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    Guiding Light CAST - Harlan "Billy" Lewis II - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Harlan "Billy" Lewis II Played by Jordan Clarke on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jordan Clarke

    Birthday: 1950-07-21
    Birthplace: Rochester, New York, USA
    Marital Status: Married Valerie Clarke in 1992
    Real Name: Jordan Clarke


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    Disaster Written All Over It.

    Monday, August 17 2009

    Billy brings them over to Towers and asks them to decorate it while he takes care of everything else. Lizzie is surprised that he still hasn't asked Vanessa. Billy is sure this is what she wants and rushes off. Lizzie tells Bill that this has disaster written all over it.

    When Josh arrives at Towers, he's startled to find that his brother is planning to get married that afternoon. He starts to worry when it becomes clear that Vanessa doesn't know what's coming. As Lizzie helps organize things, she tells Billy that Vanessa strikes her as someone who likes to be in control. That's what he likes about her, but he thinks she likes other people to take control sometimes. Bill returns and explains that his mother isn't coming. Billy declares that they will have to move on to plan B.

    Bill corners his mother at the station. As she complains about her day, Billy and Josh approach. They put a bag over her head. They take her to Towers and unveil the wedding. "I'm not marrying you," she says. He thought they were going to be together. She doesn't mean never, she just doesn't want to get married today. She doesn't want to be swept off her feet; she wants them to do things like normal people. "Mr. Lewis, you have some courting to do," she says. They arrange a dinner date and then she tells everyone else that they are in big trouble. After she leaves, Billy tells his brother that he will be getting the love of his life. "When you gonna get yours?" he asks. Josh tells him he's trying to stop his overwhelming need to help Reva.

    I Can't Do This Without You.

    Wednesday, August 12 2009

    Billy goes to see Vanessa at the station. She's swamped with work Dinah left behind. She's not even sure she can take care of it all. He can tell that she's really missing her daughter and tries to reassure her. "You're not okay if your kids aren't okay," she says. He hugs her.

    Daisy goes into Company and Billy begins quizzing her about what she's been up to. She finally admits that she went camping with James. "Were you careful?" he asks. She assures him they were. Rafe comes in and she invites him swimming at the Spauldings later. Marina sits down and thinks it must be weird for her to be hanging out with Rafe and James at the same time.

    The Lewis men are working on Bill's house when Billy announces that he is going to marry Vanessa again. Josh tells him he should have done this a long time ago.

    Billy goes to WSPR to see Vanessa and offer her a distraction, "I was thinking of marrying you," he says. "Were you thinking of asking me?" she asks. He hasn't worked that out yet. They laugh and kiss.

    Facing Up.

    Monday, August 03 2009

    At Cross Creek, Reva tells Jeffrey's picture that she thinks she has everyone convinced that she's doing alright. She misses him more and more though. Without Colin, she doesn't know what she would do. Billy drives up to take her to the wedding.

    It Sucks, But It's Beautiful.

    Monday, July 27 2009

    In the chapel, Billy assures Reva that he can help her through the sadness and anger. She doesn't want to get over it. Her anger is all she has left and she wants to feel it. She fought to live for Jeffrey and he deserted her. "I don't want your help. I don't want you to fix this because nobody can fix this," she says. He asks her to go to the ball field to see everyone with him. She doesn't want anyone's sympathy, she just wants to go home.

    Josh and Billy talk about how mad Reva is. Josh remembers when she drove off a bridge and he burned down a closet of her clothes. He's sure the baby will help her through this. Billy thinks it's funny that Josh and Jeffrey wound up being friends. The brothers leave to get pie.

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