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    Guiding Light CAST - Joshua Lewis - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Joshua Lewis Played by Robert Newman on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Robert Newman

    Birthday: 1958-06-27
    Birthplace: Los Angeles, California, USA
    Marital Status: Married Britt Helfer September 27, 1986
    Real Name: Robert Newman


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    A Day Out

    Friday, September 15 2006

    Josh returns to pick the divorce papers up from Reva and is dismayed to find that she hasn't signed. His anger builds when he finds that she hasn't at all been 'simplifying' matters for them like she promised. She tells him she'll call him when she settles things and he blows up at her and Billy before leaving. Later, Reva has worn herself out with worry but Billy tells her he has some plans to help. She asks him just to stay with her and he lays down to comfort her. Meanwhile, an excited Cassie has gone to meet the not so 'newly minted' Josh who is noticeably aggravated. Cassie brushes all of the anxiety aside and they kiss.

    Moving On

    Thursday, September 14 2006

    A rough looking Josh is drinking tomato juice and raw eggs as he tries to figure out if he's still drunk. Reva arrives and they resume the broken conversation they've been carrying on for weeks. She tells him that 'change is good. Maybe that's always been our problem… we never knew when to let go.' He tells her that he and Cassie aren't together anymore, but that it's none of her business; they aren't part of each other's lives now. She tells him he's right and she's only there to pick up some things because she's moving out. 'You're moving in with Billy aren't you?' he aks but it's not really a question anymore. He tells her she should have the house, but she insists that he keep it and find someone who will be able to love him. She wants him to find love, even if it is with Cassie. Just then, Billy arrives to help her pack and a visibly disturbed Josh tells them just to fax him a list of what she wants and he'll have it sent over.

    Cassie arrives at Josh's in a rush, brandishing press clippings and distractedly telling him that they'll have to find a way to work together even if they can't be together anymore. To her shock, he begins kissing her. She pulls away and tells him that she can't; that Reva will always come first for him and that won't, and shouldn't, change. He says that all of that can change and reveals that he had called his attorney that morning and is having divorce papers sent to Reva. Then he asks her to go and think about the fact that, by that time the next day, he will be free to be with her. With that, they embrace again.

    Jonathan and Lizzie's Honeymoon

    Monday, September 11 2006

    At the lighthouse, Josh is with Reva when she awakes after collapsing. He insists on taking her to the hospital to find out what's wrong with her. When he gets her to the hospital, he practically forces her into the cubicle to be examined by Dr. Rick. At that moment Billy appears and tells Josh it's time for him to leave. 'She doesn't need both of us,' he tells his little brother. Josh doesn't take this well and demands to know why Billy is so concerned to keep him away but Billy insists that he is only trying to help her. He explains that Reva feels guilty for choosing him over Josh and she doesn't want to face him right now. Josh goes outside only to be found by Cassie. He is livid at the thought of Billy and Reva together and the way they are treating him but, as he begins to rant, Cassie stops him. She tells him that she doesn't want to hear about it and can't be what she was to him anymore; they need space. Josh can't accept this and reminds her that they had always been good friends in the past and, even if they weren't going to have sex anymore, they still needed their friendship.

    Meanwhile, Josh has been drinking heavily at Outskirts. Gary, one of the waiters, calls Reva to tell him Josh is causing trouble. Reva is about to go after him when she spots Cassie and decides that she should send her instead. Josh starts a fight with one of the other bar patrons and, just as a punch knocks him to the floor, Cassie finds him and tells him she's taking him home. Billy calls Reva and she tells him to stop looking for Josh, she's taken care of it but, 'doing the right thing, doesn't feel right.'

    Court Battle Continues Against Lizzie

    Tuesday, September 05 2006

    Reva talks with Billy at the graveyard. He tries to understand why she doesn't want Josh to know about Reva's cancer. She explains she wants them to be happy, for Josh to be happy.

    Vanessa runs into Josh and Cassie and he's quite surprised to see her. She asks what's going on with Reva? He replies that it's not good and doesn't want to talk. Josh confides to her about the difficulties of marriage in general and asks her how she's dealt with things in the past.

    Reva talks with Josh asking how things were in NY and congratulates him once again on his award. He tries to get her to come clean but she just avoids answering and tries to talk about Cassie. He insists on getting an answer from her about why she walked away months ago telling her he needs to know. She tells him she was trying to protect him and talks about their divorce papers and stuff. Josh tells her he knows it was something else and asks if it was Billy and if she ran off with him?

