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    Guiding Light CAST - Remy Boudreau - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Remy Boudreau Played by Lawrence Saint-Victor on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Birthday: June 14 1982
    Real Name: Lawrence Saint-Victor


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    Facing Up.

    Monday, August 03 2009

    Mallet paces around the party. Remy thinks he should go home. Mallet wants Marina to come clean with him. When he walks over to her, he says they should put some money away for Henry. She agrees. He tells her to come outside with him. When they get there, he sticks the trust fund papers in her face and demands some answers. She admits that she didn't burn them because it could be worth something. "I don't think you're capable of telling the truth," he says. She can't believe that he still doesn't trust her and accuses him of ruining any chance they have to be a family. Crying, she runs off. Remy comes out. Mallet tells him what just happened and admits that he can't trust Marina about anything. He's not even sure he can trust her around his child. "I don't get why she would let so many innocent people suffer," he says. Dinah eavesdrops on this from the nearby roof.

    I've Almost Got Him.

    Friday, July 31 2009

    Rick, Matt and Ed head to the bar. Rick looks around for women. Reva comes in, ready for some bourbon. Shayne and Josh arrive and the drinking begins. Remy toasts to the bride and groom. Reva toasts to true love. As the guests begin playing pool, Josh tells Reva that she doesn't have to put on an act. She refuses to let anything get in the way of her celebrating her son getting married. As she leaves, Shayne gives her a worried look.

    We're The New Owners.

    Thursday, July 30 2009

    Frank interrupts Christina and Remy while they make out at the station. When he walks into the cells, he freaks out when he discovers that Cyrus has been bailed out. "What idiot would ever do that?" he asks.

    It Sucks, But It's Beautiful.

    Monday, July 27 2009

    Mallet and Remy sit at the memorial. Mallet asks his friend if Marina even seems concerned that she killed someone. Remy says she shouldn't feel guilty for killing someone to protect the baby.

    Remy stands with Marina and they talk about kids. She tells them how much they change your life. There's nothing she wouldn't do for Henry.

    Ava and Remy sit in the swings. She admits that the town feels completely different now. They talk about Max. She wishes they could have talked about him before but she couldn't do it. He asks her to visit his memorial with him before she leaves. She takes his hand.

    Jeffrey's Memorial.

    Friday, July 24 2009

    As Remy and Mel head to the memorial, he tells her that he feels weird knowing that Ava is going to be there. It's been a year since Max died and they've avoided talking about it but today they are going to be at a funeral. She tells him not to feel guilty that he has a happy life now.

    Remy and Mel arrive. He hugs Ava and they catch up. She admits that she misses some people but Springfield never really felt like home to her. They talk about his marriage and she says she's happy for him. Remy wanders over to Mallet who is standing alone. He explains what's going on with Marina as she arrives and sits with Ashlee.

    Mallet complains to Remy about Marina not being honest to him. They glare over as Frank sits with his daughter.

    So Did I.

    Thursday, July 23 2009

    Remy pushes the stroller out into the parking lot. Mallet catches him, becomes panic stricken and takes it away. He smashes it against a dumpster and then throws it in. "I guess you didn't want the stroller," Remy says. Mallet tells him it is a murder weapon and he never wants to see it again. He says that Marina killed the John Doe and he can't understand why she hasn't turned to him for help.

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