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    Guiding Light CAST - Remy Boudreau - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Remy Boudreau Played by Lawrence Saint-Victor on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Birthday: June 14 1982
    Real Name: Lawrence Saint-Victor


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    Edmund's Dead.

    Monday, May 18 2009

    Remy goes home and apologizes to Christina for being late. He explains what happened and she helps him out of his wet shirt. He says that Mallet needs to talk to her. She orders him to have a warm shower while she makes him soup. "Whatever is going on out there, you make it better," he tells her. After his shower, he says that she will make an amazing doctor some day. She tells him that the best things sometimes fall into your lap. "I think you're right," he says with a smile as he holds the diamonds in his hand.

    New Mother Syndrome.

    Friday, May 15 2009

    Dinah is at Company chatting with Marina about their business problems. Dinah just wants to keep people happy but things keep getting in the way. Marina talks about having 'new mother syndrome' and how she can't leave Henry alone for two minutes. Remy comes in and tells Dinah she left her car door open. When she goes out to check, she looks around, disturbed.

    Remy slips out and calls his father for an update on his financial situation. Clayton's still having no luck. When Remy gets off the phone, one of his old gambling friends approaches and asks him if he's interested in an easy score. Remy is reluctant, though he certainly needs the cash. He agrees to do it. After they shake hands, Christina walks over and announces she has something to show him.

    Christina brings Remy down to the park for a picnic. She shows him her high school yearbook. He's impressed by how active she was and asks her how she ended up with him. She had all sorts of plans, but none of them turned out the way they were supposed to. But she has found a man she wants to be with. "I was always smart in the classroom, but now I'm smart out of it," she says. They kiss. She makes a blueprint of her daycare center with sticks. He teases her. She asks him about the guy he was talking to before. He speaks about his gambling past and admits that he said yes to playing a game, but he changed his mind when he saw her face. She makes him want to be better. They kiss and she tells him she needs to meet an investor and will see him later.

    As Remy walks by the water, he finds a body floating. After leaping in and fishing it out, we see that it's Edmund.

    You Are Hired!

    Wednesday, May 13 2009

    At Towers, Remy probes his father for details about his investments and asks him how he ended up involved. Clayton was referred by a friend. Everything is done by computer but he had to call them the other day. "It's like they'd never even heard of me," he says. Taking out a laptop, they check his account and Remy tells him that it might just be a temporary glitch. Clayton broods. He admits that his 401K was doing nothing so he put everything in this. He asks his son to keep this between them. "You can count on me Dad," Remy says. He has a friend who might be able to help. Clayton thanks him and tells him he's been a good son.

    Remy returns to Company. Christina tells him that she was turned down for her loan. She puts on a brave face but admits that she worries this will be her second failure in a row. When she leaves to take a call, he walks out and runs into one of his old poker friends. He invites him to a game.

    Living In A Daycare Center.

    Tuesday, May 12 2009

    Inside, Remy is rehearsing how he is going to tell Christina that he was fired. She arrives and explains that she got her daycare license and has applied for a small business loan. Remy's impressed. She talks about her business plan. Marina listens and suggests that they use her house as a location. They talk about becoming partners. "I'm going to be living in a daycare center?" Buzz groans in dread. Remy offers to lend them some cash. Christina tells him that knowing he believes in her is what keeps her going. As he walks out, Buzz grabs him and asks him what he's doing. He has no idea. As Remy runs off, Buzz asks Frank what's wrong. Frank insists he's fine, even if he hasn't shaved for a few days.

    Remy runs into his sister outside. He complains that his bank account is on life support. He wants to help Christina. She suggests he talk to their father. He refuses. Mel tells him to get over himself and directs him over to Towers to see Clayton.

    Remy goes inside to see his father. After Felicia leaves, he asks for a loan to help start Christina's daycare. "I don't know if I can help you," Clayton admits. Remy's embarrassed and wants to leave. Clayton tells him to stay and explains that he wants to give him the money but he can't get to it. He hasn't been able to access his accounts since he started investing in a new financial group.

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