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    Guiding Light CAST - Joshua Lewis - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Joshua Lewis Played by Robert Newman on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Robert Newman

    Birthday: 1958-06-27
    Birthplace: Los Angeles, California, USA
    Marital Status: Married Britt Helfer September 27, 1986
    Real Name: Robert Newman


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    Letting Go

    Thursday, November 02 2006

    Cassie and Josh are laying bed, but it's obvious that neither of them have slept. Josh is on edge and sits up in the bed, anxiously dialing doctors who give him nothing but bad news. He gets furious and smashes his phone into the floor. Cassie tries to calm him and tells him that Reva needs to be surrounded by things that she loves. She takes out the cameo that brought them together and Josh gets the idea to bring boxes of her stuff from Cross Creek to her hospital room. They arrive at Cross Creek and he stares at the mantle and all the pictures there. He finds the note which Reva hid in Marah's hiding spot and realizes that he wasn't supposed to read it until she died. Unable to look at it, he asks Cassie to read it to him. After she finishes reading it, she says that it's 'beautiful' and he apologizes for asking her to do this. She says it doesn't matter; she just wants to support Reva now. He says that she is the 'most selfless woman I've ever known.' She's troubled however, that Josh seems convinced that Reva will be getting better soon and blankly states that 'no matter how much you want her to get better, she's dying.' Josh doesn't want to hear this and begins running around the house refusing to acknowledge this. 'Reva is still Reva. She just has to fight.' Cassie felt the same way about Richard, even after they put him in the ground, but she was wrong. He starts crying and tells her that he can't let go of her yet.

    Billy has returned to AA and tells the group all about his recent fall from the wagon and how it happened. He knows now that he has to be strong for Reva, if only to let her go. He goes to the chapel to pray for Reva and lights a candle. Then he asks God for some more strength so that he can deal with all of this. He goes to her bedside and shows her their wedding photo, telling her that she's 'still a looker' and remembering all of the good times they had when they were young. He begins singing to her and she comes to, asking him not to stop. He tells her all about the AA meeting and she reminds him that he's her rock and she loves him very much. Billy realizes that she was right; she doesn't belong here with all of these tubes. He tries to convince her that, now, he will be okay when she is gone and everyone else will be too. He will stay by her side and hold her hand until the end. Josh overhears this and flies into a rage, pulling Billy away from the bed and yelling at him for saying that it was alright to go.

    Everything's Changed

    Tuesday, October 31 2006

    Josh, Billy and Cassie are gathered around Reva while she's unconscious. Cassie gets a call from Tammy asking her what's going on. She gives her the sad news and Tammy wonders if Jonathan knows. Cassie tells her that he's known for sometime but no one's been able to find him. Reva wakes and calls Cassie over. She and Josh sit on either side of her and she makes them promise to look after each other and try to make a family together. Cassie tells her sister that she can't go, she's 'the heart of the family.' Reva shakes her head and joins their hands together; they need each other now.

    Sitting in the corridor, Billy tells Josh that he always thought that Reva would tell him. He didn't know she would be able to keep it up this long. He always wanted to call him, but Reva wouldn't allow it. Then, with difficulty, he tells Josh that Reva never stopped loving him; that she kept his picture by the bed and only thought of making him happy. He really wanted to marry her, but he knew that she could never actually go through with it. Cassie interrupts them with coffee. She's been trying to get a hold of Marah and Shayne with little success.

    Tammy calls Jonathan and he instantly asks her if Reva's gone. He's surprised to find out that she's 'survived' and hangs up before rushing over to the hospital. Jonathan arrives, already distraught, and annoyed that Josh and Cassie are there. Josh says that he understands why Jonathan has treated he and Cassie the way he has. Jonathan only tells them that they shouldn't be there; it wasn't supposed to be this way. Cassie tells him that she's glad that, at least, he was there for Reva. Josh says to a worried Cassie that they need to talk; he's the one who has to tell the kids and not her. After some time trying to track them down, he becomes frustrated. They are in some remote location that's difficult to contact. Then, Father Ray arrives and Josh gets even more agitated. Billy says that he called the father, but Josh insists that it's too soon. Billy tries to clam him down and lets Father Ray go in to sit with Reva. She asks him to say a prayer with her so that her family will find peace.