    Reva laughs and at first tries to tell him that it wasn't the case but realizes it's a good cover story and agrees, telling him in so many words that it was because of Billy. Josh asks her to spare him the details but still asks her to come clean. Reva hesitantly smiles at him stating yes, Billy and her are having an affair. She sighs that it's a relief to have everything out in the open and now him and Cassie can go on. Josh tells her that him and Cassie are not together but doesn't want to talk to her about it and walks away.

    Back at Billy's room, Reva talks with him explaining that she came up with something else. That Josh actually asked her and she just went with it and explains to Billy that he's going to laugh when she tells him. Reva hesitantly admits that she told Josh they are having an affair. He jokingly asks if they can now start sleeping together and Reva laughs in relief!

    Billy walks into the bar and meets up with Vanessa. She hugs him telling him it's good to see him. He asks if she's down visiting Dinah and she replies that yes, she is here to see Dinah. She tells him he looks like he's had a very bad day and asks him to unload. He doesn't want to burden her with his problems but starts to open up. He talks about his problem without divulging who this woman is. Billy continues, talking about feeling like he's letting this woman down. Vanessa tries to comfort him and explain that during "their" marriage, he was a good husband in many ways. She tells him to be careful and make the right decisions because he obviously has feelings for this woman.

    Cassie Tells Josh It Can't Work Between Them

    Friday, September 01 2006

    Cassie and Josh enter the courtroom and Jonathan tells them both to leave. They insist they're staying but Jonathan refuses. Josh tells Jonathan any other day he'd take him outside but today is about the baby and she'll need all the help she can get. Cassie stays behind to be with Tammy but Tammy tells her to go be with Josh.

    Back at Josh and Reva's home, Cassie asks Josh if they can really have what he had with Reva as she looks at a family picture of them. Josh holds her tight and tells her that with everything in the open, it's a relief. He tells her she deserves everything, including a life without guilt! Cassie tells Josh she's not sure she can do this with him, thinking of Reva and what her mother would think. Josh tells her it sounds like she's saying goodbye. Cassie replies that it's not their time right now and maybe someday they'll have their moment. Cassie heads out the door and tells Josh she has to leave. He kisses her one last time and tells her there's so much more he wants to say to her and thought they had time but Cassie walks away with tears rolling down her face.

    Reva Confronts Josh and Cassie

    Wednesday, August 30 2006

    Reva calls Josh to tell him it's time to come home. He asks where she is and Reva replies at their home. Josh tells Cassie that Reva wants to see him. A jealous Cassie replies that she wants him back. He promises to tell her how much Cassie means to him and nothing will change that, no matter what she has to say.
    Cassie watches the news seeing the honor for Josh Lewis and the opening of the center. They then show a photo of Josh and Reva standing together and Cassie turns the TV off.

    An army COL. shows up at Reva's door asking if Mr. Lewis is at home. Reva tells him he's not at the moment but she's Mrs. Lewis. He sits down explaining that Mr. Lewis is being honored at the opening and his itinerary with all the details is in the file. She thanks him for coming and assures him that Josh will get the information as he leaves. Minutes later Josh enters and says hi to Reva. He first tells her he is glad she is ok and in one piece. He didn't know if she was alive or dead. Reva snaps at him stating that he should apologize for cheating on her with her own sister. He tells her he had no idea where she was but Reva tells him that's no excuse for unzipping his pants. He yells that Reva has always been selfish and never cared about anyone but herself. She admits seeing them together and she needs to tell him something very important.
    Josh asks her why she didn't say anything? She replies she was shocked and hurt and now just plain mad. She asks if he was with Cassie when she called him earlier? Reva throws his plane tickets at him and tells him to enjoy his time in NY with his girlfriend. He tells her that's enough and he's not going anywhere until they straighten everything out, including his relationship with Cassie.

    He's furious about Reva shutting him out continually. He talks about the lighthouse when they tore up the divorce papers and swore to each other it was a new beginning. Josh needed her then more than he ever did. She replies that she told him she'd be back. Josh continues that he waited and waited for far too long and through all the unreturned phone calls and not knowing where Reva went, he turned to Cassie without even realizing what was happening. She yells back that he was thinking with his pants but Josh tells her for the record him and Cassie have not slept together.
    Josh looks at Reva telling her that tonight is one of the most important nights of his life and he wished it was Reva coming with him but it isn't. As he heads out the door Reva calls out that she has something important to tell him but he looks at her and just says goodbye.

    Later on, Reva approaches Cassie and accuses her of stealing her husband. Cassie apologizes but replies that Reva is the one that took off and deserted Josh. She tells Reva that everyone else but her is suppose to follow the rules.

