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    Guiding Light CAST - Frank "Buzz" Cooper Sr - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Frank "Buzz" Cooper Sr Played by Justin Deas on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Justin Deas

    Birthday: 1948-03-30
    Birthplace: Connellsville, Pennsylvania, U
    Marital Status: Married Margaret Colin January 1988
    Real Name: Justin Deas


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    Tuesday, August 11 2009

    Frank goes to see Lillian and tells her how worried he is about his father. He asks her to talk to Buzz and figure out what is wrong. She agrees but won't promise anything. She calls Buzz and asks him to come over and talk. When he arrives, she tells him that his son thinks he's crazy, but she's all for him taking the trip if it will give him closure. "You're a good woman," he says. She tells him to bring her back a present.

    Buzz and Cyrus catch the bus for New York.

    Not the Easiest People To Love.

    Monday, August 10 2009

    Cyrus is shocked to wake up and find that Buzz has broken into his room and is in bed beside him. "For a cat burglar you're a pretty heavy sleeper," Buzz says. He tells him to get dressed so they can go back to work. They head over to Company and go over Coop's notes. Olivia wanders over and tells them how much she wishes someone would love her the way Buzz loves Jenna.

    Remy storms into Company and arrests Cyrus. Buzz demands that he arrest him too but Remy refuses and takes Cyrus away. Buzz wants to bail him out again but his son angrily tells him he can't. Frank doesn't like that they are getting so close. Olivia speaks up for Buzz and says that she understands how much he wants to get close to Jenna again. Blake begins going through the notes and wonders if this was to be Coop's next book. She decides to get in touch with Ashlee to talk about it. When she approaches Buzz about it, he tells her that he's not interested in publishing the book. After he leaves, Blake keeps thinking about it and tells Christina she could make money out of this to help the family.

    Mel and Cyrus return to Company and announce that all of the charges against him have been dropped. Buzz is happy, Frank less so. As Mel and Cyrus flirt, Blake takes him aside and asks him to get her a copy of the book so she can publish it. He agrees. As he returns to Buzz, Frank tells Blake this will be a disaster. He wonders when he will get someone to love. She assures him he will.

    Screwing Up For A Good Cause.

    Friday, August 07 2009

    At home, Mallet turns off the news as reports of Dinah going on the run play. He cooks eggs for Marina and Buzz. They call for Buzz but he stares off, listening to tapes of Jenna. After breakfast, Buzz goes back to his tapes and the couple talks about the case. She wonders who helped Dinah leave the country.

    Cyrus goes to see Buzz and finds that he's organized all of the notes and pictures by age. Cyrus isn't sure how to help him but Buzz is eager to keep digging. As they read Coop's notes, Buzz gets excited and wants to try being a thief.

    Cyrus and Buzz go to a restaurant and slip into the back office. Cyrus shows him how to pick a lock. They try robbing a safe when Remy catches them. "You make it really hard to be a cop in this town," Remy tells them. He agrees to tell the alarm company this was a false call. Buzz giddily walks out.

    We're The New Owners.

    Thursday, July 30 2009

    Buzz asks Cyrus for every word that passed between him and Coop. They begin going through the box of Coop's things. "Tell me everything," Buzz begs. As they go over the past, Marina comes in and demands to know why Cyrus is out of jail. She tells her grandfather that her credit card company thinks she's re-mortgaged the restaurant. Frank arrives as Buzz explains that he re-mortgaged the restaurant to get Cyrus out of jail. This shocks his family. Marina is sure that Cyrus is scamming them but Buzz insists that he needs his help. Frank tells his father that he will undo everything he did. The family storms away and Buzz is eager to get back to work. They find the hair from Coop's first haircut. Cyrus worries that this is too much for him but Buzz needs to do this.

    Frank returns to Company and tells his father that he won't try to stop him. Buzz says he couldn't.

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