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    Guiding Light CAST - Joshua Lewis - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Joshua Lewis Played by Robert Newman on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Robert Newman

    Birthday: 1958-06-27
    Birthplace: Los Angeles, California, USA
    Marital Status: Married Britt Helfer September 27, 1986
    Real Name: Robert Newman


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    Happy Happy Happy Day.

    Tuesday, July 28 2009

    The couple walks out to the construction site to see Josh. They break the news and he congratulates them. They walk by the station to tell Remy but he's not around. He decides to run off and tell Wanda while she sneaks into the mansion to tell Hilda and Jeremy.

    Alan goes to WSPR and offers Vanessa her congratulations then asks if he has her vote. She agrees and tells him to leave before she changes her mind. After he leaves, Josh arrives to give Vanessa a hug. He wants to help her out and suggests that she should marry his brother at the same time. "You should mind your own business," she says.

    It Sucks, But It's Beautiful.

    Monday, July 27 2009

    Josh and Billy talk about how mad Reva is. Josh remembers when she drove off a bridge and he burned down a closet of her clothes. He's sure the baby will help her through this. Billy thinks it's funny that Josh and Jeffrey wound up being friends. The brothers leave to get pie.

    Jeffrey's Memorial.

    Friday, July 24 2009

    Josh and the family set up the chairs in the park for Jeffrey's memorial. Reva arrives. Her son and father hug her. She walks off alone as the other guests come. Josh greets Olivia and Ava. Shayne and his stepsister meet for the first time and then she walks over to hug Reva and tell her how happy she made Jeffrey. Ava is introduced to her little brother.

    Billy goes up and explains that the family is taking a plot of land to make a kid's park in Jeffrey's memory. Josh is next. He talks about watching Jeffrey's growing devotion to Reva and how committed and loving he was to his wife and son. "He was the kind of man who needed to say goodbye. He was a good man," he concludes. Reva stands up, stares at Jeffrey's portrait and says that she never got to say goodbye. "How could you do that to me? How could you bring me to this park... All the time you knew you were going to walk away from me... You got to see me one last time! I didn't get to see you!" she screams, smashing the picture and running.

    I Know What You Did.

    Wednesday, July 22 2009

    Olivia calls Josh after she gets arrested. "I have my car, I just need some bail money," she tells him. Josh drives to Chicago and bails her out.


    Tuesday, July 21 2009

    Olivia and Josh walk out of the bar. She tells him that she's in trouble, drinking alone and leaving her child with a woman she barely knows. She wishes she could laugh about all of this and gives Josh a hug, thanking him for keeping her out of trouble. He takes her home, flirting with her the whole way.

    The Son I Was Meant To Have.

    Monday, July 20 2009

    At home, Reva holds Colin and cries. She glares over at the lantern which has gone out. She can't breathe anymore and rushes outside. Josh is there and tries to calm her. She doesn't know how she can take care of her child. Josh says she can do this because she has no other choice. "Somehow, he will help you survive," Josh says. He holds Colin and takes him inside while she nearly hyperventilates.

    Josh tells Colin that his mother will never run out on him. "You guys are going to take care of each other," he tells the baby. He says that he'll be there to help too, but he's not a superhero like Jeffrey was. Reva comes in and interrupts. She doesn't want help, she just wants Jeffrey back. He offers her some bourbon. She paces and then runs outside. When she comes back in, she starts dusting. Dr. Colin arrives. He hugs Reva and tells her how sorry he is about Jeffrey. Josh leaves them alone. They talk about how the baby reminds her of Jeffrey. When Colin gives her a vial of sleeping pills she becomes annoyed and shows him out. As soon as he's gone, Josh sticks his head through the door. She throws a rattle at him. She accuses him of trying to take over her life and tells him to get out.

    "I'm glad to see I'm not the only one drinking in the middle of the day," Olivia says as she sits with Josh at the bar. He suggests the universe has put them together to cheer each other up. He offers to play pool with her so they can forget their problems. After a game, she tells him how strong her daughters are and how they are handling things better than she is. She brings up Reva and he insists that she needs her space right now. Olivia wishes she knew how to step back. "I'm just a mess, but everything goes wrong when the person you love is gone," she says.

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