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    Guiding Light CAST - Joshua Lewis - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Joshua Lewis Played by Robert Newman on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Robert Newman

    Birthday: 1958-06-27
    Birthplace: Los Angeles, California, USA
    Marital Status: Married Britt Helfer September 27, 1986
    Real Name: Robert Newman


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    Wednesday, December 06 2006

    The brothers get back into the rental car with Billy driving. They begin singing to country songs on the radio and howling. Billy finally admits that he should have told Josh that Reva was sick, but part of him wanted to keep her to himself. Josh confesses that he sensed that something was wrong the whole time and he should have tried to find out what it was. He realizes that they haven't called anyone to tell them where they were going. Billy asks him if he's really going to be happy without Reva, even once he gets over being mad at her. Josh is happy now with the way things are.

    In the elevator at Towers, Josh tells Billy how much he stinks and Billy eats a chip that was stuck to his pants. Josh wonders how they could actually be brothers, but they are and they love each other. The door opens and Cassie is waiting to embrace Josh while Billy looks on awkwardly.

    Surprise Ruling

    Tuesday, December 05 2006

    In the courtroom, Alan calls Reva over and tells her to go home. She's unimpressed and vows to never allow the baby to live in his 'hall of doom.' Josh pulls her away just as the judge enters. Cassie runs off to get help tracking Jonathan down. When the hearing is officially opened, the judge is concerned to find that Jonathan and Lizzie are nowhere to be found. Mel tries to make excuses while DA Doris states that this is precisely why Alan is filing for custody; their absence only proves that they are irresponsible. Mel argues that the hearings should be rescheduled until a time when the parents can be present. Alan cuts her off to claim that they are there because the child is at risk. Mel counters by saying that the only reason that they're there is because Alan is a prominent member of the community. Once they calm down, Doris starts to make her case. She states that the baby was born in a snow storm while the parents were joyriding and Reva starts yelling out and explaining that that's not what happened; they were only trying to do the right thing. Next, Doris brings up the matter of the baby's heart murmur and argues that running off with a sick baby isn't responsible parenting. In answer, Mel calls Rick up to testify about the baby's health. He says that the baby was fine and the condition wasn't serious. Alan gets up to make a statement: There's something everyone needs to know, however painful. He claims that he let Jonathan know about the hearing; that is why Jonathan ran away. Reva shouts out that he's lying but Alan says someone can corroborate his statement: Beth. She does so, awkwardly, while Reva continues yelling at them and the judge threatens to throw her out.

    Meanwhile in the court, the judge has heard enough and is ready to rule when Josh jumps up to offer a statement. Doris objects, but the judge allows it. He gives a rambling speech about his flawed parenting skills and argues that, if Alan's standards applied, not only he, but the judge himself would be a terrible parent not fit to have children. Jonathan and Lizzie are only doing what they think is right; they love the baby and they haven't done anything wrong. The judge doesn't appreciate Josh's grandstanding, but he does agree with him and dismisses the case. Reva and Josh embrace while Cassie returns and watches them from the doorway. Mel thanks Rick for testifying and he asks her out for a drink; she refuses. Doris promises Alan that she'll try again but he isn't impressed. As they go to the door, Beth starts to lash out at him for putting her on the spot. Cassie finally interrupts Josh and Reva and they offer to drop her somewhere. She says 'no' and Cassie tells her that she loves her as they walk away. The courtroom empties out leaving Reva alone to think about the strange moment that just happened between the three of them.

    Big Mistakes

    Monday, December 04 2006

    Josh is telling Reva that he finally understands what she did. It was her sacrifice that allowed him to build the veteran's hospital. She's happy to hear this and cries while she recalls watching him accept his medal; she felt like she was with him, where she belonged, that whole time. Cassie appears in the background but stays out of sight while they speak. Josh and Reva exchange apologies and she confesses that it would have been easy for her to fall into his arms when he gave her Cross Creek, but…Cassie interrupts and asks them why they left the hospital. Reva says that hospitals make her uncomfortable and then changes the subject: She's worried about Jonathan and Lizzie. Tammy appears and informs them that Jonathan called her to say goodbye: He's gone for good. She's broken up about it, but maybe it's for the best. Josh tells Reva that, if she needs help fighting Alan, she should call him. Reva walks away, still disturbed to see Josh, Cassie and Tammy bonding together.

