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    Guiding Light CAST - Henry "Coop" Bradshaw - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Henry "Coop" Bradshaw Played by John Driscoll on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    John Driscoll

    Birthday: 1981-06-27
    Birthplace: Ft. Belvoir, Virginia, USA
    Real Name: John Driscoll
    Height: 6'2"


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    We'll Build a Moat.

    Wednesday, March 25 2009

    Jeffrey and Reva meet up at Company. They talk about Frank and Nat and she teases him about not cooking for her anymore.

    Do You Have An Answer For Me?

    Tuesday, February 17 2009

    Buzz rushes to Coop's room and stares at the machines and then down at his son. He remembers packing him up to send him away to England. "They'll take care of you much better than I can," he said, promising that it was not goodbye. After staring off, Buzz walks out into the hall and embraces Frank. He confesses that he cannot make this decision. He's made nothing but bad decisions for his children all of his life. Frank tells him that he is a good father. Buzz is sure that this is all his fault. He grabs his coat and walks out.

    Buzz returns to Coop's hospital room. He tells his son that he may not be a writer like him, but he can tell a story. He speaks of a man who, no matter how many mistakes he made, always had something good come into his life. The best of these things was a son who a woman he loved brought to him. He lost the woman and sent the son away. The son grew up and returned and, no matter how much the father messed up, the son thrived and brought his family happiness. However, there was one last failure by the father and he didn't have a final chance to say goodbye to his son so that he would know how much his father loved him. Buzz calls Lillian and the doctor in. Leaning down, Buzz shakes as he turns off the life support machine. He thanks his son and kisses his forehead, singing Jenna's favorite song to him and cradling his body in his arms before collapsing on the floor.

    Good Night Dad.

    Monday, February 16 2009

    Lizzie goes to visit Coop at Cedars. She doesn't understand his relationship with her mother, but she didn't want this to happen. Sitting beside him, she tells him how sorry she is for everything she's done to him. She wishes he had listened to her. "I'm not sorry. Alan didn't marry Beth. I got the girl," he groans.

    Lillian wakes her daughter up as she sleeps in the waiting room. She's booked her a room at The Beacon. Lillian leaves to see Buzz. Beth goes in to see Coop and Lizzie. He tells them they need to talk so they can forgive and forget. He begs them not to let Alan come between them. Lizzie walks out. Coop tells Beth to go after her daughter.

    Back at the hospital, Frank goes to see Coop and tells him about all of the cards he's been getting. "Look after dad," Coop says. He's sure that Buzz will need him for comfort. Frank tells him it's a two man job. Buzz arrives. "Don't you ever scare me like this again!" he begs. Buzz rambles until his son stops him, telling him that he may not have much time left. Most of his life, Buzz was just someone he sent a card to, but he was always there, even if not in person. He's proud of him. Tears run down Buzz's face. He tells his son that he will be fine and walks out to get a doctor.

    Beth returns to Coop's bedside. He tells her not to give up on her daughter. "How can I ever thank you for everything you've brought into my life?" he asks. She smiles and sobs. He wants her to promise never to forget who she is and what she is capable of. She never expected to find love with him, but she has. He freed her. She repeats that she loves him and apologizes for not savoring every moment they had together. Coop wrote something for her, but asks her not to read it until later. He asks her to find his father for him.

    Buzz returns to his son's side. Coop wants to hear a bedtime story so Buzz tells him the story of his birth. "Finish the story," Coop requests. Buzz tells him about his heart attack and how he was blessed to have Coop come back into his life after it. He's never stopped being grateful for him. "Thank you. Good night Dad," Coop gasps. Buzz holds his face in his hands and begs him not to go. "You know what makes me the proudest? I'm just like you," Coop says before his machine begins to beep wildly. Buzz calls for the doctor and the nurses rush in, pushing him aside.

    Welcome Home Phillip.

    Friday, February 13 2009

    Lillian tells the family that the surgery has gone as well as can be hoped but there will be awhile before they know more. She lets them in to visit two at a time. Ashlee and Daisy go first. Ashlee sobs and tells him that he has always been her hero. Daisy thinks he can do that because he always flies under the radar of her crazy family. "What you did today was legendary. I need to believe in guys like you Coop," she adds. Ashlee begs Coop to have a happy ending. He groans so they rush out to tell everyone that he's wake. Mallet and Marina go in next. "Our family spends too much time in this place," Coop gasps. They joke around and Marina suggests that they all go on vacation and tells him about her adoption news. They tell each other how much they love each other. He calls for Beth.

    When Beth goes in to see Coop, he opens his eyes and asks if it's still Valentine's Day. She sobs and tells him he's crazy. "You're worth it," he whispers. She kisses him.

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