Sarah Comes to Springfield

Friday, December 8th, 2006

Jonathan and Lizzie return with the baby. Tammy makes a disturbing discovery. Gus makes a desperate move. Mallet and Dinah vie for Vanessa's favor.

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Gus makes a desperate move

Harley brings Gus a calendar to point out that that it's her ovulation time. Even this demonstration can't stop Gus from seeming absent minded. Nonetheless, she manages to pull him reluctantly into the evidence room for another adventure in baby-making. When they get back, she starts planning the nursery colorscheme, but Gus thinks that she might be jumping the gun. Maybe they should be more concerned about the children they already have. She says that she already feels pregnant. Frank arrives and she asks him how the boys are. They're with Rick at a father-son function which Harley failed to tell Gus about. Distracted, he spills his coffee and Harley's concerns about him return. Frank informs them that the baby who they were looking after a few weeks ago is an orphan yet again. Her grandmother just passed away and, with her parents in jail, she will have to go to a foster home. Gus and Harley rush off to see the baby and bring it back to the station. He's worried that the baby will be pushed from foster home to foster home. Some dead beat people get to have kids while others go without, he says sadly to the social worker. While the social worker is calling around, Gus calls in a distraction and then sneaks in to grab the baby while she isn't looking.

Dinah finds Mallet buying flowers and asks him what she did to deserve them. He tells her that it's 'a work thing' and she shoots him an inquisitive look after he kisses her and walks away. Later, they find themselves waiting at Towers for Vanessa. When she arrives, Mallet gives her the flowers and thanks her for putting his show on the air. The police get all sorts of tips from viewers and it's helping them fight crime. Dinah tells 'pretty boy' Mallet that she's on to him: He's trying to bribe her mother. Vanessa encourages this and they begin to try and out compliment one another. Mallet thinks Dinah is trying to prove what a bubbly TV personality she can have. Vanessa says that putting them in competition was obviously a good idea; it's brought out their commitment to quality television programming. Once she leaves, Ashlee arrives with a bag full of stuff for Dinah. Mallet recognizes that it's all stuff from his show and Dinah says that they're just checking it to make sure there won't be any overlap in content. Mallet takes one of the DVD's from Ashlee's bag and is about to put it in her player when he stops himself. 'I'm a cop, not a TV cop.' He walks off, turning around so that he and Dinah can blow each other kisses. Dinah suspects that he's hiding something.

Remy finds Tammy and pulls her away from her breakfast for a surprise. Josh, Cassie, Billy and Reva are in Towers around the bar wondering where Jonathan and Lizzie are since Alan's case has been thrown out. Alan appears and launches into an attack on Josh and his involvement in this mess and asks him if he's switched sisters again. Even Billy's offended, but Alan continues and demands that they tell him where Lizzie and the baby are. Lillian gestures to the doorway as the new parents walk in. Jonathan surveys the situation and says that he's 'glad to see not much has changed.' They walk in with the baby, announcing that they have named her Sarah. Lizzie tells Alan that the baby is fine and they've had her checked out by a doctor. Beth asks her if things are really okay and a glowing Lizzie says that they are. Remy and Tammy walk in. She's shocked to see them there and he explains that he tracked them down for her and told them about Alan's failure in court. Jonathan and Tammy stare at one another while Lizzie rolls her eyes. As Tammy moves closer, Lizzie tells her that she should hold the baby and puts her in her arms. It's a little much for her and she gives her back before congratulating Jonathan and moving away.

Reva holds the baby and Jonathan asks if she's 'normal.' "Normal is boring,' says Reva. 'She's extraordinary.' For once, she'll be able to be with a child from the very beginning and all the way through her life. Josh welcomes Jonathan to parenthood before Alan interrupts to tell him that he can't keep the baby from it's mother's family. In response, Jonathan has Remy present Alan with a restraining order. 'I'm done being nice,' he announces before Alan grabs him by the throat. Remy pulls him off before Alan vows that Jonathan will be 'very sorry.' Lizzie says that they should go; they're trying to restrict the drama in the baby's life. She asks Josh, Cassie and Reva to come home with her, but Cassie says that she's going to stay with Tammy. Beth wants some time with Lizzie alone and, though she's reluctant, Jonathan says that it's fine: He'll take the baby home. Lizzie thanks him for everything and kisses him. 'Sarah's really brought everyone together.' Tammy sinks into the background watching them.

Josh, Jonathan and Reva bring the baby to Cross Creek. Reva says that this is a good place to raise kids and starts to talk about how good Josh was with the children. Jonathan teases her and she teases him about Tammy. 'It sucks to miss someone when they're in the same room,' he admits. But Lizzie and Sarah are his life now. Later, while Jonathan and Josh watch Reva holding the baby, Josh thanks him for all the help he gave to Reva. 'No one's ever needed me before,' Jonathan says. 'That's called 'family',' Josh tells him.

Tammy and Cassie are eating. Cassie tells her it must not be easy when Jonathan still looks at her the way he does. Tammy says that it only gets worse and she can't understand why Lizzie doesn't look happy after she's gotten everything that she wanted. Tammy's too annoyed by Lizzie to sit still and moves closer so that she can eavesdrop. Beth and Lizzie are sitting and Lizzie starts to cry. Beth thinks that she just feels overwhelmed, but Lizzie insists that that's not it. 'Things aren't working out,' she explains. She had expected Jonathan to fall in love with her when the baby came, but he doesn't give her anything at all. 'He's my husband, but he's not really mine.' After awhile, she calms down and says that she'd better get home. Sarah is 'the best trick in the book,' she tells Beth who gives her a concerned look. Explaining herself, she continues 'I love Sarah and I love what Sarah can do for me too.' Sarah will get her Jonathan. Tammy is completely agog and can't believe what she just heard. Cassie walks up to her and Tammy repeats what Lizzie just said. Cassie thinks she must have misunderstood, but Tammy thinks she's made a big mistake. Lizzie doesn't love her baby the way a mother should. Maybe giving up Jonathan wasn't the right thing to do after all and that baby doesn't belong with Lizzie.

Next on GL:Tammy starts to make a plan. Mel tells Rick that she wants a divorce. Josh are Reva spend a lot of time together with the baby.

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