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    Guiding Light CAST - Harlan "Billy" Lewis II - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Harlan "Billy" Lewis II Played by Jordan Clarke on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jordan Clarke

    Birthday: 1950-07-21
    Birthplace: Rochester, New York, USA
    Marital Status: Married Valerie Clarke in 1992
    Real Name: Jordan Clarke


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    Busy Day At Burger Land?

    Friday, June 05 2009

    At Towers, the families are arguing about everything. Billy is too tired to fight. They wonder if their kids will learn from their mistakes. They toast to the next generation.

    Where Do I Sign Up?

    Monday, June 01 2009

    Alan bumps into Billy at Towers. Billy thinks there will be all sorts of Lewis-Spaulding adventures once Bill and Lizzie get married. Alan walks across the room to sit alone. Billy follows him with pie and tries to put a positive spin on the wedding. Alan thinks that Bill has turned Lizzie against her family. Vanessa arrives and asks Alan to be happy. "You're all happy because you've won," Alan says. Billy and Vanessa walk away and he calls Phillip and tells him that they have to talk.

    Lizzie and Bill join his parents at Towers to talk over wedding plans. Billy thinks they should bring Oklahoma to Springfield. They chuckle through different plans and Billy tells Lizzie that she's the best thing to happen to the family in a long time. After his parents leaves, Doris pops up and takes a jab at them for firing her daughter.

    The Josh And Reva Thing.

    Friday, May 08 2009

    Dinah goes to see Josh at the office. She's worrying about where Shayne has gone. He tells her that he's been worrying too much and relates his embarrassment about his outburst at Reva's. He asks her to get Shayne to call him whenever she finds him. When she leaves, Billy comes in and makes a joke about his brother's reaction at the party. Josh admits that he's still freaked out. His brother suggests that he is having trouble letting go of Reva. "This has nothing to do with me and Reva," Josh insists.

    I'll Hold You To That.

    Thursday, May 07 2009

    Josh joins Buzz and Billy at Company. He's still worrying about Edmund.

    When Reva gets home, she finds a present waiting on the doorstep. She goes in with the baby and starts watching soaps. Jeffrey holds the baby and she talks about how she got hooked on Daytime. Lillian arrives with a present for the baby. They gab about Buzz and he comes in. Reva tells him he can only kiss her if he's not sick. "Mental disorders okay?" he asks, giving her a kiss. Jeffery offers them coffee. Lillian tells him to wait until everyone gets there. He's confused. They explain that Josh invited a bunch of people over. He walks off muttering profanities. More people arrive, including Josh. Reva unwraps her gifts. She picks up the one she found outside. The card reads, "Guess who?" Josh panics, grabs it and it falls on the floor. He explains that he thinks Edmund sent it. Reva says it was probably just her father.

    In the kitchen, Frank wonders if they should be looking for Edmund. Jeffrey says Josh is just too edgy. Josh tells them to forget about it and walks off. As everyone eats, Frank worries that Josh is whacked out. Meanwhile, Jeffrey wonders how to get rid of their guests. Billy does them a favor and begins ushering everyone out the door. After they leave, Josh apologizes to the couple. His brother takes him away. "I think it was a big mistake to send Josh after Edmund," Jeffrey says. Reva says she will call Hawk and thank him for the gift.

    Billy and Josh go back to the office. Josh continues to worry but promises not to do anything stupid. When his brother leaves, Josh reads the letter again and thinks.

    I'll Be Fun.

    Wednesday, May 06 2009

    Josh sits outside in his car. His brother calls and asks where he is. Josh is on his way to the office; he just has to take care of something first. He tries calling Roc again but still has no luck. When he returns to his room at The Beacon, he finds that the door is unlocked. On the bar, he discovers an envelope which contains a fax from Roc telling him not to worry. He calls Jeffrey and asks him if faxes are Roc's style. There's a strange noise on the line. Jeffrey hangs up and Josh heads out.

    Billy finds his brother hanging around outside of Cross Creek. He worries about Reva's health. His brother asks him what's going on. Josh shows him the fax and thinks it's too cryptic. He has a gut feeling that something is wrong. "I think you need to get a life," Billy says. Josh is sure that Edmund isn't out of the picture, but he hopes he's wrong. Billy wonders if he just wants to ride in and save Reva again. As Billy eats his pie, Josh continues to worry. Once more, Billy advises him to get a life. They leave for work. When they get to the office, Josh opens an envelope. Inside is a letter that says, "So happy Reva's come home. Tell her I'm thinking of her and will do my best to see her very soon. Guess who?"

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