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    Guiding Light CAST - Tammy Winslow

    Full detailed profile on Tammy Winslow Played by Stephanie Gatschet on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Stephanie Gatschet
    Tammy Winslow

    Actor: Stephanie Gatschet

    Who played Tammy Winslow over the years

    Stephanie Gatschet (July 2002 - January 2007)
    Katie Sagona (August 1997 - July 2002)

    Useful information on Tammy Winslow

    * Married to Jonathan Randall.
    * Killed Sandy Foster in self defense.


    Current: Student
    Past: Waitress at Outskirts
    Past: Intern at Lewis Construction


    Tammy Layne was taken away from her parents and placed in foster care where she dreamed of being reunited with her mother. She was kidnapped by Annie Dutton to blackmail Cassie into helping her and Alan in their plots against Lewis. This would turn out to be lucky for her, eventually reuniting her with the Lewis family.

    Fortune seemed to look up and she became a real princess when her mother married Richard Winslow, prince of San Cristobel, but a series of disasters followed. She was kidnapped once again (this time by her father) and then Richard died. She and her mother returned to Springfield, but grief made them isolated from the world around them and from each other. She quickly became embroiled in trouble with Lizzie Spaulding and Marina Cooper and a series of awkward romantic entanglements. The latter included an off and on relationship with the mysterious Sandy Foster and an infatuation with her adopted uncle Edmund. Her romantic dreams eventually led to a tortured relationship with her cousin Jonathan Randall. While they initially fought, they were soon passionately in love, much to the dread of their family. The battle over her between Jonathan and his former imitator Sandy, led to the latter's death when Tammy pushed him off a cliff as he attempted to kill Jonathon.

    Her rocky relationship with Jonathan has involved numerous break-ups and restraining orders, but things were complicated further when Lizzie announced that she was pregnant with Jonathan's baby. Reluctantly, the couple split up for the sake of the child, but Tammy found it impossible to move on. They finally gave in, despite Jonathan's marriage to Lizzie. Unable to stay apart, they had his marriage annulled and married in a quick ceremony. Soon after, she was killed in a hit and run that Alan had arranged to kill Jonathan.




    Sandy Foster (engaged - deceased)


    Cassandra_Cassie_Winslow (mother)
    Rob Layne (biological father)
    Roger Joshua Winslow (half-brother)
    Unnamed Winslow (half-brother - deceased)
    William Winslow (adopted half brother)
    Richard Winslow (adopted father - deceased)
    Sarah Shayne (maternal grandmother - deceased)
    Reva_Shayne_Lewis (aunt/mother-in-law)
    Rusty Shayne (uncle)
    Roxie Shayne (aunt)
    Edmund Winslow (adopted uncle)
    Alonzo Baptiste (adopted uncle)
    Dylan Lewis (cousin)
    Marah Lewis (cousin)
    Shayne Lewis (cousin)
    Jonathan_JB_Randall (cousin)
    Susan Lemay (first cousin)
    Sarah Randall (first cousin)




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    Thursday, February 28 2008: Now What?

    Jeffrey goes to the institution to check on Will. The guard starts delaying the visit and Will peers out, spotting a taser sitting on the desk. Meanwhile, Josh goes to see Reva to talk about how things are going wrong. At the same time, Cassie goes off alone and starts talking to Tammy's spirit again.

    Thursday, February 14 2008: This Insanity Has to Stop!

    Cassie drifts along the street and then slumps on a bench as Tammy appears. She tells her that she can't trust everyone as much as she'd hoped. What makes things even worse is that Josh always seems to take Reva's side over hers. She doesn't know how to fight them. Back at the church, Josh returns to speak to the Reverend Ruthledge. He can't offer Josh much help. Keeping a lie like this doesn't bode well and the church board won't look at it happily. Josh's future in the ministry doesn't look good.

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