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    Guiding Light CAST - Harlan "Billy" Lewis II - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Harlan "Billy" Lewis II Played by Jordan Clarke on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jordan Clarke

    Birthday: 1950-07-21
    Birthplace: Rochester, New York, USA
    Marital Status: Married Valerie Clarke in 1992
    Real Name: Jordan Clarke


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    Captain Daredevil.

    Thursday, January 29 2009

    Bill wakes up in the cabin. His father explains that he passed out. Bill is eager to go searching for Phillip again. As Bill leafs through the papers, Billy tells him that Phillip is just crazy. Bill runs to the bathroom to be sick.

    Billy calls Rick and tells him that Bill is ill. Rick tells him to keep him alert while he finds a doctor. Billy returns to his son's side. Bill dreams of walking through the woods and begins to have flashes of the kidnapping. He spots the kidnapper and runs to him. When he catches him, he tries to pull off the mask. Bill wakes up and tells his father that he now remembers everything. "I didn't kidnap Lizzie!" he gasps. Although he doesn't know who did the kidnapping, he knows that it wasn't him.

    You're Fired.

    Wednesday, January 28 2009

    Bill makes his way through the woods to a cabin. When he gets inside, he finds that someone has recently been living there. Besides the rotting food, he also discovers notes which makes him assume it must have been Phillip. As he searches through the papers, he can hear footsteps. He rushes outside and begins to chase someone until he runs into a tree. A man comes, puts him on a blanket and drags him back to the cabin. When Bill wakes up, he's surprised not to see Phillip, but his father. Billy tells him that Phillip could be anywhere by now. Bill guesses that Phillip could have kidnapped Lizzie to scare her into something. He runs out and his father trails after him, trying to keep him calm. Bill begins to collapse so they go back inside.

    We Are About To Own Springfield.

    Monday, January 26 2009

    Billy goes to see his son. Bill informs him that he got a tip and is going off in search of Phillip. He thinks that he is the only person who can stop Lizzie from turning her into a little Alan. Billy worries that it's just as likely he'll be bringing 'a dangerous nut job' back to town. He refuses to let his son go alone and follows him down to the parking lot. Bill insists that he has to do this alone. His father worries this could be a 'fool's errand'. "If I want Lizzie back, I've gotta earn her," Bill says.

    Bill drives out to the woods. He gets out and hikes.

    Don't Hesitate.

    Monday, January 19 2009

    Billy has a drink with his son at Towers. Bill admits that he's used the same tricks with Lizzie before but the motive was slightly different. He needed to know that she still had faith in him. "So you were going to prove you didn't kidnap her by kidnapping her?" Billy asks with a laugh. Bill fears that Alan will steal the last piece of Lizzie's heart. He asks his father to help him stop her from leaving.

    Lizzie and her mother go into the office to argue. She begins taking swipes at Beth about Coop. Beth warns her that Alan's love is toxic. She may be cheating on him, but she would be cheating herself by staying with him. Lizzie doesn't want to listen to this so her mother tells her she'll have to learn the hard way. Before they can get into it, Billy arrives. Beth walks out. Billy's glad to see Lizzie's angry - that means she has a heart. "Not for long," Lizzie says, sure that his son has sent him. He tells her that love is an investment. She says it is only an illusion. She tried investing in Bill and lost everything. He admits that love is risky but it can make you rich. "If you know so much, why are you still alone?" she asks. He drank his chance away, he claims. What's her excuse? As he walks off, she goes up to her room to pack. She collapses on the floor in tears. Picking herself up, she says that she's done crying. She's Elizabeth Spaulding and she can be anything she wants to be.

    Billy meets his son on Main Street. He tells his son that it takes a Spaulding to beat a Spaulding. Bill is inspired. Leaving Roxy with his father, he rushes off to Cedars and grabs Rick, demanding to know where Phillip is.

    All Show.

    Tuesday, January 06 2009

    Jeffrey, Reva and Billy stand around Company and wait for Roc. When he arrives, Jeffrey tries to send Reva home. As he and Roc leave, Reva turns to Billy and says that Jeffrey must be up to something.

    When Dinah walks to Company, she runs into Billy. She’s still feeling dejected because Bill ranted at her yesterday. She tells Billy that Bill has no idea if he is guilty or not. Now, he blames Dinah for giving him bad advice and alienating Lizzie. He offers to talk to his son for her. She enters the restaurant. Reva is waiting to talk to her about Shayne landing in jail. They reluctantly sit down. Reva brings up the mess at Marina and Mallet’s wedding. Dinah insists that she isn’t forcing Shayne to do anything. “We’re a lot alike. No one can tell us what to do,” Reva says. Dinah tells her that if that’s true, she must be taking the wrong approach today and advises her to spend her time worrying about her baby.

    Billy finds his son at the mini mart. He tells his father that he has broken up with Lizzie. Bill feels like he doesn’t deserve her. His father tells him to go to her and tell her how he feels.

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