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    Guiding Light CAST - Henry "Coop" Bradshaw

    Full detailed profile on Henry "Coop" Bradshaw Played by John Driscoll on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    John Driscoll
    Henry "Coop" Bradshaw

    Actor: John Driscoll

    Who played Henry "Coop" Bradshaw over the years

    John Driscoll (September 2004 - February 17, 2009)
    Zachary Noll (February 1999 - July 2000)
    Christopher & Nicholas Consolo (1997 - December 1998)
    Michael Cugno (December 1996 - early 1997)

    Useful information on Henry "Coop" Bradshaw

    * Accepted into the writing program at Oxford.
    * Aided Lizzie in taking Alan hostage.
    * Bulldozed through the gate of the Spaulding mansion.
    * Has a habit of using his fists to deal with men he regards as a threat to his love life.


    Current: Works at Company & CO2
    Past: Chauffeur to Lizzie Spaulding


    Henry Cooper Bradshaw was nicknamed 'Coop' by his mother, a former jewel thief who raised him in South America. When she returned to Springfield with him, she finally admitted to Buzz that Coop was his son. Sadly, soon after the couple's reconciliation, she died in a car accident. His traumas continued when he was abducted by Holly Reade. After his rescue, Buzz sent him to England to live with his mother's family. He returned to Springfield as a teenager after news of Buzz's heart attack and was thrown into the family quarrels with Philip Spaulding over Company. This would lead to a conflict ridden relationship with Philip's daughter Lizzie. At first he hated her but, forced to serve as her chauffeur, they gradually started to sympathize. While family squabbles escalated, Lizzie and Coop grew closer, but their relationship broke down when she tried to trap him into an engagement by any means possible, including trying pass Jonathan Randall's child off as his. Horrified by Lizzie's manipulative behavior, he soon developed a relationship with Ava Peralta and became more serious about pursuing his dream of becoming a writer. Their relationship has been complicated by her antagonism with Olivia Spencer, the love interest of his brother and father. They've broken up, thanks largely to his increasingly paranoid and over-protective behavior toward her.




    Ava_Peralta (lovers)
    Elizabeth_Lizzie_Spaulding (engaged)
    Ashlee Wolfe (lovers)


    Buzz Cooper (father)
    Jenna Bradshaw (mother - deceased)
    Frank Cooper (half-brother)
    Harley Cooper (half-sister)
    Lucille "Lucy" Cooper Spaulding (half-sister)
    Ian Stavros "Rocky" Cooper (half-brother)
    Dante "Pops" Cooper (Kouperakis) (paternal grandfather; deceased)
    Clyde Wynant (maternal grandfather - deceased)
    Susan Lemay (niece)
    Marina Cooper (niece)
    Alan Cooper "Zach" Spaulding (nephew)
    Jude Cooper Bauer (nephew)
    Stavros Kouperakis (great-uncle)
    Gus Aitoro (brother-in-law' deceased)




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    Wednesday, March 25 2009: We'll Build a Moat.

    Jeffrey and Reva meet up at Company. They talk about Frank and Nat and she teases him about not cooking for her anymore.

    Tuesday, February 17 2009: Do You Have An Answer For Me?

    Buzz rushes to Coop's room and stares at the machines and then down at his son. He remembers packing him up to send him away to England. "They'll take care of you much better than I can," he said, promising that it was not goodbye. After staring off, Buzz walks out into the hall and embraces Frank. He confesses that he cannot make this decision. He's made nothing but bad decisions for his children all of his life. Frank tells him that he is a good father. Buzz is sure that this is all his fault. He grabs his coat and walks out.

    Buzz returns to Coop's hospital room. He tells his son that he may not be a writer like him, but he can tell a story. He speaks of a man who, no matter how many mistakes he made, always had something good come into his life. The best of these things was a son who a woman he loved brought to him. He lost the woman and sent the son away. The son grew up and returned and, no matter how much the father messed up, the son thrived and brought his family happiness. However, there was one last failure by the father and he didn't have a final chance to say goodbye to his son so that he would know how much his father loved him. Buzz calls Lillian and the doctor in. Leaning down, Buzz shakes as he turns off the life support machine. He thanks his son and kisses his forehead, singing Jenna's favorite song to him and cradling his body in his arms before collapsing on the floor.

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