Wednesday, December 6th, 2006

Josh and Billy battle their way across the country when Billy decides that he wants to come back to work. On the way, their relationship takes a new turn.

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Josh and Billy get more trouble than they bargained for.

Billy is trying to convince Sheila to come away with him again, but she has to go to work. He's sad, so she showers him with compliments and tells him that he's always selling himself short; he needs to find a mountain to climb. While he mulls this over, Josh is having a planning meeting. He's drowning in work and, as his partners rush off to work, he wishes that he had a clone to help him. Billy appears and tells him that he's in luck. He wants to come back to his old job, but Josh is weary at this prospect. He's still worried about Billy's drinking. Cassie tells him that it's a great idea and Josh sends her back to work. Billy let's Josh know that this is not his call anyway; HB left a provision in his will that there would always be a place for him at Lewis. The two brothers begin arguing about this and Josh promises to fight him all the way, even if they have to go see HB's lawyer in Tulsa to sort it out. This is exactly what they're going to do.

At the airport, they're waiting impatiently for the pilot to get the plane ready. Billy begins accusing Josh of not even calling the pilot when the pilot limps in drunk and freshly wed. Josh and Billy load him onto a luggage cart and push him out to a cab before opting to take a commercial flight. At the counter, Billy buys the final two seats available to Tulsa. He says that he's taking them for himself. Josh catches him doing this and realizes that Billy is trying to beat him down there. He'll be taking one of those seats.

Once they get on the cramped plane, Josh almost throws a tantrum while Billy continually elbows him and spills his drink down his pants. Within moments, the plane is diverted to Kansas. They get into the airport there and start bickering about what to do next. Billy believes that Josh is just trying to keep him out of the company because of his relationship with Reva. He's always loved Reva; has Josh always loved Cassie? Josh insists that he does love Cassie, but Billy says that he just can't keep his pants zipped. They decide to part company. Josh tries to rent a car while Billy gets on a bus. Before Josh can leave, Billy returns, soaking wet; the bus windows were broken by hale and he came back. Billy asks for a ride and they begin struggling with the keys until they fly out of their hands and into the cleavage of a woman standing nearby. Billy tells Josh that he can go and fetch them. The lady is less than pleased.

In the car, Josh is already annoyed that Billy is making a mess with his food and soon begins rambling on about how Billy was always HB's favorite and he was always getting into trouble. Sick of listening to this, Billy starts fumbling with the radio and they shout at each other over the country stations. They start playing with the GPS system. It tells them that they missed their turn off and they realize that don't know where they are. Soon, the car swerves to the side of the road and they get out to shout some more. Billy wanders over to a young female hitchhiker by the side of the road. She's ecstatic to see them and Billy says that, even though it's illegal to pick up hitchhikers, he'd gladly pay the fine.

As they jump back into the car, Billy begins regaling the girl with stories of Reva and their childhood. She says that she wishes she'd had a brother. They're so nice that it's a shame that she has to rob them! She puts a gun to Billy's face and soon the brothers are left stranded beside the road with no shoes, wallets or belts. Billy just wants to wait by the side of the road but Josh won't leave him there alone. Billy's pants fall down as they start moving and he has to hold them up. Down the road, they come upon a group of migrant workers waiting. They decide they might as well wait with them. They return to their argument. Billy is sick of Josh playing the martyr all the time. Josh won't hear this though; Billy should have told him that Reva was sick. They turn around to see that the workers are gone but a bright light appears: It's the police.

Josh and Billy are dragged into a tiny courtroom in handcuffs. They try to explain themselves but the judge won't let them speak. It's illegal to wait on the street for work in this area. Josh insists that's not they were doing; they were carjacked. The judge finds it hard to believe and orders them to sit down and wait. Two backwoods brothers are brought in. One tried to cut the other's foot off over the other's wife. They begin ranting at each other until the judge stops them and says that, if they go on like this, they'll kill each other. He sends them into the cells and tells Josh and Billy that they'll be cuffed to the benches for the night and he'll see them in the morning.

During a sleepless night, Josh thanks Billy for looking after Reva while she was sick. He asks him what it was like to look after her. Billy confesses that it was hard; they had hope but kept losing it. He didn't know if he'd be strong enough to support her. The whole time he was wishing that he had someone to support him, someone like 'my brother.' Josh is glad that one of them was there to help her though it. Billy goes into all of the details of his time with Reva until they fall asleep.

They wake in the morning to find the judge standing above them with the girl who carjacked them. They are given back their IDs, shoes and belts while the girl tells the judge that they were 'super nice.' After she's taken away, the judge tells Josh that he should have told him that he was the man behind the veteran's hospital (he's a veteran himself). They're now free to go. There's a police escort waiting to take them to the airport. Billy says that that isn't necessary; he doesn't want to force his way back into the company. Josh won't go to Tulsa either. He doesn't want things sorted out between them by a lawyer; he just wants to get back to work with his brother.

The brothers get back into the rental car with Billy driving. They begin singing to country songs on the radio and howling. Billy finally admits that he should have told Josh that Reva was sick, but part of him wanted to keep her to himself. Josh confesses that he sensed that something was wrong the whole time and he should have tried to find out what it was. He realizes that they haven't called anyone to tell them where they were going. Billy asks him if he's really going to be happy without Reva, even once he gets over being mad at her. Josh is happy now with the way things are.

In the elevator at Towers, Josh tells Billy how much he stinks and Billy eats a chip that was stuck to his pants. Josh wonders how they could actually be brothers, but they are and they love each other. The door opens and Cassie is waiting to embrace Josh while Billy looks on awkwardly.

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