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    Guiding Light CAST - Joshua Lewis - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Joshua Lewis Played by Robert Newman on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Robert Newman

    Birthday: 1958-06-27
    Birthplace: Los Angeles, California, USA
    Marital Status: Married Britt Helfer September 27, 1986
    Real Name: Robert Newman


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    Meeting in Las Vegas

    Tuesday, October 03 2006

    In a lengthy montage, Josh and Cassie slowly make love while Reva puts away Josh's photo and tries on her wedding dress. While they lay spread out on the floor, Cassie confides in Josh that 'it feels so right with you.' He mockingly snores before agreeing with her. She is still worried if they did the right thing. He tells her that they should have done this a long time ago and the she is 'everything I want in my life.' There is a noise outside. Cassie realizes that it's RJ. They hurriedly get dressed and un-barricade the door while giggling as RJ walks in. They awkwardly tell RJ that they are dating. RJ says that he knew that already and is 'very cool with it.'

    Reva and Billy are in their room finishing their plans. Billy wants everything perfect and leaves to make all the flower arrangements. When Reva is alone, she plays with the ring and imagines Josh lying on the bed near her. She tells him that Billy is her rock and that they can make each other happy; she doesn't want to die alone.

    When they all get to the chapel, they find it decked out in a Western motif. They make a few jokes before the minister comes in and the ceremony begins. When the vows commence, Reva begins to flash back to her wedding to Josh. Once it is her turn to say 'I do', she says that she can't, she wants to, but she can't. It wouldn't be fair on Billy. She tells him that he deserves better for a wife, but that she still wants to spend the rest of her life with him. Billy says that he knows that, 'in her heart' she could never be his wife. She confesses this is true and he forgives her. Gus and Harley leave, unable to believe what they just watched and go dancing. When Reva gets to her room, she takes the photo of Josh out again and tells it that she loves him.


    Monday, October 02 2006

    Cassie is busily searching online to find out what kind of medication Reva is taking. She finds an unflattering picture of herself being used as a screensaver and Josh interrupts her, chasing her around the room with his camera phone until she wrestles him onto the couch. When he tries to wrest a kiss from her, she dashes away to the computer, only to be stopped by him again, pulled away as the information on Reva's meds pop onto the screen. They have fleeting kisses while the storm beats up the house, causing leaks to spring from the ceiling while they try and set up a romantic evening. She grabs the computer and brings it into the living room to avoid the leaks. Before she can read up on the meds, the power goes out. It turns out that Josh put them out himself because he was sick of 'everything being controlled by someone else.' They settle down by the fire with candlelight and kiss. Cassie tells him that all the time waiting and hesitating was worth it for what they have now.

    Reva and Billy are packing up to go to Las Vegas for their wedding. He asks her if she is 'marrying him just because you're reacting to Josh and Cassie?' Reva's answer is a batch of mixed feelings, but she is sure that Billy can make her happy and wants to let him. When they arrive in Vegas, Reva exclaims: 'It's loud and it's tacky. I love it.' Billy laughs and goes off to get a room. Once alone, Reva becomes woozy and has a hallucination of Josh standing before her. He tells her that 'it's your wedding night. You can't have that without me can you?' and offers her a pair of dice. Billy returns as the vision vanishes and she falls into his arms. She tells him that she can't let him marry her. She doesn't believe that she can make the time they'll have together happy; it's too much to ask of him. Billy tells her that he isn't going to bother arguing with her. Instead, they will settle this Las Vegas style. They go to a card dealer who will deal them one card. Red means 'yes' to marriage, black is 'no.' Billy asks her if 'she's a player. Or have you lost your nerves as well as your hair?' That's enough to get her fired up again. The dealer deals a red Queen and Billy lets out a joyous laugh: 'The cards have spoken.' They embrace and the dealer gives him the thumbs up. Reva knows he set this up, but she doesn't care. This will be enough. Billy might not believe in luck, but he believes in her. They get prepared to show the town a wedding.

    Put On Your Happy Face

    Friday, September 29 2006

    Cassie drags Josh to Tammy's magazine party between fresh kisses. When they get there, she congratulates Tammy and tells her the news about her and Josh finally being together with Reva's blessing. Tammy is happy to hear it and says that this proves that 'even the most impossible couples can make it.' When Cassie and Josh turn away from Tammy however, they are confronted with Jonathan who agrees to play nice for the sake of everybody, even though the sight of Josh with Cassie makes him 'want to smash my head into a brick wall.' After he walks off, Cassie checks her messages and gets Reva's invitation to dinner. She realizes that they need to go, even though Josh is reluctant. When they arrive at Billy's apartment, everyone tries to put on their happy faces and own up to the fact that they're all family and need to get along. Josh says that he saw Jonathan earlier and they were civil to each other. Reva is happy to hear this, just in case he needs them in the future when she goes on '' She then changes the subject and admits that the whole situation is awkward, but they need to get over it. She offers Josh a drink, but spills it on him. Reflexively she begins to clean him up only to stop herself and get out of the way for Cassie. The dinner party continues, but Reva finds it increasingly difficult and has to excuse herself for a moment. She goes out in the hallway and Billy follows her. He tells her that it's still not too late to tell them. Reva agrees that it is time, but she will need his support all the way (not that she needs to ask). When they enter back into the room, she announces to Josh and Cassie that she and Billy are engaged. This, needless to say, completely stuns them. After a moment of silence, Cassie congratulates them and offers a toast. Reva and Josh try to muster a smile at each other.