    Josh tries to convince Cassie that nothing has changed between them, even with what's happened tonight. Cassie can't accept this and insists that 'everything has changed.' A nurse brings them Reva's jewelry and Josh refuses to take it. Cassie accepts it and places Reva's wedding rings in Josh's hand. He stares down at the rings blankly while Cassie cries.

    Confronting the Truth

    Monday, October 30 2006

    Josh rushes to the hospital demanding to see Reva. He's stunned to find her in bed hooked up tp machines. Slowly, she opens her eyes and asks if it's really him. He wants to know what's wrong with her, but she insists that she's fine and he should go. Billy tries to get Josh to calm down while Reva tells him that he shouldn't have called his brother. Billy wants to tell Josh everything, but Reva won't let him. She insists that Billy is there to look after her now so Josh can leave. Billy takes Josh into the hall while he continues to demand information. Billy reluctantly begins to tell him all fo the details of her illness; how long it's been going on; everyone that's known; all the treatments. Josh can't understand why he was never told. Billy tells him that things were moving too fast and were just getting worse; she was trying to put him first. When he tries to go back in to see her, Billy stops him and Josh punches him in the face to get him out of the way. Returning to her bedside, she realizes that he knows everything and he needs to know why he wasn't told. He sits down beside her while she explains that she didn't want it this way. He reminds her that he had promised to love her till death and all she's done is cut him out. Her answer is that she's done everything the way she has because she loved him. He thinks this is 'crap' and accuses her of destroying their marriage, stating that this is 'the most selfish thing' that she's ever done. She tells him that he can put it on her gravestone. 'I didn't want the cancer to take your life too.' He would have done anything to help her get well, but Reva says 'it wouldn't have made any difference' in the end; she'd still be dying, he should be with Cassie now.

    At that moment, Cassie appears in the doorway and witnesses Josh declaring that he's not going anywhere. She's horrified when she sees Reva laying in the bed and asks what's going on. Josh takes her out and explains everything to her. They wonder how they could never have figured it out before. All the signs were there. Josh refuses to believe that she will die and vows to get every specialist he can to come to her. Billy sits by Reva and asks her to forgive him for calling Josh and Cassie. She says that she has one last favor to ask of him. Billy interrupts Josh and Cassie to ask them back into the room. Cassie tells Reva that she is 'impossible' and should have told her. They exchange 'I love you's and Cassie begins crying, promising Reva that she will never be alone. Josh calls her out and tells her that they have to get the whole family there. Cassie says that she'll handle that, he should be by Reva's side. He sits down with her again and sees that she is wearing all of their wedding rings around her neck. He asks her why she kept them. She closes her eyes.

    Cancel Your Vacation

    Friday, October 27 2006

    Cassie, Josh and RJ have gone to his place to finish packing. He decides that he doesn't want to spend their first day together packing and asks her and RJ to go to Paris with him to see Marah. Cassie can't refuse. Soon, they are in the jet drinking champagne while RJ tours the cockpit. Josh keeps staring at his phone and Cassie asks him if he's expecting a message. He tells her that he feels like he's forgotten something. She tells him that he's worried about Billy and they really shouldn't leave him in his state. He insists that there's nothing they can do for him. He begins flashing back to the dream about Reva and looks down at her rabbit's foot. She asks him again if they should go. She feels uncomfortable leaving things they way they are with Reva and Billy. They have been waiting a long time and there are storms ahead so the flight will be delayed a few hours. They decide to go back into town to pack some more. Josh gets a call from Billy who informs him that Reva is in the hospital before hanging up.

    Reva arrives at the hospital while Rick and Lillian try to pry information out of Billy after they find amino suppressants in her purse. Eventually, he slumps into the seat beside her and tells them about the cancer. Lillian walks him out and gets information before calling Dr. Colin. Mel comes out and tells Billy that Reva is critical and he should call the family. He asks to see her first and sits down beside her, apologizing for telling them everything. She opens her eyes and tells Billy that she won't die in a hospital. As she tries to climb out of the bed, he tries to calm her while she tells him to keep his promises to her. She collapses again, going in and out of consciousness, begging Billy not to call Josh.
    After Rick and Mel get Reva stabilized, they walk off and Mel is upset. She never though she'd see this. Rick tries to comfort her, but she pushes him away. Just then, Josh runs in demanding to see Reva while Lillian tries to hold him out of the room. He gets up close and sees her laying in the bed unconscious and is stunned into silence.

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