    Josh and Cassie try to convince Tammy that Jonathan isn't her problem anymore. This is hard for her to admit. The thought of never seeing Jonathan again frightens her. Josh tells her that it takes a lot of time to get over your first love. Cassie glares at him and gives Tammy some hot chocolate to cheer her up. Tammy goes off and Cassie says that her daughter needs less drama in her life. Josh says that's what he's going for Reva; he's not angry at her anymore. Cassie tells him this is good because, if it hadn't been for Reva, they never would have fallen in love.

    Reva arrives at the court room and meets Mel to talk strategy. Mel wants to call Josh in for support but Reva refuses. Alan and Beth arrived and are dismayed to see Reva there. Doris tells him to let her do all the fighting. Meanwhile, Mel tells Reva that she doesn't have to fight alone. She turns around to see Josh followed by Tammy and Cassie (who shoots a worried look at Josh and Reva standing together). Tammy can't face this however; this is the same room she gave up Jonathan in. she leaves and calls Remy to help her track him down.

    Doing the Right Thing

    Friday, December 01 2006

    Cassie and Josh are flirtingly finishing up the Christmas decorations on the outside of the house. They go inside and talk about Marah lashing out at them for the past several days. Josh tries to tell her that, at least Marah was being evenhanded. 'No one ever said getting used to us would be easy,' Cassie reminds him before there's knock at the door. It's a veteran. They welcome him in and he tells Josh his story and how thankful he is for the Veteran's hospital; he's going there to get a new leg. When he had his surgery, his family was able to stay with him in the family wing and they all send their thanks as well. He tells Josh that he's grateful to him; he must have had to make a great sacrifice to accomplish something like that. After he leaves, Cassie is amazed that he actually tracked Josh down just to thank him; she's very impressed. Josh however is distracted as he looks through the scrapbook of the Veteran's hospital project that Cassie made for him. He feels like there's something missing. Cassie hands him a picture that the vet left of a winged horse. 'This is your happy ending. I'm so proud of you.'

    Lillian finds Reva in the hallway and they begin chatting about their children. Reva's just there for a checkup and Lillian wants her to join a survivor's group, but Reva's reluctant; she just wants to live right now. Alan storms in; seeing Reva, he begins shouting and accusing her of helping Jonathan run off with his granddaughter and her baby with a heart condition. Lillian and Reva both tell Alan that he drove them away, but to Alan, this is the sort of behavior he'd expect of Reva. She selfishly runs away from all of her problems. Josh and Cassie walk in as he says this and Josh runs over to push Alan back shouting that he 'doesn't know anything about this woman!' Alan smugly says that it's been a long time since he saw Josh come to her rescue. Josh says that Reva has been completely selfless and then tells everyone about the veteran who came to visit him. That made him realize that the help that man was getting was because of her. This is all gibberish to Alan and he leaves. Reva runs off in tears and Josh tells Cassie that he needs a few minutes alone to talk to Reva. He goes out and finds her crying in the corridor. She thanks him for what he said. He meant every word. They walk together. He explains that meeting the veteran helped him to finally understand what she did when she tried to sacrifice herself to save everyone else. He's not angry anymore. Cassie meanwhile, has left the hospital in search of them as the settle on a bench together.

    Lizzie's Labor

    Tuesday, November 28 2006

    Josh is shoveling the driveway and trying to imagine HB in this situation when he discovers a saw in the snow. Inside, Cassie is trying to order a pizza for a disappointed RJ when Josh rushes in and tells them that he has an idea. He takes them out to the woods to pick a Christmas tree. Since 'Thanksgiving was a bust' they'll have a month long Christmas celebration to make up for it. RJ eagerly picks out a tree, but as soon as Josh starts to cut it down, he manages to cut his hand open.

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