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    Guiding Light CAST - Joshua Lewis - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Joshua Lewis Played by Robert Newman on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Robert Newman

    Birthday: 1958-06-27
    Birthplace: Los Angeles, California, USA
    Marital Status: Married Britt Helfer September 27, 1986
    Real Name: Robert Newman


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    There's Nothing To Fix.

    Wednesday, June 03 2009

    Josh and Frank are taking out the trash. They catch up and Frank wonders what Josh wants. Josh admits that he's worried about Reva. Frank can't tell him anything about the case. He tells Josh to stay low and co-operate.

    Shayne is in the cells visiting his mother. He begins teasing her about the food and how she smells. Josh arrives and says that he was baking her a cake with a file in it. Dinah comes down and takes Shayne away. Josh sits down to play cards with Reva before going upstairs to get an update.

    Destined To Spend Time Behind Bars.

    Friday, May 29 2009

    James goes over to Company to see Daisy. She thinks he's a jerk for using Bill's name and being arrogant. As she stomps away from him, Dinah walks by and over to Shayne and Josh to tell them that Reva's just been arrested. They run out. "Wow! Your Grandma Reva's been arrested," James says to Daisy. He offers to cover for her while she checks on the jailbird.

    At the station, Mallet lays out his case against Reva for Marina. Marina insists that Reva couldn't kill Edmund because she is a new mother. When she leaves, Shayne, Josh and Dinah file in. Mallet forbids them to see Reva. Dinah offers to distract him while the Lewis men go in. He lets them go.

    In the cells, Reva tells Jeffrey that she didn't kill Edmund. He brings up her lies and points out how many things she's been hiding. She explains that she had to be sure that Edmund would stay away from Shayne. He asks her what made her stop following Edmund. She claims that he touched Lara's name on the construction sign and became a changed man so she turned and left. Jeffrey doesn't seem convinced. Josh and Shayne burst in. "She didn't do it," Shayne insists. Jeffrey wonders how he can be so sure. Shayne becomes agitated and Jeffrey leaves to check on the baby. Everyone else storms off and Reva sits down to think. Marina sneaks in with Colin. Reva cradles her baby and thanks her.

    Shayne goes upstairs and begins ranting at Mallet. Josh asks his son to calm down. Shayne and Mallet continue arguing. Mallet asks them if they have anything for him to help with the case. They don't. He walks away. "I really don't like that guy," Shayne says. Josh suggests he leave for awhile and Dinah escorts him out. Josh sits and drinks coffee until Jeffrey shows up after filing some papers. Both men want to go and see Reva but Mallet stops them to remind them that only her lawyer can go in. "Take care of her," Josh says.

    Josh goes to company and Daisy complains about the Spauldings before joking about baking Reva a cake with a file in it.

    Cheers To It!

    Friday, May 22 2009

    Josh is at the construction site. He becomes frustrated and throws his plan on the ground.

    Shayne and Dinah are setting things up in the park when Josh arrives. They chat about Edmund and Marina arrives. She adds to the chorus of people happy that Edmund is gone. They talk about the baby and then toast to life. Shayne says that, unlike Edmund, they are all lucky that they will never be alone. Jeffrey, Olivia and Reva arrive. Olivia thought that Edmund would have lightened up when he had a kid; she did after all. Shayne talks about how they should all learn from Edmund's mistakes. Josh thinks they were all left stronger for surviving him. "I say to his killer: 'Job well done sir'," Dinah toasts.

    Mallet brings Remy and Christina to the gathering. He tells them to think of this as an audio lineup. They wander over and Marina explains that her husband is just there as a friend. Mallet has the message that Edmund left behind. He plays it for them. They watch as he talks about Lara and then about how he lived most of his life as a selfish man, empty and alone. He had been a prince, but he would have gladly given up a thousand titles like that to spend more time with his daughter. He begs future generations to hold onto the love in their hearts and value it above all other things and never give up on hope. When it's over, Josh wonders if Edmund would have been a better person if he had watched his child grow up. "Well, I hated the man," Reva declares. She rants about him and says that having him die has let them all know that, unlike him, they are loved. "He didn't die in vain, right? Cheers to that!" she declares, taking a swig. Christina turns to Mallet and tells him that it was Reva's voice she heard.

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