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    Guiding Light CAST - Joshua Lewis - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Joshua Lewis Played by Robert Newman on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Robert Newman

    Birthday: 1958-06-27
    Birthplace: Los Angeles, California, USA
    Marital Status: Married Britt Helfer September 27, 1986
    Real Name: Robert Newman


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    You're Going To Have To Save Yourself.

    Wednesday, August 19 2009

    Josh walks to the church but won't go inside.

    Me. You. Sex. Now.

    Tuesday, August 18 2009

    Josh is at Company chatting with Daisy about Reva. He gets a voicemail from Reva complaining about her plumbing. He holds his head in his hands and then runs off.

    Josh drives up to Cross Creek. Reva runs out to stop him from going inside. After he leaves, she rushes back inside and continues talking to Jeffrey's picture.

    Frank and Matt are playing golf with Josh. They talk about online dating and Josh says he's looking for a woman he has no history with. Frank admits that he's not comfortable with all of this. He can't spend his life with someone he doesn't love. After Josh leaves, Matt teases Frank.

    Jonathan and Jeffrey return to his place. Jonathan has a small bullet wound. When they step into the house, they find a reel to reel in the middle of the room. When Jeffrey turns it on, it plays a recording Edmund left. He tells them they'll have to keep trying if they want to protect Reva. He wants to make sure that she feels all of the pain that he's caused her. Edmund threatens to take all of the children unless Jeffrey lets Reva keep thinking that he is dead. Jeffrey wants to smash the tape but he's too injured to do it so Jonathan has to do it for him. He asks Jonathan to go and see Reva. "I'll be back in less than a week," he says.

    Olivia bursts into Josh's room. "You. Me. Sex. Now," she says, kissing him and pushing him into bed.

    Disaster Written All Over It.

    Monday, August 17 2009

    Josh sits with Olivia at Company. She thanks him for making her feel better and tells him her daughter is coming back today. Reva calls and tells him she's locked herself out of her car and needs his help. Olivia packs up his breakfast for him. "Thank you my friend Olivia," he tells her. After he leaves, Blake comes over and Olivia apologizes to her for being rude before. Blake knows that she had a broken heart.

    Josh arrives in the parking lot and helps Reva break into her car. He soon finds that his remote opens her door.

    When Josh arrives at Towers, he's startled to find that his brother is planning to get married that afternoon. He starts to worry when it becomes clear that Vanessa doesn't know what's coming. As Lizzie helps organize things, she tells Billy that Vanessa strikes her as someone who likes to be in control. That's what he likes about her, but he thinks she likes other people to take control sometimes. Bill returns and explains that his mother isn't coming. Billy declares that they will have to move on to plan B.

    Bill corners his mother at the station. As she complains about her day, Billy and Josh approach. They put a bag over her head. They take her to Towers and unveil the wedding. "I'm not marrying you," she says. He thought they were going to be together. She doesn't mean never, she just doesn't want to get married today. She doesn't want to be swept off her feet; she wants them to do things like normal people. "Mr. Lewis, you have some courting to do," she says. They arrange a dinner date and then she tells everyone else that they are in big trouble. After she leaves, Billy tells his brother that he will be getting the love of his life. "When you gonna get yours?" he asks. Josh tells him he's trying to stop his overwhelming need to help Reva.

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