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    Guiding Light CAST - Frank "Buzz" Cooper Sr - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Frank "Buzz" Cooper Sr Played by Justin Deas on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Justin Deas

    Birthday: 1948-03-30
    Birthplace: Connellsville, Pennsylvania, U
    Marital Status: Married Margaret Colin January 1988
    Real Name: Justin Deas


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    Breaking The Curse.

    Wednesday, July 29 2009

    At Company, Buzz is wishing that Cyrus hadn't been arrested. Coop's school calls to tell him that his son's locker is still waiting to be cleared out.

    Buzz and Frank go to the school and reluctantly open the locker. Buzz is overwhelmed when he sees photos of the family inside. Frank suggests that he wait outside while he unpacks everything. As Buzz slowly walks away, Frank sadly empties the locker.

    Returning home alone, Buzz goes through the box of Coop's things. He discovers old photos and articles about Jenna. After crying into Coop's coat, he plays an audio tape of Jenna speaking about going to see the crown jewels.

    Buzz comes to the cells with the stuff Coop collected about Jenna. Cyrus tells him that he'd been working on things for awhile. He used to come to him for information and insight into stealing. Coop grew to love his mother by researching this stuff. Buzz becomes upset and runs off.

    He returns to Coop's old classroom. "I guess you knew her better than I did in some ways," he says, hoping his son realized how much she loved him. He wishes they could have known her together and shared more memories of her.

    Mel and Cyrus go to his arraignment. They compare their records. He's had fourteen arraignments and only one conviction. "I'm pretty good at my job too," he says. After the arraignment, they're shocked to find that he's been bailed out. Buzz comes in and explains that he posted it.

    Happy Happy Happy Day.

    Tuesday, July 28 2009

    Buzz wanders around the police station. He doesn't find any cops, just Cyrus in his jail cell. Buzz gives him the leftover pancakes he brought for Frank.

    Ed stops by Company to say hello to Buzz. He offers his condolences for Coop.

    It Sucks, But It's Beautiful.

    Monday, July 27 2009

    Lillian and Buzz arrive late. Frank tells them that the memorial is almost over and Reva ran away. Lillian walks over to Phillip and points out that he's not giving anyone a chance to say goodbye to him either. He needs some things to happen before he can come clean.

    Buzz talks to Phillip about getting a package from Coop and how he always thought that the father was supposed to go first. "Yeah, we are, aren't we..." Phillip says.

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