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    Guiding Light CAST - Frank "Buzz" Cooper Sr - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Frank "Buzz" Cooper Sr Played by Justin Deas on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Justin Deas

    Birthday: 1948-03-30
    Birthplace: Connellsville, Pennsylvania, U
    Marital Status: Married Margaret Colin January 1988
    Real Name: Justin Deas


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    Jeffrey's Gone.

    Thursday, July 16 2009

    Mallet gets a call from the coastguard telling him that they've found a body. He tells Frank, Marina and Buzz. Marina is glad that this might all be over. Mallet is angry and asks her how the person who started all of this can live with themselves.

    It's Too Late.

    Wednesday, July 15 2009

    Inside, Christina explains things to Buzz and is sure that Remy would recognize they did the right thing and stay married. Buzz urges her to just tell Remy how she feels. Remy comes in and tells her that she can back out of the marriage if she wants. He's sure they can get an annulment.

    Buzz, Cyrus, Frank and Lyn stand at the bar and talk about how Remy and Christina belong together and how even they want to be together but can't admit to it. Remy gets a call from Mel saying the papers are ready. He tells Christina they should eat first but she says there's no reason to wait. Their friends watch as they decide to get 'unmarried'. When Christina walks out, Remy's friends tell him he's out of his mind and should tell her how he really feels. As he leaves for the courthouse, everyone follows.

    Buzz, Frank and Cyrus arrive at the courthouse and begin searching for Remy and Christina to stop them. As Christina signs the papers, Remy leaps into the courtroom and tells her how much he loves her. He doesn't know why they've been so afraid but he's not afraid anymore. "You're my wife and I will not allow you to sign those papers," he says. She admits that she loves him too and is ready to be his wife. Mel wants to hear their vows. Remy tells Christina that she makes him feel like he can take on the world and he promises to love and protect her forever. She tells him that she's always lived a straight and safe life... until she met him and started doing crazy things. She wants it all and wants it with him. They hug and he carries her out. Everyone claps.

    The Morning After.

    Tuesday, July 14 2009

    At Company, Daisy berates her hung over grandfather for spending the whole wedding making out with Lillian. She'll probably need therapy now. They talk about Jeffrey. Buzz is pretty sure he's dead. He advises her to take whatever life has to offer her. Shayne, Dinah, Marina, Cyrus and Mel all file in for coffee. They hand out rice as they spot Christian and Remy walking in. As the couple is pelted with rice, they ask what's going on. "You two were married last night," Cyrus explains.

    When she goes back inside, everyone is still explaining to Remy and Christina how they got married. Buzz has the whole thing recorded and puts on the DVD. They watch as Remy and Christina convince Doris to marry them. They ask each other if they remember. "I guess we don't," Remy says. Everyone tells them they must belong together if they keep getting married. Mel offers to get it annulled and leaves to work on it.

    Christina sits with Buzz and asks him about the wedding and if Remy seemed happy. He says it must have been the booze talking. She confesses that she wasn't drunk at all; she knew what she was doing.

    Bill And Lizzie Get Married.

    Monday, July 13 2009

    Lillian and Buzz watch from the side of the barn. They start making out. Their grandchildren stand in the distance and cringe as they watch. Mallet and Marina begin teasing Daisy about James as he wanders over.

    Bill and Lizzie share the first dance. Lillian tells Buzz that they look happy. He thinks that's because Bill is thinking about the hotel room. "The young don't have a monopoly on hotel rooms," he adds. Phillip is called up to dance with his daughter and everyone else follows.

    I Feel Very Blessed.

    Friday, July 03 2009

    Across the lawn, James snubs his father and walks away. Phillip tells Lillian that he needs to convince his son that he loves him but he's running out of time. Beth joins him and they watch the children play while Buzz and Lillian slip into the bushes to make out. Alan arrives and wanders over to Buzz's table.

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