Thursday, December 7th, 2006

Gus discovers his secret. Buzz has an ultimatum for Jeffrey. Dinah and Mallet step up their competition.

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Dinah and Mallet step up their competition

Mallet is worried that the other cops will start to think that he's a 'puppy dog' if Dinah keeps driving him to work. He suggests that she's just clinging to him to assure herself a spot on TV. They walk down the hall to find his crew waiting and Dinah starts to do a promo for her upcoming show. The director asks if all of this competition will cause tension at home. Dinah says that isn't a problem because she and Mallet have their own way of relieving tension. They go through the station and Dinah begins teasing him because he spends most of his day doing paperwork.

When Dinah leaves, he asks his director if Dinah's show has a chance. She says that Dinah has a lot of personality. He starts to worry. Marina arrives and begins teasing him before he takes her aside to ask her if there are any actual crimes going on in town. The camera crew is going to come along on their drive, so Mallet reminds her to stay in character and be a 'tough working class cop.' She slips away to change and returns sporting sunglasses and black. She starts to ham it up when she gets a call about a barking dog. Mallet takes off her sunglasses and tells her that this is all becoming a pain. She starts going through his desk and reveals to the camera that it's full of moisturizers and scraps of paper where he's been practicing his signature. They finally get some work and tackle a guy at the train station, all the while bickering about their make up.

Dinah goes to the TV station to get ideas for her 'infotainment' show. Ashlee appears to offer her help; she helped Blake and Dinah really needs help. This isn't much of an advertisement however and Dinah isn't that desperate yet. She's going out on the town to look for stories.

Harley is wondering why Gus never talks about his ex-girlfriends, but he says that there is nothing to say. The secret that Blake has on him is still bothering her a lot. While he did do a lot of secret work for the FBI, none of it was 'ugly' and she shouldn't worry. Finally she says that, if he won't worry about it, neither shall she and she goes off to pick up the children. Once she's gone, Gus makes a call to his contact with the Bureau to set up an immediate meeting. When she returns with the kids, he says that he has some work that he has to take care of and goes off. She's still worried.

Buzz is glaring at the St. Jude's necklace that Olivia got from Jeffrey all those years ago. He wonders why she hasn't gotten rid of it yet and offers to take care of it for her. She just wants to put it behind her. Buzz almost makes her forget her problems. 'Almost?' Buzz exclaims. That isn't good enough; he'll make sure she forgets all of them and rushes off. She goes to the mirror to try on her new necklace, but when she sees her reflection, she can still see the St. Jude's necklace there.

Jeffrey is calling around for work with no luck when he suddenly gets a call. It's Buzz asking to meet with him. Buzz hands him the necklace and tells him that he has to leave town for Ava's sake. Jeffrey says that he doesn't have anything to do with Ava. Then, Buzz says that he doesn't want Jeffrey lurking around Olivia and he needs to leave town to start afresh, for everyone's sake. Jeffrey thinks that Buzz is lousy at giving advice and won't promise to either leave town or even to stay away from Olivia. Buzz tries again: Jeffrey needs to make a sacrifice and move on; he needs to move out of the hotel. Jeffrey tells him that Springfield is starting to p*** him off and Buzz needs to take his medication and leave him alone. All that he wants is peace, but he realizes now that Olivia is his 'way out of hell.' Buzz insists that Olivia can't help him, but Jeffrey only turns and walks away.

While Jeffrey walks down the street, Harley approaches him. He tells her that he's just waiting for Buzz to challenge him to a duel. She's not there to give him any heat though; she actually wants his help. Dinah approaches them for some gossip, or to see if they'd like to be interviewed, but the send her away. They get in her car and she asks him to help her look into Gus' past. She just wants to put everything out in the open and then burn the past forever. He'd like to help, but he can't; no one's returning his calls at the moment. He believes that Gus will find out for himself, but Harley doubts this.

Unhappy with the outcome of his request to Jeffrey, Buzz goes to Jeffrey's room, kicks the door open and begins emptying it out. While he is behaving like a man possessed, Dinah walks by and begins talking to him about all of their problems and how he should open up to her and talk to hermaybe on her show? But Buzz isn't exactly lucid and she takes the hint and leaves while he goes back to clearing out Jeffrey's room. He finally leaves him a goodbye note and tells the front desk that he'll be checking out. Once Buzz is gone, Jeffrey returns to the mess in the hallway and the open door. He finds the note and is annoyed.

Olivia goes to the bar and begins to drink. She imagines the young and the current Jeffrey sitting beside her. He tells her that she wants him but she replies that he's the source of all of her pain. She just wants them to leave her alone, but they won't. Later, she meets up with Buzz and just wants to get away from everything for awhile. He wonders if he's only lucked out in being with her and she reminds him of how much she loves him. As they walk off, we can see Jeffrey lurking behind them.

Gus runs into Rick at Towers and reminds him to call him as soon as Blake wakes up. He sits down as his contact from the FBI arrives with a folder. Dinah approaches him for some gossip but he sends her away. The agent tells Gus that he and his crew were 'compromised' by a chemical substance on one of his jobs. Some went blind, became sterile or worse; that's why his file was sealed. He tells Gus to get a physical, wishes him luck and leaves. Gus calls to set up an appointment. On his way to see Harley, he gets a call from the fertility clinic. They inform him that he is sterile. He sadly stares off at Harley. When he walks over to her, she begins showing him a baby catalogue and he tries to pretend to be excited.

Dinah finally returns to the TV station having had no luck. Ashlee is still there waiting for her. Dinah caves in and hires her. Ashlee has lots of 'dirty' stories already. After work, Mallet and Marina go to the bar to toast themselves when Dinah comes along. Marina excuses herself; she has to get her nails done before going to the shooting range. Dinah and Mallet have to admit that all of this competition is a real turn on for them. Meanwhile, Ashlee has met up with Mallet's director and discovers her editing the show. With the right editing, she says, she can make Mallet and Marina look like 'the hottest couple in Springfield.'

Next on GL:Harley continues to pressure Gus for a baby while he considers steps he can take. Alan comes back for another round against Reva. Mallet and Dinah continue to tease one another.

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