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    Guiding Light CAST - Joshua Lewis - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Joshua Lewis Played by Robert Newman on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Robert Newman

    Birthday: 1958-06-27
    Birthplace: Los Angeles, California, USA
    Marital Status: Married Britt Helfer September 27, 1986
    Real Name: Robert Newman


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    Saying Goodbye

    Thursday, October 26 2006

    Josh takes Cassie up to the lighthouse. This was his special place with Reva He tells her that he's brought her there so that it can become 'just a lighthouse' again and they can find special places of their own. While they embrace, he looks down and spot Reva's lucky red rabbit's foot sitting on the floor. They sit down and he tells her that a huge weight was lifted off of him tonight when he realized that he belongs with her. Cassie says that now Reva is free and they can both love her again by letting her ago.

    Billy props up at the bar and begins to drink. 'I don't want to remember her face, her name or who I am.' Soon Josh and Cassie come to find him drinking. Josh instantly starts arguing with him and imagines that Reva has left Billy because he's fallen off the wagon. Billy tells his brother that he doesn't know anything. She's gone now and that's the way she wants it. He decides to call Reva but Billy insists that it doesn't matter anymore and keeps saying that 'it's too late.' Josh tries calling Reva who has gotten back in the car and started it up again as the phone begins to ring. She lets it go for awhile but it doesn't stop so she reluctantly answers it. When she answers, he berates her for abandoning Billy and tells her that he's drinking again. She's horrified but insists that she can't help him; she's already gone. 'You're his brother; you have to take care of him.' But Josh insists that he can't pull him out of this, he needs her. Reva refuses again and he tells her that she only cares about herself and she can go 'straight to hell' before hanging up. Reva tries to tell herself that one day, he will understand and starts the car again. Billy tells Josh that he'll find out what's happening soon enough, but that he has to leave him 'forever.' Cassie tries to tell Billy that they will help him and look after him, but he can only say again that it's too late.


    Wednesday, October 25 2006

    Next, Tammy arrives but doesn't want to talk about the split up. She asks Reva to take her along when she goes, so that she won't have to watch Jonathan and Lizzie grow closer. Reva says 'no, the car is only a two-seater.' Besides, her story with Jonathan isn't over yet. Tammy insists that it is, even if it is true that 'you only get one real love in your life.' Just then, Josh and Cassie enter. Reva rushes over to them and makes them promise to look out for Jonathan and Lizzie while she's gone. Josh says that's fine until she comes back. She says that she might not come back; she and Billy might find paradise together. Josh then tells her about the dream he had of her pressing car keys into his hands and asking him for help. He imagines this means that there is a part of her that isn't willing to leave. She becomes pale and faint as Billy moves in behind to support her. Josh and Cassie aren't sure what's wrong.

    Josh stops her in the doorway and asks her if she thought she 'would really get away with this?' But he only means leaving without saying goodbye. She says that he knows her better than anyone and he answers that, if he knew her for a hundred years, he still wouldn't know her well. She doesn't like saying goodbye, especially to him, yet she already has one foot out the door. He tells her that she's 'always looking for a new adventure and I'm always looking for you.' Reva says she doesn't believe that and tells him that he's good with Cassie and they shouldn't let anything get in their way. They say goodbye and Reva looks at the crowd, at everyone drinking and dancing and singing. She kisses her rings and walks out. The valet doesn't have her keys; Billy took them as an insurance policy for his goodbye. He's still reluctant to let her go and can't watch her get in the car, she tells him not to be soft or sad and not to let anyone else be sad. She starts the car and drives off.

    Second Thoughts

    Tuesday, October 24 2006

    Josh has come to Billy's to drop off the spare keys to Cross Creek. He finds Billy walking out the door and, after an awkward moment, Josh asks Billy about Reva's trip. Billy invites him in to watch the football game. Josh says that they should set up a family reunion, in order to get everyone together and help them adjust to the way things are now. Billy likes this idea and they talk about how much they hate the way things have been between them lately. Josh tells Billy that he has more strength than he thinks and that he's glad that he's there to look after Reva, if anyone is going to be. When Josh is heading out the door, Billy asks if Cassie really 'does it' for him and Josh says 'yes.' Billy tells him that he's glad and that he deserves to be happy, but once he's gone, Billy is obviously frustrated and angry.

    When Cassie returns home, she finds Josh doing more repairs. He asks her if he can 'make your house our house?' He tells her that he just wants to wake up next to her everyday for the rest of time. That's his way of asking if he can move in and she answers yes.

    Christmas Comes Early

    Monday, October 23 2006

    Josh is bringing Christmas decorations to Cross Creek. He thanks Reva for letting him come over to help her out and begins to reminisce about all their Christmases before she presses a pair of keys into his hands and tells him that he has to help her. This is all a dream. He wakes up and tells it to Cassie, though neither of them can figure out if it means anything. Cassie leaves to have a talk with Reva. She's not at the cabin so she goes to Billy's and gets in by swiping the key from the maid service. Looking around the room, she finds pictures of Josh everywhere and a large bag of marijuana that she puts in her purse. She gets out of the room and tries calling Jonathan; since he's the only person she can think of who would know anything about this. Just then, the pot falls out of her bag as two cops walk by and easily spot it.

    Matt comes to visit Josh while he's building new shelves for Cassie. Josh insists that this doesn't mean that they're moving in together. Matt asks him what happened with Reva, but Josh won't talk about it and 'it doesn't matter anymore because she's leaving.' Then, he tells him about the dream he had. Matt wonders if he'd go back to Reva if he has the chance, after all, they've already been divorced three times. Josh says that there's no way, he finally feels like he's part of a family with Cassie.

    Josh shows up to get Cassie at the police station and begins giggling when he finds out why she's there. He vouches for her when says that she just found a bag of marijuana on the ground and was taking it to the police when they found her first. They let her off with a warning and Josh begins asking her what's really going on. Cassie will only say that it belonged to a friend of hers, who Josh assumes is Blake, before Cassie runs off to track down the 'friend' and tell her. She finds Reva at Cross Creek and, after a moment of confusion from the Christmas decor, she tells her that she's worried about her. She goes on to say that she was at Billy's and found things which told her why Reva was being so secretive and looked pale all the time. 'I know everything.'

    Plans Wear Thin

    Tuesday, October 17 2006

    Harley has come to see Cassie to borrow some fertility books. She's baffled to learn that Cassie has sent Josh out to talk to Reva. When Cassie goes to get the books, Gus appears and begins making out with Harley on the couch until Cassie returns and he runs away. Harley tells her that she is stirring up trouble by sending Josh to see Reva and Cassie admits that sending Josh back into Reva's orbit is her worst nightmare. With all of this strange behavior, Harley suggests that Cassie must be trying to sabotage her own relationship. Then, she tells her about her and Gus attending Reva and Billy's non-wedding in Las Vegas. This is all news to Cassie who demands details for why they didn't go through with it. Harley lets her know about Reva's slip, when she said that she couldn't wait to marry Josh, but then explained that she was really happy with Billy. Cassie worries, Harley tells her she has to stop and allow herself to be happy. Then, Gus returns and throws Harley over his shoulder and takes her away.

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