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    Guiding Light CAST - Frank "Buzz" Cooper Sr - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Frank "Buzz" Cooper Sr Played by Justin Deas on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Justin Deas

    Birthday: 1948-03-30
    Birthplace: Connellsville, Pennsylvania, U
    Marital Status: Married Margaret Colin January 1988
    Real Name: Justin Deas


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    Take Your Cookies And Go Home.

    Friday, August 21 2009

    At Company, Buzz and Cyrus are sorting though their box of stuff when Mel arrives with some legal paperwork for Cyrus to sign. He's now a free man. After she leaves, Buzz repeats to his son that he's not going to dump the Jenna stuff. Frank has other things to worry about... like Natalia. Buzz doesn't think it's much of a problem. She arrives and Buzz makes himself scarce. Frank admits to her that he's still not sure he wants her raising the baby with Olivia.

    Buzz rambles to Cyrus about how he has no idea what he is looking for anymore. Cyrus leaves as Buzz gets on the computer. He finds Frank's online dating profile and begins teasing him. Frank insists that it's not for him.

    Blake goes to Company. She and Buzz talk about true love. She doesn't think she'll find it again, he advises her to live in the moment.

    Frank goes to Company and taunts his father about Cyrus. A message comes in for Frank on his dating site. He begins chatting with the woman online. It's Blake. They chat.

    You're Going To Have To Save Yourself.

    Wednesday, August 19 2009

    At Company, Marina complains to Blake about how they can't keep up with the rush. She's also worried about her father and thanks Blake for keeping things stable. Buzz arrives with bags full of souvenirs from New York.

    Remembering Max.

    Friday, August 14 2009

    Buzz and Cyrus go to the CBS studio looking for a train station. They go inside and ask about the train and then ask if they can go in and look around. Cyrus tries to pretend they have an appointment but it doesn't work. When they step out, the janitor stops them and says that this used to be a train station. A lot of the old stuff is in the basement. He offers to show it to them. When they get inside, they split up to search. Eventually they join up and find the locker they were looking for. The combination they found in the hotel still works. Inside the locker is a suitcase full of Jenna's things.

    You Ruined Us.

    Thursday, August 13 2009

    Cyrus and Buzz are on the bus to New York. Cyrus urges him to sleep. While he's sleeping, Blake calls Cyrus and asks him to take notes on everything. As Buzz sleeps, Jenna appears to him. He wakes up as she kisses him. Cyrus sleeps across the aisle and Jenna visits him, tipping him off about where they should go.

    In New York, Buzz and Cyrus go to the dive where Jenna stayed. Inside, they look at the room she lived in and the walls she stared at. Cyrus spots some numbers written on the window sill. He assumes they could be a combination for a lock.


    Tuesday, August 11 2009

    Cyrus is reading the manuscript to Buzz. They laugh and eat popcorn before discovering that Jenna went to the 'frog and toe'. They decide to head over to Company to use the internet so they can figure out where that is.

    Lizzie walks into Company. Frank rants about Cyrus and how his father has gone crazy. Her father has gone crazy too, she says. Cyrus and Buzz arrive and start using Maureen's computer. Lillian shows up and explains that the 'frog and toe' is an old nickname for New York City. They decide to take a road trip. Buzz's car is dead so he is taking the restaurant's van. Frank stops him and tells him he can't take it. "Keep the damn van," Buzz says. Buzz and Cyrus try to figure out what to do and decide to take the bus.

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