talk to him. She tells him to just think about the good stuff and asks him why he didn't stay with Aubrey. She liked her; she was good and understood him. He couldn't let her in and only thought of Tammy the whole time. "I won't let you go," he weeps. The ghost cries and they kiss. Meanwhile, Reva has Sarah in the car. The baby doesn't like her taste in music and starts crying. Reva gets out of the car and begins looking for her doll when a car drives up. It's Alan. He starts asking her questions.

    Not Always

    Tuesday, January 22 2008

    Cassie pulls Tammy around Main Street, all the while telling her that being with her is magic. Suddenly, the sky turns dark and Alan appears, pulling the young woman away from her mother. Cassie wakes up from this nightmare and Will finds her sitting on the couch, distraught. He knows that she misses Tammy and so does he. They start to look through a photo album to pick out pictures of his dead sister for the memorial service. Will asks if Alan is coming to it; he made Tammy die after all. This isn't exactly what Cassie wants to hear. She can't really explain what happened to the boy and gets up to make a phone call. Josh walks through the door, instantly seeing that she is upset. Will explains that they were just talking about Tammy. Josh asks the boy if he can have a moment alone with his mother. Grudgingly, Will leaves them alone, going into the corner to eavesdrop while Cassie tells Josh about her nightmare.

    Classic Joshua

    Monday, May 21 2007

    Cassie rushes home and hugs Tammy. Josh soon arrives and she gets him some tea, happily telling him that Rick is the father of Beth's child. She asks him if he thinks that she's a bad person for wanting Alan to suffer. He thinks that she's a good person. She didn't do this to Alan: This is the universe telling Alan that you have to take responsibility for your actions. Sitting her down, he explains that, since his time in prison, he's been trying to figure things out. He thinks he knows where he wants his life to go now: 'I think I want to be a minister,' he says, that's what feels right to him. Cassie has no idea what to say...she admires how strong and good he has been; not wanting revenge or being bitter, but seeking to help people. She needs someone like him in her life more than ever. He begins to tell her about his time in prison when she hears a noise and goes outside. Tammy appears and her mother wonders why she's back now that she's at peace. Tammy doesn't think that she's done enough to Alan yet.

    The Lighthouse

    Wednesday, May 16 2007

    At home, the bells start ringing and Cassie drops a plate. As she gets frustrated, Tammy returns and embraces her tightly. Josh walks in and tells her that they need to talk. He apologizes... for the bells, but she tells him that he doesn't need to apologize: He is just being himself and trying to deal with things head on. He can't bring himself to say anything else. They start to drowse on the couch when Billy calls his brother away. When Josh is gone, Tammy reappears and asks her mother why she never says anything to Josh about her. Cassie is afraid that Josh would want her to give her up: But she won't give up, not on her and not on getting back at Alan. She won't let him ruin the new baby's life. Tammy has a plan.

    Getting Rid of Your Mistakes

    Friday, May 04 2007

    Back at Company, Josh arrives with Billy and Dylan. Billy asks if Vanessa is coming and updates his son on her recent problems. Reva then strides in, hugging Josh while Cassie looks on. When Josh moves off, Cassie approaches her sister. Josh has already gone outside and is soon joined by Dylan. They talk about Marah and Shane. Josh says that prison taught him that every choice in life is a blessing. 'Like which sister to pick?' Dylan asks him. 'I have picked,' Josh assures him. But, to Dylan, it doesn't look like anything has changed. 'You've been away fro a long time,' Josh tells him. Dylan tells him that what he has with Reva is a once in a lifetime thing, but Josh says that all of that is over; Cassie is saving him, he isn't with her out of pity or anything else. He goes back inside and thanks everyone for coming and supporting him. Prison gave him a chance to re-evaluate his life and he has decided to make one major change: He's not going back to Lewis. Everyone's surprised by this, but Josh says that HB would approve of him putting his brother in charge. Beyond that, he's going to spend more time with Cassie, working at the veteran's center and visiting his children. As everyone dances, Cassie looks out the window and then walks outside. Tammy is waiting for her there. Cassie asks her if it's okay for her to be smiling. 'You tell me?' Tammy answers.

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