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    Started by Jade444 at 2006/10/16 05:03PM
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    #1   2006/10/16 05:03PM
    I thought Eleni was dead?

    I have been watching Guiding Light since 1978, when I was 8 years old. ( I use to watch with my mom) I have missed a few years here and there. The other day I saw the episode where Marina's mom, Eleni came to visit her, apparently I missed something important because I thought that Eleni was killed off the show. If Eleni didnt die, how did she exit the show? Also, lets not forget that Alan Michael used to date Marina's mom, gross. I love Josh and Reva, but like most viewers, this cancer storyline has dragged on way too long. I cant stand seing Cassie and Josh together, the origional Cassie would have never crossed that boundry with her sisters husband.

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    #2   2006/10/17 08:24AM
    Re: Eleni
    mod matt

    Eleni was never killed off the show. She moved to California to find a career with a man named Cain. She left and came back several times over the years. She almost came back for good a few years ago when she and Frank teamed up to search for Marina when she ran away. They couldn't get along though, Frank was still too much of a workaholic for her and she left Marina to be raised by the Coopers.

    #3   2006/10/19 09:28AM
    Re: Eleni

    The real Elina Is now on CSI New York


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