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    Guiding Light CAST - Harlan "Billy" Lewis II - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Harlan "Billy" Lewis II Played by Jordan Clarke on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jordan Clarke

    Birthday: 1950-07-21
    Birthplace: Rochester, New York, USA
    Marital Status: Married Valerie Clarke in 1992
    Real Name: Jordan Clarke


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    Jeffrey's Memorial.

    Friday, July 24 2009

    Billy goes up and explains that the family is taking a plot of land to make a kid's park in Jeffrey's memory. Josh is next. He talks about watching Jeffrey's growing devotion to Reva and how committed and loving he was to his wife and son. "He was the kind of man who needed to say goodbye. He was a good man," he concludes. Reva stands up, stares at Jeffrey's portrait and says that she never got to say goodbye. "How could you do that to me? How could you bring me to this park... All the time you knew you were going to walk away from me... You got to see me one last time! I didn't get to see you!" she screams, smashing the picture and running.

    Billy follows Reva into the church. She tries to chase him off. "I didn't want anyone. I want Jeffrey!" she shouts.

    So Did I.

    Thursday, July 23 2009

    Reva and Billy talk about planning the funeral. She doesn't even know what Jeffrey would want. He's sure she'll get a feeling for it. They meet with the funeral director but Reva has no idea what to pick. "We had hot dogs for our wedding," she randomly says. Reva's overwhelmed and walks out. As she walks, she flashes back to spending time in the park with Jeffrey and their son. She calls Billy with an idea.

    Billy meets with Reva in the park. She announces that they will have the funeral in the park and everyone can share everything they loved about him. She rushes over to the town hall and asks Doris if she can officiate at the service. Doris agrees.

    Marina's surprised when Billy comes into Company and turns down pie. He tells her how hard things have been for Reva. She walks over to Ashlee and asks her to look after Henry while she goes to see her husband. After she runs off, Ashlee turns to Rafe and they begin discussing his mother running off. "My mother thinks she's in love with a woman," he says. When she asks him if his mother is gay, he becomes defensive and asks her not to tell anyone. He feels like he doesn't know his mother.

    Bill And Lizzie Get Married.

    Monday, July 13 2009

    Phillip arrives in the field to walk Lizzie down the aisle. He brought Alan with him too. Doris arrives as Dinah calls everyone together to get things going. She tells Bill and Lizzie how much everyone loves them and how everything is possible in Springfield. The bride and groom split up with their families. Billy tells his son and Shayne that he and Josh are now passing the 'trouble' label onto them. Dinah comes over to rush them along. Shayne chases her around with kisses and compliments. He wonders how she can be so giving. She's just trying to balance out her old mistakes.

    Billy sits with Vanessa and tells her that this wedding stuff is contagious. He gives her a kiss.

    So Can I.

    Thursday, July 09 2009

    Lizzie and Bill feed the swans and she wonders if they ever fight. They joke around about their families until Billy walks by. He explains that Jeffrey has gone missing. Lizzie thinks they should postpone the wedding. Billy explains that Dinah could be dead too and wants to take his son to talk to Vanessa. Bill is shocked. Lizzie hugs him and repeats that they should delay the wedding. She can forgive Dinah for everything she did if it would mean getting her back.

    Bill meets his father at the office. Bill remembers what a hard year he had with his sister but he thought that he'd be able to fix things. "Regret is a hard thing," Billy says. Lizzie shows up and tells them that Dinah is alive. They're relieved that they didn't talk to Vanessa first. Lizzie drags Bill away to see his sister.

    Escape From The Yammering Yahoos.

    Monday, July 06 2009

    Billy and Josh are planning Bill's bachelor party. Shayne walks in. Billy doesn't want the Spauldings to come but Josh doesn't think they have a choice. "What could possibly happen?" Josh asks with a laugh.

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