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    Guiding Light CAST - Frank Cooper Jr. - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Frank Cooper Jr. Played by Frank Dicopoulos on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Frank Dicopoulos

    Birthday: 1957-01-03
    Birthplace: Akron, Ohio, USA
    Marital Status: Married, Teja Anderson October 20, 1990
    Real Name: Frank Dicopoulos
    Height: 6'1"


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    The End.

    Friday, September 18 2009

    In Company, everyone gathers around to go through more baby names. Olivia announces that she, Frank and Nat need to meet with the nursery designer. Frank tells them that he has a date. Everyone teases him. Daisy comes in and announces that she is leaving for Berkley in a couple of hours.

    Frank gets called away as Nat and Olivia walk in the park. They sit down. Olivia is amazed that she is getting everything she's ever wanted, but she feels kind of bad for Frank.

    Frank and Blake cross paths in the park. They soon realize that they are there to meet each other. They shake hands and say how much they like talking to each other. As they walk, hand in hand, they run into Nat and Olivia who tell them that they are going to name the baby Francesca. Frank's family crowd into the park and see him with Blake.

    Shayne and Marina are playing at the ballpark. Billy gives Jonathan the foreman job at their new construction site. Lizzie and Bill arrive pregnant. Remy and Christina arrive with their baby. Frank and Blake look after his baby.

    I'm Going To Miss Him.

    Thursday, September 17 2009

    In Company, Christina teases Frank and tells him he needs a lady. He thinks he has more than enough of those in his life.

    Rick drops by Company to get food. Frank is busy trying to ask a woman out online. Blake gets his message and asks to meet him in the park.

    You Saved All Of Us.

    Wednesday, September 16 2009

    Rafe packs his bags. Frank goes through the list of stuff he needs. They hug and Rafe thanks him. Frank tells him he's a good man.

    At Company, everyone gathers to say goodbye to Rafe. A call comes in. Lillian takes it and walks away in shock. Olivia takes the phone and then announces that Alan died. Everyone is silent. James walks out. Everyone is in shock. Blake can't believe he died when he seemed so good. Rafe wonders if this means he's making a mistake. Buzz tells him that he should still go into the army; it's what his grandfather would have wanted. Emma and Rafe talk about their granddad dying. He takes out his two magical quarters and gives her one. Whenever she gets lonely, she can look at it and think of him because he'll be thinking of her.

    Frank, Ashlee, Daisy, Nat, Olivia and Blake take Rafe to the bus stop. He hugs them each as they stand in line. His mother weeps. He tells her he's got to go and asks Olivia to take care of his mom. He gets on the bus and Nat cries on Olivia's shoulder.

    You've Given Me Happiness.

    Tuesday, September 15 2009

    Frank and Blake talk by the water. She tells him never to give up on women. He explains that he invited someone but she claimed she was busy. "That's an 'ask me again'," she explains.

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