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    Guiding Light CAST - Joshua Lewis - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Joshua Lewis Played by Robert Newman on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Robert Newman

    Birthday: 1958-06-27
    Birthplace: Los Angeles, California, USA
    Marital Status: Married Britt Helfer September 27, 1986
    Real Name: Robert Newman


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    Cheers To It!

    Friday, May 22 2009

    As the guests leave, Mallet becomes pensive. Josh confronts him about bringing the DVD there. Mallet tells him that the people in this town seem to need a reminder that deaths have consequences.

    How Honest Are We Being?

    Tuesday, May 19 2009

    Josh and Shayne meet up in the parking lot. Shayne explains that it really was Edmund's body. Now he is making his burial arrangements. Josh offers to help him but his son wants to do this himself. They hug and Shayne leaves for the funeral home.

    Jeffrey walks up on Reva at Cross Creek while she prepares her garden. He's quiet. She becomes defensive about being so cheery when Edmund is dead. After he leaves for the station, she calls Josh and asks him over. When he arrives, she's killing weeds. Josh feels strange being there when Jeffrey didn't want him around. They discuss Edmund's death and how Shayne is handling his remains. He tells Reva to stay out of this. "Shayne is my life. I would do anything for him and I know you would too," she says. As they sit down, she tells him she's sure that she beat cancer a second time for a reason. She's sure that she is still around because her family needs her. Reva can't live what life she has left with fear and regret. Colin begins crying. She thanks Josh for coming by and goes inside.

    Mallet and the baby go to see Josh to interview him about Edmund. He checks out his alibi. Josh admits that he thinks Edmund was a threat to everyone.

    Shayne goes home and is startled to find his father sitting in his room. Josh is worried that Mallet has been asking questions and decides that they need to work out a story.

    Edmund's Dead.

    Monday, May 18 2009

    Josh sits alone in the church. When he goes outside, Reva hurries up to him and tells him the news about her cancer. Jeffrey approaches as they talk about how relieved she is to be in remission. Josh says she's indestructible and the world's a better place for it. "Sometimes," she teases. They discuss Edmund. Josh claims that he's not going to hurt anyone now. Reva worries about how disheveled he seems to be. Jeffrey thinks she shouldn't be walking around alone right now. She refuses to stop living her life. "I beat cancer! I want us to live a normal life," she says. Josh agrees; they all need to go back to living their lives.

    Josh gets a call about Edmund from Shayne. He tells Jeffrey and Reva. Jeffery is shocked and begins asking questions. Reva wants to talk to her son. Josh explains that he wants to be alone right now and thinks they should all stay out of this. She begins to panic, claiming she dropped Colin's blanket. She hurries off to the park and skirts around the crime scene. Jeffrey and Josh are left to check each other's stories. Jeffrey tells him that they appreciate all of his help, but they don't need him watching over them anymore. "Take care of Reva. She's going to need it," Josh advises.

    New Mother Syndrome.

    Friday, May 15 2009

    Josh and Shayne return to town. Shayne worries about Dinah. His father urges him to find her while he goes to talk to the police about Edmund. "You're not going to go tell the police. You're going to check on mom," Shayne says. Josh says his instincts for knowing when people need help are kicking in. Shayne offers to help him with Reva and thanks him. They hug.

    Josh goes to Cross Creek but no one is home. He goes inside, grabbing the fire tongs, and begins searching. Staring at a photo of Jeffrey and Reva, he shakes his head. "This isn't your job Joshua," he tells himself before walking out.

    Reva and Jeffrey go home and uncork the champagne. He wants to start planning the rest of their lives. She promises him that they have all the time in the world and thanks him for coaching and bullying her into getting better. He hears someone outside and hurries out. It's Josh. He tells Jeffrey that he's worried about Edmund. Jeffrey explains that Reva just got her latest results. Josh says he will look after Edmund and will go to Frank for help. Jeffrey thanks him for everything he's done. Josh is just glad that Reva will still be around to drive them all crazy. When Jeffrey goes back inside, he finds a note from Reva saying she's gone for a walk.

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