    After the couples part, Billy promises Reva that he will make her happy, she confesses that, in the beginning, he was the last person she would have told about the situation, but Jonathan knew better and convinced her to go to him. He is the person she 'wants to spend the rest of my life with.' 'It's not true,' says Billy. 'But I'm glad you picked me anyway.' They embrace and Reva announces that they have to start packing right away: They are going to go to Las Vegas to 'get hitched' immediately. Meanwhile, Josh and Cassie have returned to his place, still surprised by the engagement. Josh doesn't want to talk about it anymore though; he has other plans. He goes downstairs to get a bottle of wine while Cassie picks her keys off the floor. When she does this, she finds a scrap of paper caught in them. It is one of Reva's medication slips.

    Make Sure it Fits

    Wednesday, September 27 2006

    Meanwhile, Josh has gone out to his porch to see a star fall before taking off his wedding ring and putting it in his pocket. Cassie follows behind him and puts her arms around him. He tells her that she just missed a shooting star and had a chance to make a wish. She responds that she doesn't need to; she already has what she wants. They go inside and are noticeably awkward. Josh confesses that he feels like a teenager again. They both feel 'terrified' about what the future has in store. They try and figure out what to do. Josh wants to watch a western, but Cassie doesn't have any so he begins to look through the newspaper for the TV listings. She looks over his shoulder, spotting an article that brings a disturbed look to her face. Then she asks him if they can go out, there's somewhere she needs to go, but she can't tell him anymore.

    They drive out to the middle of nowhere and stop. Josh wants to know why they've stopped near a dilapidated house. Cassie explains that that is the house of one of her foster parents and that she lived there for five years with a woman who 'made my life a living hell.' She explains that she 'pretty much stopped trusting people after I lived here.' The woman was nice at first, but after her husband left, she became increasingly cruel, treated her as an embarrassment and constantly told her that she was ugly and would amount to nothing. She used to fantasize, after marrying Richard, of showing up in a tiara just to tell her off. Josh embraces her and tells her that she'll never have to fight her demons alone. Cassie goes on to say that, for a long time she had no hope, that is, until she found Reva, who took her in and taught her what family was. That is why she has been so afraid of being with Josh; she was afraid she would lose Reva in the process. He walks her home and she tells him how lucky she is to have him in her life. 'It's not luck,' he says.

    Billy and Reva are sitting in the café when she asks to be alone. He agrees and leaves while making a phone call to set something up. Just then, Jonathan appears saying that he 'needs a break from the wife.' Reva is overjoyed to see him and invites him to sit down for pie. Jonathan is grumpy at first, telling her that Alan's spies are everywhere and the only way he can see Tammy now is by accident. 'Love sucks,' he admits but Reva will have none of it. 'Love is the only things that doesn't suck,' she reminds him, after all, where would they be without it? 'You would have had to get a different barber,' he jokes. Then she tells him of her divorce from Josh and bemoans not being able to fix anything in her past. He insists that he doesn't need to be fixed. What she has missed the most is being able to do all the normal things people do with their children. So the two of them decide to make up for lost time and get ice cream, play hopscotch, go to the movies and laugh a great deal before Reva says she needs to go home to Billy. Jonathan confesses that, while he love's Billy, 'Josh is your boy.' She explains that everyone is making sacrifices and then makes him promise that Josh will get to know his daughter so that, between them, that baby girl will have some idea who she was. Jonathan is deeply moved and admits that he never imagined her going out this way, but rather like some tragic movie star in a crazy dress and a convertible.

    They part company and she returns to Billy, telling him that she finally knows how to go: In a blaze of glory like Thelma and Louise. Billy says that she tries that once and it didn't work. He produces a large diamond ring and asks her to marry him instead. He doesn't pressure her, but claims that he can do something for her that Josh can't: He can fill the rest of her life with fun. 'When the time comes, I will be there, I will hold your hand,' he assures her, placing the ring in her palm for whenever she is ready to 'make sure it fits.'

    Making Things Real

    Tuesday, September 26 2006

    While Reva and Josh are trapped underground, they begin dancing. This quickly escalates into a kiss. She breaks away and stares at him for a moment, shaking her head, but they can't resist and go on kissing until we hear Cassie, just outside the garage, calling Josh's name. They are embarrassed and confused, but break apart. Josh goes to the opening and reveals that Reva is there with him and that they've been trapped there for some time. He asks Cassie to go and get some help so that the gate can be opened. Once she has gone, he turns to Reva and asks her 'what just happened?' She bluntly responds that 'nothing happened.' He doesn't accept this and tells her that 'it did happen and I'm glad,' but then goes on to explain that this 'is a good thing because it was saying goodbye.' Then they go through the script they've made so much of, while Reva details that she really wants him with Cassie, that this is for the best. Cassie appears again with help and the gate opens as she proclaims that they are now 'free.' She immediately asks Reva what she is doing there and gets a rather meek response in the form of 'trying to help look for Josh', but then breaks into a rant about how she is dying; about how she should have told them before because, maybe then, everything would be different; about how she will never see her children grow older; about having to keep the cancer to herself and go it alone; about being betrayed by the two people who meant the most to her in the world. But this entire screed has only been in her head and, weakly, she excuses herself and vanishes, leaving Cassie and Josh somewhat baffled.

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