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    Guiding Light CAST - Joshua Lewis - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Joshua Lewis Played by Robert Newman on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Robert Newman

    Birthday: 1958-06-27
    Birthplace: Los Angeles, California, USA
    Marital Status: Married Britt Helfer September 27, 1986
    Real Name: Robert Newman


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    Lizzie's Labor

    Tuesday, November 28 2006

    When they all arrive at the hospital, Mel runs into Rick who asks her how the dinner was. She's not very talkative. A distraught Beth watches them while Alan tells her to go cry on Rick's shoulder. Billy walks in with a drunk from the bar over his shoulder that he offloads to Rick. He finds Reva anxiously pacing in the corner waiting for news. Then, Josh, Cassie and RJ walk in with his bandaged bloody hand. Somewhat surprised by the crowd in the waiting room, they have to get out of the way as the ambulance arrives with Lizzie and Jonathan. Lizzie gets taken in while Jonathan goes down with the baby to ICU.

    Alan is already blaming Jonathan and Reva for Lizzie not getting to the hospital in time. Josh tries to defend Reva and Billy starts in as well. Alan accuses Reva of bringing 'the entire incestuous Lewis clan' there to fight with him. Rick interrupts the fracas to tell them that they're doing everything that they can for Lizzie. Everyone gets quiet again and Beth clings to Alan.

    Tammy goes down to see Jonathan and the baby. He seems to blame himself for all of this. She tries to comfort him when Reva arrives to check in. Mel is still checking out the baby and they shut the drapes to work. Tammy wanders back to her mother who tells her that she should be proud of helping out. While Josh paces beside them, Billy laughs and reminds him that he's not HB and he shouldn't have been out cutting down trees. Alan begins an argument again but everyone stops when Jonathan returns. They stare at him for a moment until Mel brings the baby in, all cleaned up and doing great. Alan says that the baby looks exactly like Lizzie did. Lillian appears to say that Lizzie is doing excellent. Alan and Beth want to see her, but Rick says the baby needs to see her first. Tammy tells Jonathan that she knows he'll be a good dad. He takes the baby and goes in to see Lizzie. She sits up and he lays her in her arms while a look of ecstasy dawns on their faces. Tammy stands back alone. Remy arrives with food for everyone and Josh starts to make a speech. Thanksgiving isn't over yet, so this will be theirs, after all, they're all family now and they have a lot to be thankful for. He reads them a prayer and they all join arms (except for Rick, of course, who's left staring at Mel).

    Facing the Truth

    Monday, November 27 2006

    Cassie and Josh are in the kitchen putting the finishing touches on the turkey. They are starting to wonder if anyone else will make it. Cassie almost hopes they won't. Josh is still trying to be optimistic. In the other room, RJ asks Tammy for help in saying grace, but Marah doesn't think there's much to be thankful for. Tammy reminds her that her mother is still alive. Marah mopes by the kitchen, suggesting aloud that Reva must not want to spend her holidays with her husband and another woman. She continues trying to call Reva before Josh takes her aside and asks her not to try and ruin things for everyone. She starts to remember all their past Thanksgivings and wonders why they aren't at Cross Creek this year. Soon, she begins to berate Josh and Cassie for how 'messed up' this whole situation is. Tammy cuts in and tells her to 'give it up.' Things have changed while she was away; she should just happy Reva's okay. Everyone starts arguing and RJ just wants to eat.

    After things calm down a bit, Tammy tries to tell her mother that this dinner was just too soon. Remy arrives to take her away; she's going on a ride-along so he won't have to spend the holiday alone. Cassie doesn't want to be abandoned, but Tammy insists that she 'can't do this.' They walk out the door as Billy walks in. He almost runs away when he sees them leaving, but Cassie drags him in. Meanwhile, Josh is telling Marah that she 'isn't helping', but she insists that she's the only one acting like an adult in this situation. No one is really thinking about what's going on. Her mother is still recovering. She reminds Josh that, if Reva got sick again and he wasn't there to help, he'd never be able to forgive himself. He tells her that the family that they had, no longer exists, but the family they have now, might work out. Billy interrupts and begins defending Marah until RJ starts yelling that the turkey is burning. Through the black smoke, the turkey appears black as coal. Marah puts on her coat to leave. She apologizes to Cassie and Billy offers to give her a lift. Josh is upset that they're leaving, but Billy knows this has been a mistake. Josh gives Marah a tight hug before letting her go. Seeing that he's upset, Cassie embraces him before he takes the food out to the trash. The night's proven that the new family is 'a car wreck.' Billy was right, he can't pull a family together the way HB could. Dejected, he goes out the shovel the driveway alone.