    Billy meets up with Reva and she confides that she never got the chance to tell either of them about her cancer. She tells him that the thought of not having Josh with her to the end to hold her hand is unbearable. Reva cries to Billy that she has to have Josh by her side, that his face is the last thing she wants to see before she dies. Reva tells him she has to go to NY for Josh being honored.

    Josh and Cassie talk later about their separate confrontations with Reva with both explaining it went very badly. Cassie asks if they should go talk with her some more? But Josh declines wondering out loud why Reva left in the first place. Cassie replies that Reva was entitled to say what she said, even calling her a sl**. Josh stops Cassie and tells her that's not at all what went on and they talk about heading to NY. He tells Cassie he doesn't think he could go to the honors night after all of this. But Cassie yells firmly telling Josh this means far too much to not go. She won't let that happen and Josh will attend this night.

    Arriving with RJ, Josh & Cassie tour the Navy Ship in NY before the honors. RJ runs up to Josh to tell him about the jet he sat in and the pilot he talked to. They introduce themselves to their host and discuss the foundation. Josh takes Cassie's hand and they enter the ceremony area. Reva shows up looking for Josh and a navy rep. points her the way to the ceremony. Walking through different areas of the ship, Reva tries to locate the awards room but thinks she must be too late. Moments later, Reva passes out into the arms of a navy personnel.

    Josh, standing at the podium, talks about how hard life can be and the sacrafices everyone makes in order to choose the right decision. He continues, telling the crowd that it was the spirit of doing the right thing that kept him going with the project. Moments later, Reva heads to the ceremony area to see Josh receive his award. Reva walks back downstairs and RJ runs into her. Reva reaches out to hug Josh telling him she's so proud of him and tells him congratulations. Reva runs out crying leaving them behind.

    Their host tells Josh everyone is waiting for them and he hesitates. Reva walks alone off the ship exhausted and surrendering to her fate.

    Reva Returns!

    Tuesday, August 29 2006

    Josh tries to fix something on the ceiling and hits his thumb. Cassie comes to the rescue and kisses it all better. Later, Cassie walks back in the house to talk to Josh about RJ saying he's locked himself in the car refusing to go to NY with them. RJ enters the home asking when they're leaving but Josh decides to take him out for awhile to talk.

    RJ and Josh head to the cemetery to talk about RJ's father. Josh tells him that he understands and would head to the cemetery to talk to his own father when he needed him. He continues, telling RJ that even though their loved ones are somewhere else, they still listen. He asks RJ if it's okay to talk to his dad. Josh sits to talk with Richard about always taking care of RJ and Cassie and would never hurt either of them. RJ takes the lead telling his dad how much he misses him.

    Josh and RJ talk about Richard telling him that he understands how much he misses his dad and that Josh will always be there for him. He asks if he will go to NY? And RJ agrees. Josh smiles and replies that he's happy because he got Yankee's tickets!!!

    Tammy stops by to see Cassie and tells her the 3 of them are leaving town for awhile and Cassie asks when? Tammy replies tonight! Cassie offers her money to help them and asks if she can call? But Tammy says Alan will trace even cell phone calls. In walks Josh and RJ telling Cassie that Josh took RJ to see his dad. Josh states it was a guy thing. RJ asks why Tammy & his mom looks sad. Cassie denies it, smiling stating that she has 2 great guys!

    Alone, Cassie and Josh enter her bedroom and she thanks him for what he did earlier for RJ. They start to undress each other when Joshs' phone rings seeing it's Reva, he hesitates and then answers it.

    Rick Tries to Save His Marriage

    Thursday, August 24 2006

    Later on Hawk, seeing the website picture of Josh and Cassie, calls Billy asking him if they know about the mess Josh and Cassie are creating for the whole family. Billy tells him that he and Reva knows about it. Hawk asks what they're doing about it? Billy tells him they're headed to Springfield to confront them soon and not to worry about it.

    Josh talks with Cassie about business. Cassie's son is on the computer and comes across ...the website... with his picture there. She suggests that RJ watch a baseball game in the other room. When he walks out, Cassie freaks to Josh, wondering who did this to a little boy? Josh tells her they have to tell her son about them before he finds out another way!

    They agree to talk with RJ about what's going on and how they feel about each other when there's a loud knock on the door. Hawk walks in to scold them when Cassie's son walks in and jumps into Hawks arms. Hearing Hawk say they're ...hooking up... together, RJ asks her what that means?! Josh scolds Hawk not to say another word! RJ tells Cassie she's been keeping something from him and walks away. Josh tells him he'd knock Hawk flat if RJ wasn't here.

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