Surprise Ruling

Tuesday, December 5th, 2006

The court hearing goes as nobody planned. Gus and Harley find a woman from his past. Olivia and Ava reach an agreement. Billy tracks down Jonathan.

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Gus and Harley hit another dead end

A baffled Gus stares at the photo of Bailey he found among Blake's things. Harley wonders if he was drunk when they had contact butno, he'd 'remember a face like that' he says to her chagrin. Anyway, Harley already tracked down the mystery woman's address and she only lives twenty miles away so they head out. They tease each other about the possibilities lurking in Gus' romantic past. When they arrive at the woman's house, Gus insists on knocking. Bailey walks out exclaiming: 'Gus Aitoro you old dog!' and plants a kiss on his lips. Harley jumps up to explain that he's married. Bailey and Gus knew each other in the old days when he was in the FBI. He knew her as 'Helen', but she's had some 'nips and tucks' since then. Gus admires her 'nips', but Harley is not amused. Bailey explains that they only had sex a few times, but they're both married now. When they quiz her, she tells them that a woman fitting Blake's description came to her, claiming to be Gus' wife and requesting access to his secret FBI files. She believed the woman, but couldn't get the files because both Gus' and hers had been sealed. Blake never came back, so maybe she found what she was looking for elsewhere. None of this explains Gus' secret. Harley still finds it hard to believe that Gus doesn't remember this woman and he can't understand why this upsets her. She tells him he can think about it while he's walking home and strides off.

When they get back to town, Harley wonders if he could call the Bureau and get some information. They don't like revealing things though. She's dismayed by his lack of enthusiasm. He tries to tell her that he's just worried that she'll be upset if she discovers all the women in his past. She makes a face and then walks off to call and check on the children. Once she's gone, Gus calls a mysterious contact to ask for a favor: This is an emergency.

Olivia is startled to find Jeffrey trying to get drunk in the bar at Towers. She tries to chase him out as Ava interrupts and sarcastically asks them if they're having another 'family happy hour.' As Jeffrey walks away, Ava tells Olivia about Jeffrey going to work for Alan. She's convinced that he's a 'sleazeball' now. Olivia tries not to get involved and tells her she can have her own point of view. Olivia insists that they'll never be close, but they need to work something out. Because of Buzz and Coop, they'll always be in 'proximity' to each other so they should be cordial. Ava asks for her birth certificate, which Olivia happens to have in her purse. Ava discovers that her birthday is actually on a different day than she's always celebrated. To solidify their new relationship, Ava asks if she can spend more time with Emma. Olivia refuses; it's too soon. Ava tells her that, if she wants to look good to Buzz, she'll rethink this. Olivia shakes her head; they're more alike than anyone thinks. As Jeffrey heads to the door, the manager of Towers offers him work: He wants to hire Jeffrey's band to perform. Scandal is good for business. Jeffrey doesn't want to be a freak show. As they start to shout, Olivia and Ava stare while Jeffrey punches the guy out. Ava intervenes before things get out of hand and Jeffrey is banned from the bar. He tells Ava and Olivia that he's trying to stay away from them.

Marina finds Remy working on tracking Jonathan for Tammy. She tells him that he should stop all of this- it's hopeless. He's convinced that playing the hero card will work out in his favor, but Marina reminds him that Tammy just wants Jonathan; not a hero, a badboy. She thinks that he's making a big mistake, but he's optimistic. Still, he's putting a time limit on it and it has almost run down.

In the courtroom, Alan calls Reva over and tells her to go home. She's unimpressed and vows to never allow the baby to live in his 'hall of doom.' Josh pulls her away just as the judge enters. Cassie runs off to get help tracking Jonathan down. When the hearing is officially opened, the judge is concerned to find that Jonathan and Lizzie are nowhere to be found. Mel tries to make excuses while DA Doris states that this is precisely why Alan is filing for custody; their absence only proves that they are irresponsible. Mel argues that the hearings should be rescheduled until a time when the parents can be present. Alan cuts her off to claim that they are there because the child is at risk. Mel counters by saying that the only reason that they're there is because Alan is a prominent member of the community. Once they calm down, Doris starts to make her case. She states that the baby was born in a snow storm while the parents were joyriding and Reva starts yelling out and explaining that that's not what happened; they were only trying to do the right thing. Next, Doris brings up the matter of the baby's heart murmur and argues that running off with a sick baby isn't responsible parenting. In answer, Mel calls Rick up to testify about the baby's health. He says that the baby was fine and the condition wasn't serious. Alan gets up to make a statement: There's something everyone needs to know, however painful. He claims that he let Jonathan know about the hearing; that is why Jonathan ran away. Reva shouts out that he's lying but Alan says someone can corroborate his statement: Beth. She does so, awkwardly, while Reva continues yelling at them and the judge threatens to throw her out.

Billy and his lady friend Sheila are at Towers having a drink and making plans. Cassie interrupts them to ask Billy for his help. He's reluctant; Reva has Josh and her, she doesn't need him. Sheila however, encourages Billy to help and he goes off with Cassie. Quickly, Billy manages to track Jonathan and Lizzie down in Indianapolis using his phone records. He tries to get back to Sheila now, but Cassie thinks that he's just trying to run away from his feelings for Reva. He says that he's just having fun and there's nothing wrong with that. Is Cassie having fun? 'Sometimes.' but Reva is putting pressure on her and Josh. She insists this won't break them up though. Billy returns to Sheila and apologizes fro making her wait. To make up for it, he's taking her to New York for dinner.

Meanwhile in the court, the judge has heard enough and is ready to rule when Josh jumps up to offer a statement. Doris objects, but the judge allows it. He gives a rambling speech about his flawed parenting skills and argues that, if Alan's standards applied, not only he, but the judge himself would be a terrible parent not fit to have children. Jonathan and Lizzie are only doing what they think is right; they love the baby and they haven't done anything wrong. The judge doesn't appreciate Josh's grandstanding, but he does agree with him and dismisses the case. Reva and Josh embrace while Cassie returns and watches them from the doorway. Mel thanks Rick for testifying and he asks her out for a drink; she refuses. Doris promises Alan that she'll try again but he isn't impressed. As they go to the door, Beth starts to lash out at him for putting her on the spot. Cassie finally interrupts Josh and Reva and they offer to drop her somewhere. She says 'no' and Cassie tells her that she loves her as they walk away. The courtroom empties out leaving Reva alone to think about the strange moment that just happened between the three of them.

Next on GL:Josh and Billy go on a cross country adventure together.

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