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    Guiding Light CAST - Remy Boudreau

    Full detailed profile on Remy Boudreau Played by Lawrence Saint-Victor on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Remy Boudreau

    Actor: Lawrence Saint-Victor

    Who played Remy Boudreau over the years

    Lawrence Saint-Victor (April 2006 - Present)
    Gavin Alexander Houston (May 2002 - Summer 2005)
    Corey Parker Robinson (August 2001 - April 2002)

    Useful information on Remy Boudreau

    * His middle name is 'Tuscon'
    * He married Christina during a drunken night at a casino.


    Current: Odd jobs for Dinah
    Past: Police Office with Springfield PD
    Past: Student Counselor


    Remy Boudreau has always tried to be a good guy, but that wasn't enough for his father Clayton. Remy had wanted to be a musician, but his father wanted him to be an athlete. After an injury made this unlikely, their relationship grew more strained. However, they found some common ground when Remy discovered that his father had been a jazz musician, a fact he was requested to keep secret. After a quarrel with his sister Mel over her relationship with Rick Bauer, Remy moved in with Bill and Marah Lewis and became a perennial, though well-meaning, third wheel in the relationships among Springfield's younger couples. It was also around this time that he fell for Tammy Winslow. Unfortunately, she was in love with another man and he seemed condemned to playing her white knight despite his best efforts. After Tammy's tragic death, Remy went off the deep end, almost beating a suspect to death and issuing threats. He was suspended from the force.




    Ava Peralta Lewis (lovers)


    Clayton Boudreau (father)
    Felicia Boudreau (mother)
    Melissande_Mel_Boudreau_Bauer (sister)
    Dr_Frederick_Rick_Bauer (brother-in-law)


    Son (with Ava Peralta; deceased)


    There are no additional images yet


    Friday, September 18 2009: The End.

    Remy tries to get Christina to relax. She's eager to get married before they have the baby. They rush off to find Mel. When she opens his door, they see Cyrus naked in bed. "I was just giving her her birthday present," he says.

    Remy and Christina call their friends down to the courthouse for a speedy wedding. Doris performs the service. They sign the license and run off to say goodbye to Ashlee and Daisy. Everyone hugs, Doris cries and Daisy tells Marina she'll have to handle being the only Cooper girl. James and Daisy tell each other that they love each other. She and Ashlee jump in the car and drive off.

    Remy and Christina tell Mel and Cyrus that they are having a baby.

    Thursday, September 17 2009: I'm Going To Miss Him.

    Remy is on the phone arguing with his insurance company. He discovers that there is no record of his marriage because he didn't file a license. Rushing off, he finds Christina and tells her the news. He tries to laugh it off. She tells him that they better get married in a hurry and shows him the blue line on her pregnancy test.

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