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    Guiding Light CAST - Joshua Lewis - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Joshua Lewis Played by Robert Newman on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Robert Newman

    Birthday: 1958-06-27
    Birthplace: Los Angeles, California, USA
    Marital Status: Married Britt Helfer September 27, 1986
    Real Name: Robert Newman


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    Thursday, November 09 2006

    Reva is already complaining about being stuck in bed all day. Billy tells Josh that she's getting better by leaps and bounds. Rick comes in with Reva's test results as Billy takes her hand. Rick says that he had to double check everything but…she can go home. There's no sign of cancer, but it's still too soon to say 'remission.' Her immune system was so weak, they couldn't tell that she was getting better from the bone marrow transplant. If she'd gone to her doctor's appointments, she would have known a lot sooner. Reva is jubilant and wants to go outside right away and breathe some air, play in traffic and have people stare at her and say: 'Aw hell! I thought she was dead.' Rick reminds her that she's going to have to be monitored all the time now; it isn't remission until five years have gone by. Rick gives her a hug and goes off to get the discharge papers ready with Billy and Josh. Cassie stays behind to help Reva dress and pack.

    While Josh and Billy are filling out Reva's paperwork, Billy says that she'll be going to live at the cabin, before turning to Josh and asking him if he thinks that she 'should be going home with you?' Josh asks him if he thinks she's ready to get out at all. Billy says no, but it is 'inevitable' before reminding Josh that, when she was sick, she turned to him, not Josh. Josh says that, in doing this, Billy betrayed him. He only wants what's best for Reva now. Billy assures him that he is what's best for Reva.

    Josh takes Cassie's hand and says 'let's go home.' When they arrive, they get out some wine and Cassie asks him if he wishes that he were bringing Reva home. He promises her that his home, where he belongs, is with her. But Cassie isn't convinced. Maybe the only thing that really pushed them together was Reva. Josh insists that what they have is theirs. 'Reva didn't create it and she can't take it away.'

    Signs of Life

    Monday, November 06 2006

    Josh and Cassie are by Reva's side as she stares off, telling them that she 'thought it would hurt, but there's just light.' She tells everyone that she loves them and then flatlines. Josh whispers that he loves her and kisses her. Billy begins to take Cassie away as Josh slowly follows, stopping in the doorway and turning back as he begins to cry. He thinks that he hears her breathing and calls Mel in, demanding that she check her over. As a pulse begins to return, Josh starts to yell at her to 'keep fighting.' Billy's amazed that she's still alive and gets excited. Mel warns them all that this might not be anything; she is still very fragile. Josh gets down on his knees and takes her hand while he looks up at Cassie and his brother. He tells them that it's up to them now to help her live: 'She needs all of us.'

    Reva's life signs continue to get stronger as Josh becomes increasingly giddy. Jonathan arrives with Lizzie following behind, ecstatic to find Reva still holding on. They place the picture of the baby by her head as Josh announces that he's going to round up everyone Reva's ever known so that she'll have someone by her side non-stop until she gets better. Everyone runs off to begin making calls while Josh insists on staying by her side. Cassie, leaving slowly, overhears Josh whispering to Reva again, choking back tears and begging her to come back to him.

    Josh can't stop talking to Reva, telling her about all the people who will be coming to see her when, suddenly, a lot of noise erupts from the corridor. He rushes out to see what it is and finds most of the town and even Hawk and Rusty there waiting to visit Reva. He puts his arms around Cassie and thanks her for doing this, while apologizing for not having time for her. She tells him that it's all about Reva now. Tammy is the first to go in. She finds Lizzie's sonogram on the floor and places it back by Reva's head. Upset, she quickly kisses her aunt's cheek and walks out. The guests each come in, one by one, in a steady stream through the night. Dinah leaves her side and stands by Mallet, impressed that Josh and Reva's feelings didn't go away even though they're apart. They hold a lengthy glance in each other's eyes before he tells her that he'll see her in the morning.

    Reva opens her eyes again and Josh is there waiting for her. She asks him if she's in heaven. 'No, Springfield…with me. I see you can't leave me. I'll never let you go.' Cassie is only a few feet away. She wraps her arms around herself.


    Friday, November 03 2006

    Billy is trying to help Reva go, telling her that he will be okay when she is gone and everyone else will be too. Josh overhears this and flies into a rage, dragging Billy away from her bedside and yelling at him. He exclaims that 'it's not her time! Not even if I have to breathe for her!' Josh begins to argue with Billy and force him out of the room. Reva gets upset and pulls off her electrodes, sending her machines to flatline. Everyone panics and Lillian runs in and fixes things before telling everyone to behave themselves and asking them to leave. As they file out, Reva asks Josh to stay with her. He sits by her side and she tells him again that he has to let her go and stop fighting with Billy. To stop fighting for her is the last thing that Josh wants to do, but she says he has to. She's ready to say goodbye and tells him that she had planned to end it the other night. Josh is horrified. He tells her that she has no right to take her life without telling anyone; without letting anyone say goodbye. He's loved her since he was a boy and thought she loved him. When she says that she does, he tells her that she's going to have to 'prove it by living, even if it's the last thing you do.'

    Reva asks Josh to 'remember me', but he chokes back tears and tries to resist going through this. Finally, he succumbs and closes his eyes, thinking back to the first time he caught a glimpse of her: She's in a wedding dress, looking like an angel. Once he has the picture in his mind, she tells him that it's time to say goodbye. He tries to get her some pain medication, but she wants to feel everything. He climbs into the bed with her and puts his arms around her, admitting that he's scared while she imagines her mother reaching out to her. He promises her that he will be strong and look after all of her children, even Jonathan and the baby. She is only whispering now and tells him that he has to let Cassie take care of him so that she can rest in knowing that he's being loved. 'Whatever I am and whatever good I've done, has been because of loving you…I can't imagine a world without you….' He will stay with her 'until….'

    Cassie has returned to Reva's side. Reva is worried that Josh still thinks that he can fix her. She tells Cassie to look after him. She goes to Josh and he confesses that he doesn't believe that Reva is coming back this time. Billy told her all about Reva's plans to kill herself. She was angry with him, but ended up embracing him and thanking him for being there for her. Josh says that he's said his goodbye. Lillian calls them all back to her side. Reva says that she can 'feel the light and feels blessed.' Billy motions to Josh to finally tell her that 'it's alright; he'll be okay without her.' He finally does this and she flatlines a moment later. Buzz's candle goes out and tears stream down Billy's cheeks.

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