    Monday, November 20 2006

    Reva and Josh are wondering who set them up when Marah appears, thrilled to see them together 'like they're supposed to be.' She feels as though she's never left, but Reva reminds her that much has changed in the short time she's been gone. They go over the sordid history of the past few months. Marah allows that Reva just wanted to let everyone say goodbye to her in a relatively happy way, but Josh and Cassie is something else altogether. He tries to explain that he and Cassie never meant it to happen and Reva reminds her that it was her fault as well. Marah tries to understand but won't admit that it's not wrong. None of that should matter now though; Reva is better so it's not too late to fix things, like they always do. But Reva says that it's not so simple and they aren't getting back together this time. Josh says that he'll always love her mother but…then Cassie appears and apologizes for interrupting. Marah tells her it's a little too late for apologies; she needs to admit that what happened with Josh was a mistake and things need to go back to the way they were before. Cassie will never admit that what she has with Josh is a mistake. Reva tells Marah to stop talking like that. Things are different now and she doesn't even know what she wants anymore. Marah still says that they are all making a huge mistake. Changing the subject, Reva says that they should all have Thanksgiving together. Cassie is happy to hear it; Josh, not so much.

    Rejected Propositions

    Friday, November 17 2006

    Cassie is trying to work out a seating plan for Thanksgiving that won't lead to mayhem. She thinks that they should cancel but Josh won't hear of it. She was looking forward to Thanksgiving until she realized what a disaster it would be. Josh says that, no matter what, they can still be thankful that they have Reva with them. They begin to go over the menu when Reva appears. They ask her to dinner and she asks who else is invited. Josh tells her that she needs to come; the one thing that they're most thankful for is her. Reva decides to pass anyway; she's not ready to spend her holidays with them as a couple. She then tries to give Cassie back Sarah's cameo, but Cassie rejects it saying that she doesn't give things away and then expect to get them back. 'Neither do I,' Reva says before walking away. Josh is losing his enthusiasm and tells Cassie that she seems to have contracted the fever that makes women believe that they're Martha Stewart. They're thankful for each other anyway and they kiss. Just then, Wanda calls and tells Josh that he needs to meet a donor at Towers. He goes off as Cassie spots Jeffrey on the TV in a window. Someone lurks a few feet away from her but keeps out of sight. A moment later, she runs into Billy and asks him to Thanksgiving. The answer is no. She's tired of everything in the family being a mess and wants to start healing. 'What did you expect?' he asks her before walking away.

    Josh arrives at Towers for his appointment, but to his surprise finds Reva waiting at his table. She tells him that Lillian told her to meet her there for a cancer survivor's meeting. They turn around and find Marah greeting them.

    Changes Begin

    Friday, November 10 2006

    Josh is making a rambling toast to Reva finally getting out of the hospital and being on the road to recovery... and to he and Cassie having something of their own together. Cassie downs the glass in one throw and tells him to 'get out.' She is sending him to see Dr. Colin. Josh is confused about why she wants him to be involved in Reva's recovery. She says that getting involved will prove to her how committed he really is to her.

    Dr. Colin is giving Josh advice on how to look after Reva. Colin believes that it was Reva's love of Josh that has helped her recover so well and is glad that they're back together. He walks away but Jonathan has overheard the conversation. He asks Josh where the doctor could gotten the idea that he was back with Reva. Josh tries to say he didn't have time to explain, but Jonathan accuses him of trying to be 'Cassie's bed buddy while keeping Reva in his pocket.' He shouldn't be rubbing all of this in Reva's face, which is exactly what he's doing by putting himself at the center of her recovery. He wonders if Josh just feels guilty now because he realizes that Reva loved him enough to give him up.

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