Ties That Bind

Monday, December 11th, 2006

Tammy confronts Lizzie and plans to get Jonathan back. Cassie needs reassurance from Josh. Gus begins to act mysteriously. Mel has news for Rick and Beth goes to him for help. Alan strikes up a new alliance.

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Lizzie confides in Beth

Tammy is listening to Lizzie telling Beth that baby Sarah is 'the best trick in the book.' Explaining herself, she continues 'I love Sarah and I love what Sarah can do for me too.' While Jonathan becomes more attached to the baby, he will also become more attached to her. Tammy is disgusted by what she just heard and tells Cassie what Lizzie just said. Cassie thinks she must have misunderstood, but Tammy already believes that she's made a big mistake. Maybe giving up Jonathan wasn't the right thing to do and that baby doesn't belong with Lizzie. Cassie doesn't like where this is going and reminds Tammy that Jonathan and Lizzie are married now. 'Josh are Reva were married and that didn't stop you,' Tammy shoots back. 'Yes it did,' says Cassie, trying to calm her down now that Tammy is obviously planning something. After making her daughter promise not to do anything, Cassie leaves Tammy to pace.

Mel arrives to visit Rick. He has set the dining room up for a romantic dinner but is disappointed to find out that she actually wants a divorce. They've been 'in limbo' for too long and they can't work things out. Rick is insistent that his relationship with Beth ended long ago and there must be something between he and Mel if they haven't divorced yet. 'Denial?' Mel suggests. He begs her to consider marriage counseling and she promises to think about it before she leaves. Once she's gone, there's a knock at the door: It's Beth. She scans the decorated room and asks Rick if he's been expecting her. Rick is awkward as Beth launches into the explanation of why she's there. Alan has been issued a restraining order and that means he will be suspecting Beth of betrayal. She's come to stay with Rick to escape Alan's anger. Rick flatly refuses and says that he's trying to patch up his marriage. 'This isn't about sex, it's about security,' Beth explains. They need to be friends again. He says that he'll drive her back to Alan and talk to him. If she still feels insecure, he'll drive her to the Beacon.

Beth and Rick arrive at the mansion to the strains of opera. Beth says Alan always plays opera when he's planning revenge. They discover him drinking wine with DA Doris. Beth is taken aback and asks Alan why he's drinking with a woman who has failed him. He says that he and Doris have a few tricks to pull and she may be 'just the kind of winner I'm looking for.' Alan leaves to get more wine and Rick follows him. He tries to warn Alan, but this doesn't make much of an impression. Alan tells him to stop trying to take Philip's place when he's not half the man Philip was. Meanwhile, Beth and Doris exchange 'pleasantries' while Doris confesses that she likes Beth's home and is trying to 'upgrade' her life. Alan and Rick return and Beth asks Rick to walk Doris out. Alan tells Beth that he likes Doris; she seems like she could be loyal. She's ambitious, bright and attractive; what's more, she can really help him with his legal problems. Beth says that she's cheap, easily bought and untrustworthy. Alan should watch his back- 'it's not safe to swim with a shark.'

Josh and Reva are setting all the stuff they've bought for the baby under the tree. Jonathan is asking them for help buying high chairs and such, but Josh thinks that those are things he should be getting with his wife. He goes on to say that Jonathan won't be doing the baby any favors if he has a marriage where the parents are only married. Jonathan says that there is more to it than that. As Josh continues to fiddle with baby things, Reva thanks him for his help. He says that, even though it isn't the case, he still feels like the Sarah is his granddaughter. Soon, they begin planning the christening while Jonathan holds the baby and tells her that he'll make sure she had everything he didn't when he was growing up. Josh finally remembers Cassie and rushes off in a hurry. Reva is going to Towers to talk to the manager about arrangements for the christening; Jonathan is going with her to track down Lizzie so that she can feed the baby.

Lizzie returns to Towers get her cell phone and Tammy is still there. Tammy throws everything she heard Lizzie say into her face, but Lizzie insists that she's misunderstood. She reminds Tammy that she is not a mother, she couldn't possibly understand and Lizzie is not about to explain anymore than that. Tammy feels stupid for giving everything up and working so hard to give the baby the kind of life she thought it deserved, but that life has turned out to be a lie. She believes that Lizzie has returned to her old manipulative ways and starts threatening to tell Jonathan everything. Lizzie tells her that, if she did that, Jonathan would not run back to her. Things have changed. Tammy is no longer the center of his world, Sarah is, and this gives her and Jonathan a bond Tammy could never match. If Tammy goes after Jonathan now, she wouldn't be making things right, she would just be a home-wrecker. 'Some homes deserve to be wrecked,' Tammy threatens. They turn around to see Reva and Jonathan getting out of the elevator. Reva goes off with the manager and Jonathan tells Lizzie the plans. Tammy tells the married couple that they look like 'a Christmas card'. Lizzie is eager to get away from Tammy and to get the baby home. 'She's a lucky girl,' Tammy says in a forced manner as Jonathan and Lizzie leave. She starts taking deep breaths and tries to control herself.

Harley has been leaving messages with Gus who is hiding out with the baby. She soon runs into Cassie who is looking for Josh. They go off together to look at Christmas trees. Soon, Harley has to rush home in search of Gus. Cassie picks out a tree and tells the sales clerk that her boyfriend will be along to pick her up. She waits. After he fails to materialize, she calls him, interrupting him in the midst of baby things and tells him that she'll meet him later. She returns home and he eventually arrives apologizing. She grants him a Christmas pardon. She's glad that he's involved in the baby's life, but is worried that he'll get sucked back into 'the Reva world.' She needs to know that she is his priority. He promises her that she is exactly where he wants to be. They start to decorate the tree and Reva calls asking about a date for the christening, but Josh tells her to pick 'whenever' and gets back to a very clingy Cassie.

Harley arrives at home and finds the dinner setting that Rick left; she imagines that Gus must have something planned for her. He calls again and she says that Frank is dropping by soon. He says that he won't be able to make it home tonight and hangs up.

After making the arrangements for the christening, Reva calls Lillian and asks to be included in her singles' group for cancer survivors. 'Let's get us some men,' she says. Meanwhile, Jonathan and Lizzie have taken the baby home to bed. Tammy waits outside the window of the cabin and watches them cozying up around the baby.

Next on GL: Gus goes missing with the baby. Mallet is sent out to track the baby down. Ashlee fuels Dinah's worries that there may be something between Marina and Mallet.

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